Houston Blogger Symposium – A Recap

Last weekend I went to my first ever Blog Conference, The Houston Bloggers Symposium! I love that bloggers represent a cool, creative, sometimes weird, quirky, fun section of the www. I didn’t know what to expect but I was so impressed. I don’t really have any “real life” friends that blog so my favorite part of the weekend was talking with fellow bloggers. Sometimes if you tell people you have a blog they are like… oh, what is that anyway? Hello, its 2012 and its cool! 

The Kick-Off Party was held on Friday night at Langford Market, a cute boutique in Houston’s Village. My awesome Mom went as my date :)

The next morning, the Symposium was held at Hotel ZaZa which is gorgeous. Thankfully I rode with Meg so  I didn’t have to walk in alone – which apparently I’m a 7th grade school girl for even mentioning that. Paige Budde Photography took pics of us, paparazzi style :) New Blog friends, yay…

Our view from the conference room!
I loved the sponsors, Including StripedShirt, who doesn’t love a good striped shirt? I am now the proud owner of a red and white one :)
Megan organized everything perfectly, I loved the Q&A section with the expert blog panel. They all had great advice, I love to see some good TX bloggers out there.

If I didn’t get to meet, pretty please leave a comment so I can visit your blog! Has anyone else gone to a local Blog Meetup Lately?

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    aw, i’m so glad you went to this!!! even though i live in DC, I’m gonna give myself an honorary Houston blogger appointment–i mean, i basically am!!!!!!!!! anyway, this looks like so much fun, and i LOVEEEEEE hotel zaza! i made kyle take me there for drinks when we were in town for my birthday!

  2. says

    I had such a great time last Saturday! My only complaint: it didn’t last longer! haha. There were so many people to meet and not nearly enough time! It was great to meet you!

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