How To Be A Gentleman

I can’t seem to get enough of hand embroidered wall art lately. When I saw THIS PIN a few months ago, I knew I wanted to make something similar for Finn’s room. I used it as inspiration but I also changed and added a few rules of my own.

The last rule is totally me… it says “always call your mom”. This is my biggest fear of having two boys, I hope they don’t turn 18, say bye mom thanks for everything, I’m off to find a new girl then call once every few months. Maybe if I start brainwashing them now they will call me :)

I used iron on vinyl for the small letters but hand embroidered the rest. I printed out a template for the embroidery and then just used a pencil and traced to give myself a guide.

I also traced a border around the outside with pencil.

Then I started to embroider. I find it very relaxing for some reason… I like to sit in bed and do it while I watch TV… Geez how old am I? My husband calls me the youngest old person he knows.

Lastly, I ironed on my vinyl.

I love how it turned out. So far this makes one thing to hang on poor Finn’s walls haha.

So do you have any rules to add? I live in Texas y’all, I have to raise gentlemen. Also, does anyone else have sons and want to weigh in on how often they call? Go easy on me :/

Also, I entered this into the Borderline Brilliant Contest, so PRETTY PLEASE vote for me, #14 :)

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    omg, this is awesome!!!!! i want one that says “how to be a lady” and there’s some kind of line in there about wearing sequins and learning how to apply eyeliner. can you get right on that???

    p.s. don’t worry–kyle calls his parents every week! and they text, so i think you’ll be fine!


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    Very cute! My father-in-law, (one of two boys) has had a standing phone date with his mom every Saturday at 8 am for many, many years. I am looking forward to the future phone dates many years in the future with my two boys. :)

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