A DIY Nap Mat

This is the story of a DIY Mom, last minute school lists and bad lighting. The boys started Mother’s Day Out a few weeks ago, they love it, they are doing great! Let’s back up a few weeks shall we? School started on a Friday, the day before we had “Meet the Teacher”. Clyde is 20 months old so at that Teacher Meeting I learned that they will be taking naps in school. #1- they are only there 4 hours and #2 he takes a nap at 2pm everyday and school is over at 1:30… so I was already annoyed. I love his teacher and this is not her fault, but then I found out that he needs a nap mat… stat. I’m thinking, I have had all summer to craft something and now here it is one day before school starts- I have to buy one?? What is this, a Crafter’s Nightmare? So I started out on my journey… I went to 3 Walmarts, 2 Targets, Babies R Us, called CVS, Walgreens and checked online. All sold out. At this point I did what any other mother would do… I went to meet my family for Happy Hour. I got home that night with nothing but bad lighting and the idea that I had to make a Nap Mat. So here goes… a Nap Mat made with nothing but re-purposed supplies, after 2 margaritas and with horrible lighting. Isn’t that what crafting is all about- now I know in crunch time, with no supplies and in about 50 minutes… I can come through, ha! Take that “Sold Out Nap Mats” everywhere!

I started with a king size down comforter, it never gets cold enough here so we never use it.

I cut it and then stacked it into 3 layers.

Then I used a full sheet, (obviously not ironed- oops) folded it in half and sewed it up 3 sides, leaving only a short side open. 
I used scraps to sew up two long ties and a short handle so I could roll the mat up. 
Then just like a huge pillow, I inserted the 3 stacked comforter into the cover.
I folded the excess fabric inward then placed the straps and handle where I wanted them to go.
I pinned and sewed. (Don’t forget to fold the long straps in half so it will look like 4 straps after you sew)

Ta-Da… When I finished I realized the comforter inside was a little too loose, so I tacked it with red embroidery floss in about 16 spots. It looks really cute but I forgot to take a picture.

I am happy to report that Clyde loves it and has never missed a nap. I’m sure this wont be the last time I have to craft something the night before my kids need it :)

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    Literally JUST discussed with the hubs what to do with our old down comforter. Our son starts MDO in August–what a perfect way to repurpose the old and give him something he’ll need! THANKS

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