A Chevron Painting + a Video

 I did a painting last week and had the bright idea to record myself painting then I could play it in fast mode and it would look really cool. Well, lets just put it this way, I wanted to post this last week because it took me 53 minutes from start to finish to paint. Then it took me five days to figure out the video. Some long nights included. Anyone who does anything with video- good job. I am not going to stick to photos because I get along a lot better with them. 

I like to set “art goals” for myself and one of them is to be a messy painter. You know those people who get all crazy and messy with paint then it ends up coming out amazing, well that is not me. I am always too controlled and I tend to over work everything. When I saw Jennifer Moreman’s work, I instantly fell in love! Her work is awesome and if you can afford it you should totally own a piece of hers. I was really inspired and I thought this messy chevron painting would be perfect. I still like hers one hundred times better, but I think I did a pretty good job at not being perfect.

If you want to see just how messy I was, here is my video that took me five days to “produce” haha…
(Internet Explorer Users have to click on the link here:)
Chevron Movie by TM from taylor on Vimeo.
music: Van Morrison – Bright Side of the Moon

Here it is in my living room, right next to my Hippo. No, you have never seen this side of the living room before, can you blame me? Look at the embarrassing tv… and just to keep with the theme, you can also see random toys lying around and a channel changer on the coffee table. (Not picture ready – but keeping it real) 

Even if you didn’t, please lie to me and tell me you watched my video haha… it was a labor of love :)
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  1. says

    I feel the same way about painting – I want to create the messy, ‘no thought but still looks amazing’ kinda paintings, but I’m too controlled as well.

    I love how this turned out, especially the colours.


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