Fall Burlap Banner

Happy Fall Y’all, My favorite season. I made this little festive Fall Banner for PSA Essentials. I used the letter stamps on cardstock, fabric, burlap and a ribbon. So easy and cute.

I stamped the letter on white cardstock.

I ripped the fabric so it would look a little more rustic.

I cut out my burlap and layered the fabric strips and cardstock on top. Then I sewed right through the paper.

Then I sandwiched the burlap flags between a ribbon.

Then I hung it up at Ampersand :) You know I love a quick project. For more ideas on how to use these stamps, visit PSA Stamp Camp Blog.

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    Nice hearts! I can’t draw them very well, they end up liodpsed or weird, even if I take advantage of symmetry and fold the paper in half.Art is NOT my strong suit.

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