Trick or Treat Bags

Halloween really snuck up on me this year. I thought I was so ahead of the game when I made the boys these bags last month then I just stopped and I’m still not done with their costumes :/ I will be done by Halloween because I have to be. Anyway, I love how these turned out.. really easy and I only spent about $2 total for both bags.

I had these little muslin bags that something came it and I didn’t want to throw them away because I thought they were pretty. I cut them and taped them down to a board.

I used my PSA Alphabet stamps to stamp “trick or treat” on the muslin (I use staz on for fabric stamping). I sewed that to an orange dishcloth I found in the $ section of target.

Then I sewed that to some black duck cloth.

Then sewed the black duck cloth together to make a bag. Then I used cotton belting for the straps but I taped them off and used black fabric paint to make stripes.

Yay, so easy… and of course I had to make two that look identical. I am at the stage where I know way better than to make different colors, styles, prints etc. Because it so much cooler if it’s your brother’s right?

Is everyone else ready for Halloween? What do your kids use for candy bags? 

I’m going to share one more easy stamp project tomorrow before the big “costume reveal” if you haven’t been following along on Instagram yet. For more great ideas on how to use these stamps visit PSA Stamp Camp blog :)

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