a baby gift and the perfect burp cloths

I thought I liked making baby gifts a few years ago because I had babies. But now that I have toddlers, I like making baby gifts even more. Especially if you are having a girl, I have to throw something homemade in…  all of those stacks and stacks of girly fabric are going to become “vintage” before I get to use them. So, I made three burp cloths (using my favorites- gerber’s cloth diapers) and added girly fabric.

This is what I have learned from making and owning many burp cloths. If fabric is on both sides or it’s too thick it doesn’t absorb well. Also, you could have issues with washing the gunk out :/ Gross. So, I keep it as thin as possible. For the ones with the strip at the bottom, I measure the total width of the burp cloth by 3ish inches. Then I serge a piece of fabric that exact size and attach it to the cloth diaper. If you don’t have a serger, then just  make the fabric a little larger and fold/press it down to the correct size. I added a ribbon right on top of this one.

You can also use the same technique but attach your fabric down that middle section of the cloth diaper.

Or you can add an applique of another fabric on top.

This brand is my particular favorite, the no name cloth diapers are too long. The cute terry cloth burp cloths are way too thin. Obviously I’m a burp cloth connoisseur. Another tip is when you clean up a baby mess, try to wash these as soon as possible, they are 3-ply so they will mildew if they sit for too long.

Simple easy gift that you know will get used more than almost everything :) Here are some simple boys ones I made a few years ago, not as cute as girl ones though.

I also whipped up some happy garland via MADE. I was looking for an excuse to make some and this little girls nursery is grey, cream, purples and coral. I couldn’t find coral felt though… but I still love it.

What is your go to baby gift? PS I think I need happy garland in every room of my house :)

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    Hi! I’m a novice sewer and will be making some of these with the fabric down the middle panel with the babies great grandma next weekend (SHE is an expert sewer) my job is to prep the fabric before we start sewing – so do you have a measurement for the middle panel, or do I just measure the Gerber diaper and cut the fabric to fit in that middle slot exactly? Thank you!

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