A Huge Land Of Nod Giveaway

It’s that time again… time for another Land of Nod Giveaway! It’s no secret that I LOVE Land of Nod. I am a contributor to their Blog, which is an amazing collaboration of creative and inspiring moms. I had the chance again to choose a toy (or two) to try out and more importantly… to give away! This year they went above and beyond the call of duty and let me pick anything- which was harder that the SATs. 

A funny thing happens when you become a mom… the happiness of your kids is worth ten times your own.  So imagine my excitement when I tried to pick a toy to test out and give away. I finally decided on these – the “In the Market Shopping Cart” and the “Your Total Is Cash Register“. I had a theme going on and it’s foreshadowing some Christmas gifts to come :) 

Want to know what we thought and want to win both of these Land of Nod Toys? 
Giveaway HERE

Congrats to Winner: Aimee Friedrichsen – giveaway now closed

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