Custom Pup Silhouette Art

Hi Friends, I’m “back”. I haven’t posted in a few weeks- and it felt good because I spent lots of good quality family time, some inspiring craft time and some crazy Christmas rush “I own a retail store” time. I also was a busy bee making some gifts that I couldn’t share before the holiday, but its back to life; back to reality. So now I can share them all, bring on the late holiday crafts :) 
Here is Mack… My sister’s pride and joy. I just hope that one day when she has children- she can like them as much as she loves her dog. He obviously leads a rough life!
She is also starting a gallery wall so I figured this would be the best present ever. The hardest part is getting the silhouette of the dog. It wouldn’t be as hard if the dog is actually yours, but in this case I googled. Mack is half Boston Terrier/Half Pug so I found something a little more squatty and I stretched the image out in Photoshop. 
Then I cut out the silhouette using my Cameo and stuck it to a white canvas. I also taped off the sides of the canvas to keep them white, but you could spray them too.
Then I went outside and sprayed it. I used 3 light coats of spray paint. (color is Lemon Grass by Rustoleum) 
The best part is always peeling the vinyl off. So gratifying. 
Very Mack-like if I do say so myself. 
White edges, and a special hidden message on the back :) 

Such an easy, custom gift for the dog obsessed sister in your life :) I will be back soon with more holiday presents. Did anyone else make silhouette art over the Holiday?

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