A Juice Fast

Tomorrow marks the beginning of something super exciting and kind of crazy. Tomorrow I am going to start my Juice Fast. I am shooting for 10 days but if it goes well I would love to do 14 (my crazy husband thinks he can do 30). So what is a juice fast? It’s nothing but fruits and vegetables in the juicer for 10 days straight! No food at all, just homemade fresh juice 4 times a day. I got my juicer last mother’s day and every week I make a big batch of juice for the fam to drink with meals or for a snack. I wanted us to make up for some of the fruits and veggies that I know we don’t get enough of.

Just a few weeks ago I became interested in a juice cleanse/detox and started researching. Then I watched something life changing… literally the most inspiring movie I have ever seen; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. A movie about a man with an autoimmune disease who goes on a 60 day Juice Fast. He travels around the US teaching people about juicing and nutrition. To be honest it had been in my Netflix Queue for a while and I thought I could get a recipe or two from it. Also, Joe had the same juicer I have and the cover looked cute :) I had no idea I would love it so much. I think anyone and everyone should watch this documentary! So, I talked my husband, mom and sister into watching it- and guess what they are doing the Juice Fast too! My mom and sister even started 2 days ago. I learned so much about micro-nutrients vs. macro-nutrients and what they do for of our bodies. I might or might not be in love with Joe Cross by the way.

I made this juice last week with what I had left (to make room in the fridge) and we loved it! It could use a few more veggies but this could be a good “gateway juice” for your kids or husbands who are tentative juice drinkers.

So here we go, I’m super excited. If you have any advice, wisdom, or just some words of encouragement for me (and my fellow juice fasters) then please share! I will keep everyone updated here and I will post my concoctions daily on instagram too (@taylormadeblog) Wish me luck!

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    I did a seven day juice fast last month after watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead!! I’m so glad I did it but it was much more difficult than I thought it would be!! I’m guessing if juicing is already a part of you normal routine it might be much easier for ya :) I learned that sometimes it’s best to put the juice in a bowl and sit down and “eat” it- just eases that voice in your head telling you you’re crazy!

    I’m excited to hear about your fast!

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    well i’m doing the BluePrint Cleanse again this week–we’ll be juice twins! But I don’t have a juicer at home, though now I’m thinking we should register for one! I haven’t seen this movie, but I’ve heard of it. I will be impressed if you can seriously do it for 10 days! I mean, i feel great by the third day and always say I coudl keep going, but i’ve never done it longer than that!! Good luck!

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