The Juice Journals February – Super Scarlett

Welcome to TaylorMade’s new series, “The Juice Journals”. I am so so soooo excited about having a excuse to make even more juice :) Last Mother’s Day I introduced my new juicer and I made my very first juice, Dr. Oz Green Drink. With the “trendiness” of juicing, that post has been a hit on Pinterest. I am constantly looking for more recipes and more recently have started making my own concoctions. I am not a big breakfast eater but I actually look forward to my juice. I also love all fruit but I hate to admit that I’m not as fond of vegetables. I eat them because I know I need to but I’d rather eat Mexican Food :) So this is a good way for me to sneak in a bunch of extras for me and my kids.
Every month I will try out new juice recipe and let you know how it goes. Without further adieu, here is the first ever Juice Journals recipe – Super Scarlett. The color came out so pretty, I knew it was perfect for February.
Super Scarlett:
1 green apple
4 carrots
1 beet
2 oranges
About the taste… I will be honest, this was my first time to juice a beet so all I did was wash it. It was so pretty so I took a huge gulp and the juice had kind of a dirt flavor. Not as in I’m trying to insult by calling it names, it actually had a soil/earth flavor. I realized later I should have peeled the beet. Beets are a root vegetable so they have that same flavor as a potato peel. I peeled another beet and juiced it again in a smaller batch and it was so much better. Moral: peel beets, sweet potatoes, carrots etc. Overall, I would definitely make it again as long as I PEEL THE BEETS :)
This has been your first installment of the Juice Journals. I already have so many ideas… If you have any juice recipes you have posted/tried or anything you want me to try, pretty please leave it in the comments! 
Happy Juicing.

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    Well, I’m seriously thinking of buying ye ol juicer. Trend yes, it remind’s me of Jack LaLanne commercial’s. And heyhe swore by the juice and lived to a ripe(hehheh) old age!And I really think it will be a great way to get our neglected veggies in.Thanks for the encouraging recipe!

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