Blissdom 2013

I’m back from my weekend at Blissdom. I don’t even know how to write this post! I had such a fun time, met so many new friends and lost a lot of sleep. Here is my weekend according to my 1000 grainy, night iphone pics :)

Blissdom took place at the Gaylord Texan; which that in itself could be an entire post! It’s HUGE- and I am from Texas. I also have a good sense of direction and I got lost a few times.

When I arrived, I had never actually met my roommates in real life! I didn’t really know anyone. Who does that? They could be old men pretending to be girls then try to kill me. Thankfully that didn’t happen and they were my favorite part! Allison, Jamie and Jess = amazing.

When I tell someone I have a blog they either don’t get it or don’t like it, even my best friends and family are still confused. Literally my dad asked my mom “what is a blog?” when I was gone. It was fun to be around people who get it. So for me that was my favorite part of Blissdom… the girls.

The one person I knew before Blissdom- Meg (thanks for picking me up Meg & Whitney)

Me and my roomies with Natalie (and her cute Micah) and Fancy Nancy 

There was a lot of eating at the Mexican food restaurant in the Gaylord.

As far as the speakers and the sessions… honestly I don’t really think I learned anything so important. There were some really inspiring speeches. Most of the speakers were kind of telling their stories; which I’m a sucker for a good story – it’s just not really what I expected. I wish I would have learned a little more about the art of blogging; SEO, money talk, scheduling… stuff like that. Or at least a little more hands on. I took a variety of classes and I learned some words of wisdom. At the very least I can maybe make a craft from one of my favorite quotes ha!

I learned more from hanging out with smart, creative women all weekend than I did from the classes. And that’s OK. You know what else is ok… having a blast at the Girls Night :) Chris Mann and Amber Riley played at the Glass Cactus. Then they opened to the public and the Spazmatics came on, who I know from Houston – they are an 80′s cover band who I LOVE. You can call us Spazmatics Groupies!

Allison and I – and our broken, broken feet
One of my new favorite people - Jodi!
Going out and dancing until the morning was so much fun but we also had fun in the hallways and in our room… and everywhere. (PS Jamie lunges whilst brushing her teeth – it’s a big debate on her fbook page)
bottom left – me, jodi, kristen, mackenzie, jamie and kelly
Overall, I had a great time. At an event like this, you do have to branch out. Three days ago I didn’t know any of these people and now I have so many new friends. I DID have to go out of my comfort zone at times and by the end of the weekend I was a little “talked out”. If I have any advice, I would say go for it. It doesn’t have to be Blissdom, but going to an event with women from all back grounds who are alike, who are different, who are real – that’s what I loved.

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    LOVE this recap! And I really love that pic of us from Thursday night! I just might steal it. I’m glad we got to spend a little time together and I hope that we get together super soon! I mean, we live so close so there is no excuse!!!!

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