Boy Shorts – Stars and Checks

This week Dana and Rae are Celebrating “The Boy“. It might be one of my favorite blog series all year, boys need clothes too right. I was inspired to sew up some new shorts for the boys- I also needed a reason to buy some Lizzy House Constellations fabric. My youngest can totally pull off Constellation Shorts. My oldest likes more “traditional” prints, stripes, solids and plaid. He turned 3 and got picky about what he wears?!

I used Dana’s Kid Pant Pattern for the 2T and just cut them down to shorts. Her kiddos look super tall and skinny so I should have added even more width than I did. They fit for now but there isn’t a ton of growing room in the legs, my son is kind of on the edge of 2T-3T anyway (and kinda cute baby chubby still hehe).

For the 4T I used a free pattern from My Growing Home. Those fit great!

I serged all of my seams and added labels with a size tag so I was feeling pretty professional :) However, I wasn’t feeling professional enough to change my serger thread color because that’s just too much work.

Each pair only used 1/2 yd so I have fabric left over, yay for fabric hoarding.

Look at these two scheming. These little outfits would be cute for St. Patty’s Day, now pretend you didn’t see them. Have you done any boy sewing lately? I will be honest, It’s hard to see all the cute dresses and tunic tops for girls everywhere but I love making stuff for my cute boys too :)

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