the taylor tote

Meet my new favorite thing; The Taylor Tote. I am headed to Blissdom this week (eeek!). I should be planning what I am going to wear or packing or doing laundry. But instead I prepared by making a tote bag, And I love it.

I wanted black and white stripes, hot pink trim and brown leather… but after a late night JoAnn’s visit that involved all the boys, a toddler meltdown and one throwing up – this is what I came home with (yes one really did throw up at JoAnn’s)

From what I hear, I will need to carry around a lot of stuff. There are 3 classes the first day and 2 on the second day. I’m going to bring my DSLR and I need space for all the i’s- so made an iPad and an iPhone pouch.

I also made extra wide handles, which are a definite must so I can load my bag full of stuff from the handmade market :)

Apparently everyone loves the new tote, including a red wasp who tried to be a part of my photo session.
Random fact- last summer I was attacked my a ball of red wasps that my son was trying to grab, he was un-phased and I couldn’t walk for days. Now I call them tracker jackers.

Speaking of packing, if you have been to a blog conference pretty please give me some tips!! What does everyone wear on the dress up night? How fancy do people get for the classes? And what do I need to bring besides the “regular stuff”? And if you are going to Blissdom in Dallas this week then leave your info!!

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  1. says

    Hi Taylor, Love your website! I’ve learned so many things here and have made so many neat projects thanks to you. Love this bag! Will you put up instructions? You’re such a talent!

  2. Helena says

    I really like this bag, I have searched for a template to make one like it but can ‘t find one, do you have one that you used?


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