Fabric Storage and a Craft Room Update

Two of my favorite words: Fabric and Storage. If you are new around here, a few years ago I did a little series called “Craft Spaces” here on TaylorMade. I shared MY ROOM and also asked some of my favorite bloggers to share theirs. ( HERE is the link to those rooms) I am kind of obsessed with craft spaces/rooms/studios. I think it’s so fun to see where creative people work and how they organize their tools because these spaces are always so inspiring. 

Well, that was over a year ago and a lot has changed about my room. But my favorite part is how I store my fabric :) Nerd alert. I heard about Comic Book Boards for storing fabric a while back so I thought I would give them a try. 

I ordered THESE. (amazon affiliate link)

After organizing my first 200 boards I was in love. I highly recommend them. I use these for anything from 1/4 yd to 4 yds. Anything less I put in a scrap box and anything more I fold for a shelf. An OCD dream!

I also divided my room up with a better “flow”. I have one half for sewing and the other half of the room is for paper crafts. Here is the sewing side behind the sewing machine and serger:

1. fabric on comic book boards – yay
2. my vintage sheet shelf
3. sewing “tools” like scissors, rotary cutter, machine accessories, pins, bobbins, etc.
4. tools I use more often, buttons, elastic and a bobbin winder (which I also recommend)
5. felt
6. small unfinished projects
7. ribbon
8. big stuff – batting and burlap bags

The other half of this shelf houses painting supplies, spray paint, stencils and other silhouette tools, craft books and kids art supplies. I keep my big scrap bin and my big unfinished projects on top of the shelf 

Here is a better look at my vintage sheet pieces I have been collecting for an upcoming quilt.

The other side of the room is for “paper crafting”. I don’t know why I didn’t always have it set up like this – it makes so much sense. I still stick with my mantra that if it is out and it front of you, you will do it. So I keep my Project Life stuff out on the table at all times because you never know when you can sneak in for 45 minutes. I wrote a little about my process on “lazy scrapbooking” HERE

fake flowers in a Patron bottle = a craft room must

I bought this Shoe Cubby from Target originally to organize my fabric but I outgrew it and now I love it even more. It holds stationary, blank cards, stickers, washi tape, tags, bakers twine, embellishments… etc

And there you have it. A little craft room update, my love for comic book boards and my love for Patron Bottles as decoration. 

An update: I took these pictures about two weeks ago and currently my craft room is no more :( We are listing our house this week and sadly, not everyone wants a dining room turned craft space. I will have to wait a few weeks until we move and I will get it all back (and hug it all). Then I can post all about my new plans. Also, in my next house I would like to refer to it as a “Studio”. Doesn’t that sounds so much more grown up??

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  1. says

    OMG, I am in love with your crafting space. Right now I have a small amount of space in my oldest son’s closet, and I use my kitchen table at night after everyone is asleep :( I cannot wait until we move and I get a dedicated crafting space (the Hubs promised!!) Great job!

  2. says

    The craft room was lovely – thanks for sharing! Hopefully, your house will sell quickly and you’ll get your new studio set up and be back “in business” in no time! Who knows, you may even tweak the system a bit.

    I love the fabric area, and was thrilled you posted about your paper area as that is my hobby and, like you, I like seeing what others do. I love the teal (or is it aqua?) “juice” cartons – what a clever idea!

    Feel free to take a video tour of MY craft area! http://www.ultraorganized.com/videos.shtml

  3. says

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each
    time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks a lot!

  4. Jelayne says

    Hi! We have a lot in common! Project Life (although I’m a beginner). Target shoe cubby shelves! Fabric storage! Anyway– love the blue holders. Did you paint those? Where did you find them? Farmer’s Market?

  5. Jelayne says

    Hi! We have a lot in common! Project Life (although I’m a beginner). Target shoe cubby shelves! Fabric storage! Anyway– love the blue holders. Did you paint those? Where did you find them? Farmer’s Market?


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