The Story of my Juice Cleanse

I have had a ton of requests for this post. But I didn’t want to write it. 
I posted at the end of February that I was going to do a 10 day juice fast… (You can read all the details about why and how HERE) I got super pumped up and I was very prepared. Let me just spoil the ending of this for you – I didn’t make it 10 days. I couldn’t even make it 5! 
I explained in my first post that the reason I wanted to do this juice cleanse was because I felt like my family wasn’t eating enough vegetables, plain and simple. I don’t even like many vegetables. So, I thought this would give me a boost and a little cleanse so I could start bringing more juice into our regular diet. I make juice weekly but only about a gallon- which the kids and I drink in about 2 days. We love our juice but I am no expert! I honesty thought it would be easier. Isn’t that always how it works? When you are all full and happy you think, “Oh I can totally do that!”.

Here are some things I learned, what I did that worked and what I did that didn’t work…
A big complaint I hear about juicing is the cost. I get it… produce is expensive but if you think about what you are getting it really isn’t the bad part for me. We buy stuff to make good healthy dinners 3-4 nights a week. I don’t buy frozen or canned vegetables on these nights. The other nights we make something easy and cheap like hot dogs, pizza or spaghetti. And we eat out about twice a week. So the week that I bought the produce it was a lot cheaper than my regular grocery bill. I bought ALL THIS for $38. This made enough juice for about 3-4 days, but that was just for me.


I think this is two fold. One part is physically prepping, cleaning and cutting the fruit. I scored a 100 on that. The other part is getting your body ready for this cleanse. I scored a 0 on that one. I went out with some girls the night before and ate a ton of carbs and wine :/ Don’t do that! 
I have heard from some that they make juice as they go. My mom and sister actually do that. Juice is “good” for 72 hours so I like to make enough for those 3 days then make more when I’m out. I think if you have the juicer out and dirty then use it. But then there is some that believe that the juice starts to breakdown and looses some of the essential vitamins. I think hey, I’m drinking broccoli- I’m calling this a win.
Next step- washing, cutting and peeling as needed. To go from this…

to this… took a little over an hour. Juicing is kind of a labor of love.


Now to the best part. My kids love the juicing. A lot of people asked me about recipes. I don’t really follow any. I just throw stuff in that I think would be a good combo. Again I am not an expert but here are some tips I have learned…
-If you are juicing the peel (apples, carrots, peaches etc) then wash it very well. You don’t want to juice pesticides
-If it has leaves like carrots, beets or celery then juice with the leaves on
-You can juice citrus with the peel on but it’s very bitter, I peel but leave the white part on for juicing
-Leafy greens are so good for you (parsley, kale, spinach, lettuce) but they don’t produce much juice- I still always include at least 2 in each juice
- I try to have more vegetables than fruit so that I don’t get all sugared up
-Sweet potatoes are really chalky, so I let the starch settle to the bottom. It sits in the fridge for a day then I don’t stir it up as much so it stays down there
-Pineapple and Mango make anything super creamy, almost like a smoothie :) 
-You can juice any fruit and veg except white potatoes, avocado, bananas and mushrooms (I read that on my juicer and choose to believe it)
I labeled as I went, it’s not necessary but I thought it might help in case I came across something I loved or hated (ex: I learned I don’t like cabbage in juice and love pineapple, ginger and lemon). I used Mason Jars and wrapped post its around with a rubber band. 

I used the Mason Jars because I read it is better if the juice is air tight. I don’t know if that is true but it was convenient to have it all separated and just grab one when I needed it.


The Hard Part:
When I did my research on this juice fast, I heard the first 5 days are brutal. I knew that going in. But preparing for hard vs. being really hard are two different things. The first day I was actually OK. I thought this is great, I can do this. Day 2 I woke up and had juice around 9:00. About an hour later I got pretty hungry. I had 4 juices the first day. I think that might have been my first problem.  I read somewhere you should have 65-95oz of juice daily. I don’t think I was having enough. But here was another problem we had… in the famous words of my sister on day 2 “This cleanse makes you hate juice”. Seriously no one likes juice more than me and I just got so burnt out on it. After 4 huge glasses they last thing I said was mmmm, toss me a cold juice, again. So back to day 2.. I was hungry and it was only 10 so around 11:30 I had another one but again, an hour later I was really hungry. This continued all day and I was grouchy and starving that night. Day 3… repeat of day two but more grouchy. Day 4 I woke up and was almost in tears, I drank another juice which of course held me over for an hour. Then it was lunch time and I cracked…. I posted this to instagram:
I only had about 3 tablespoons of kale salad (all raw) and 4 cashews but I felt like a new person.

I also felt like I had failed. My mom lasted almost 6 days and my sister and I lasted 3. It was much harder than I thought. My friend Melissa posted on this picture that when she did her juice fast she had to have the “nut juice” (worst name ever). But it’s basically a cashew or almond milk with stevia and cinnamon. Next time I would definitely do this in the evenings so I don’t wake up so hungry. Also, looking back and reading more I think 10 days was a little ambitious. I should have started with 3 which is ironically how long I made it. 
My Juicing Future:
I really am glad I juiced for a few days. I even want to go it again! This time for 3 days and with some nut milk included :) I also want to try a prepackaged cleanse one day. I love making my own juice but I would like to compare and see how much you really get. We have started having juice more regularly which is what I wanted. My kids ask for “homemade juice” all the time. I think of it as a permanent part of out diet now.

Do you have any tips to add? Any thoughts or comments? Or questions… not like I’m the expert on juice but maybe I came across something… ask away 

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  1. says

    I would definitely only do it for a day or two, I’d never make it 10 days! I tried some juices last week and they were yummy but definitely not filling – or satisfying – I just couldn’t imagine only having them and nothing else.

  2. says

    i had planned to do it 60 days but i only was able to do it for 10 days. lol. but 3 days is commendable! it give’s your body a great head start. btw i recommend going to caninos. it’s a farmers market and it’s inexpensive. you can go way in the back. you won’t find ALL of the things you need but at least some of it will help. for example 18 lbs of oranges are $6.00.
    i found you through the houston bloggers facebook page

  3. says

    We just got a juicer around Easter and have been loving having fresh fruit juice with lunch or for a snack every day. I always put in greens but hadn’t done veggie juice till today, which I had for lunch and was surprised at how filled up I was! But I couldn’t imagine nothing but juice! By dinner time I was ready to eat. I might try it as a meal replacement at lunch a few days a week. Your tips on juicing are very helpful!

    The Hot Toddies of Washington

  4. says

    I started mine today. I’m planning on 6-7 days but I am also allowing myself the almond milk once a day, like you said. Much more bearable, I imagine! You also can’t forget to drink plenty of water or the withdrawal effects will be worse — water helps the detox process along. Or so I’ve read. I’m using Joe Cross’s method on

    I am mostly doing this to cure my reflux so I have that added motivation to keep at it. It’s hard, though! Not the most fun thing I’ve ever done, but it’s cheaper than Prilosec and Zantac and as a singer, I can’t afford to lose my voice. :)

    Thanks for your post — super-informative!

  5. says

    Thank you thank you for sharing your experience. I did a one day juice cleanse last week, I ordered in the juices. It was one day and I had a bite of bread! Ha! But I’ve read so much about the Joe the Juicer and even got the 3-day reboot printed out. Just haven’t had the guts to go through it.

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