a Modern Baby Boy Quilt

With all of my baby girl crafting did you even know I could make something for a boy? I was surprised I still had it in me. I have also been surprised by how many new baby girls there have been around here. But this post isn’t about girls, its about a baby boy. My only girl cousin is due with her first baby this summer and I am so happy for her little family. They will make awesome parents and I can’t wait for the boys to have another “young” relative :)

My mom, sister and I hosted a small family baby shower for Jamie and Baby “E” a few weeks ago. I will share all the shower deets here next week. I wanted to make him something he could keep for a long time so I settled on a quilt. It is modern and bright. The nursery is actually much more neutral but I figured this could be an on-the-go quilt. 

I still love this print on the back- I knew I was hoarding it for a good reason.

This is my 4th quilt to actually finish. I also have about 6 unfinished quilt tops. I have not yet worked up the courage to hand quilt the binding… for those of you that do that – Bravo! Anyone else a machine binding cheater like me?

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    I love it, and I’m sure Baby E will get many years of enjoyment from it. As for hand sewing the binding – forget it!! Machine sew all the way.. :)

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    I love the print on the back! It’s so cute. And, congrats on completing a quilt, one day I hope to add that to my accomplishments!

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    Hi Dorothy,I have used a lot of Superior thread but not their 12wt vagreiated so I can’t give you a direct comparison but their thread is not hand-dyed which, in my opinion, gives a more natural gradient of color. For instance, their yellow gradually turns into orange and gradually into red rather than having one inch of yellow, followed by an inch of orange, and then a inch of red. I also like the luster of the hand-dyed thread as well as the fact that it is colorfast.

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