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Guess what, we moved. If you follow me on instagram or facebook you have already been bombarded with pictures. But that is why the ole blog has been a little on the light side. That, and it’s summer so my kids are crazy.
We are so in love with our new house. I still can’t believe we live here. It feels so grown up. I took this picture the day we closed. This is the entrance when you walk in the front door. And this is our new paint (that we paid people to do- not very DIY of us).

We moved ourselves which is a fun activity with 2 & 3 year old boys (not). We couldn’t have done anything without our families and we are so lucky that they all live within 10 minutes of us! We only moved a mile away so we kind of just loaded our cars, trucks and my dad’s trailer with everything (sometimes not even in boxes) and threw everything in the new house. Which led to things like this…

We put a lot of extra stuff in storage to stage our old house to sell it. My kids thought it was Christmas when they got their old toys back again 2 months later. This is the new play room. The house is a 4 bedroom and the boys wanted to share a room. There are two bedrooms connected with a jack-and-jill bathroom, so we have one room for beds and clothes and one room for toys and games. It’s working out great so far! We have never had a “playroom” and I spent half my day at our old house picking up toys. I love having it out of sight (however I still try to clean it daily) what is wrong with me? It is looking better these days, still needs a lot of help but that’s every room. 
Here is a little glimpse of the house via bad iphone photos, lets call these the “before” pictures:
I LOVE our huge kitchen, it’s the center of everything. We can’t wait to do something about the wallpaper, bad office lighting, and the flooring, that will all be down the road

Breakfast and Laundry: 
again with the wallpaper, new light and we want to do built in cubbies in the laundry room down the road

we need a new lighting fixture asap, but I did just make curtains :) I will share those soon
here is the day we closed… after pictures coming soon, I have actually done some stuff to that room :)
Craft Room:
it needs so much help, but its first on the list, mainly because it is such a mess! Built in desks and a huge work table are coming soon
we need everything, don’t even know where to start haha… for example my nightstand is currently a filing cabinet :/ DIY plans include a new headboard that I’m really excited for
Boys room:
 I’ve actually done a lot to this room and I will share the pretty pictures soon
Guest Room:
looks like a bomb of junk exploded- that and I could probably open a day care in there with the amount of baby stuff

needs decor, like stat! I have a few ideas that include vintage books, a chalkboard wall 
and a pegboard tool area 

we love it and there are a ton of cool plants and trees out here! we want to build a little deck and awning eventually

and there you have the grainy iphone tour – I can’t wait until next year at this time so I can look back at this post and say “look how much it’s changed!”

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    So exciting! totally looks like such a grown up house! idk why but I read “my husband is a filing cabinet” instead of “my nightstand is a filing cabinet” and then i had a total HUH moment and then I laughed a lot :)

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