put a bow on it – pillow slipcovers

Last month, Midori Ribbon contacted me about making a craft out of their ribbon. Because I am a boy mom, I don’t have a lot of practice with ribbon- but I accepted and I’m so glad because these aren’t just any ribbons -These are nice ribbons. They let me pick which ones I wanted the receive in the mail. Isn’t real mail always fun?

 My favorite is this Dupioni Silk in Dandelion. 

I knew I wanted to make a few throw pillow slipcovers. These slipcovers couldn’t be easier. I started with some fabric that was cut to the same size as my pillow form for the front and a few inches longer for the back. 

Then take the back piece and cut it in half right down the middle. Fold and press the sides down twice and then sew those up to create two hems. I did this for both of my pillows.

For the fronts I just used ribbon two create the designs. First up, I made some smashed flowers. There isn’t an exact science to sewing “smashed flowers” but I started with the “leaves” – I made long loops and pinned them down. Then I started just smashing the silk ribbon in the center and worked outwards folding the ribbon over as I went. I also used a lot of pins. Then I just sewed in the same messy swirled pattern making sure to catch the “leaf loop” too. 


Front number one.

Piece the pillow together by placing the right sides together and lining up the edges of the back. This will mean the two sides on the back will overlap and that’s what you want. 

Sew that all the way around, then clip your corners and flip.

Stuff your pillow form in there and you are done. I might never make a “real” throw pillow again :) 

For the second pillow I used my other favorite ribbon the Black and Cream Ascot.  I made a free hand bow and left long tails while it was still attached to the spool. 

Once I got it where I liked it, I cut the bow from the spool,  placed it on the front of my pillow and pinned it down.


Then I sewed around the perimeter of the bow and made sure to sew around the inside “knot” too. 

I marked the white thread on the black stripes with permanent marker so it looks more uniform. 

I sewed the pillow the same way as before. Meet my new favorite:

I love how they both turned out!

So do you have a lot of ribbon expertise? Also do you love pillow slipcovers as much as I do? Anything that means no hand sewing is for me :) 
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  1. says

    I just love that black and white bow pillow, can I buy it from you? haha
    I live in Houston too ah!

    I like the other pillow too, but the bow one is just beautiful

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