DIY Black and White Curtains


We are finally getting into the swing of things over here at the new house. How long does that take by the way? We have been here a month and stuff is coming together! Our dining room is one of first rooms you see when you walk in to the house and I wanted a graphic punch. I mean, once I found the “plate wall box” and pushed the chairs in I felt pretty good.

naked before shot:

IMG_6359 dining room

But over a year ago I saw some big black and white striped curtains and I knew I wanted them for my next dining room. I found some no-sew options, and thought about sewing black and white fabric together, and even painting some. But then I came across this tutorial with a link to the perfect fabric.  Catharine at “Your Modern Couple” has a great tutorial, I even ordered the same amount of fabric and pretty much followed just what she did. I ordered 5 yards, cut them in half twice and sewed the length together.


I love how they turned out in our dining room. They make the ceiling look so tall and it dresses up our casual but modern room.  I kept the plate wall from my old house. Next on our list is getting rid of that bad light fixture. plate wall


And I added this… my mom bought it for me last October, it was my 5th wedding anniversary and she found a dish towel from Anthro that is marked with our wedding date, so perfect.


black and white curtains


Down the road we hope to not have carpet in here but it’s in pretty good shape so we are fine with it.  Right before I started sewing, I showed my husband the fabric and he said “well, isn’t it a little loud?” But I thought nothing of it because he is a boy and he is traditional. But then I showed my mom and I said don’t you love them? And she replied, “well yes but they remind me of the Hamburglar”. Which I think is an awesome name for them. So far I don’t have rave reviews but they make me so happy. What do you think? Too loud and clown-esque or do you love them like I do?

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    I love them like you do! I love big stripes and have been thinking of doing some for my living room. I thought about painting them too but I couldn’t figure out where I could stretch out something so wide and not get paint everywhere. Great job!


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      Thanks!! In that tutorial I linked to she has the link to the fabric I bought and it was perfect, and not super expensive either :)

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  2. Brenda says

    I LOVE them!!! ♥♥ I actually have the same curtains in my front room & dining room (I took black & white grommet top curtains from Target and cut them up :). I love the drama they bring and I also love the black/white combo!! They look fabulous in your dining room!!!

  3. KWolff says

    They look great! They are bold without being obnoxious and are a nice punch of color in there!
    The plate wall is fun too!

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