Scalloped Bunting Tutorial


scalloped bunting tutorial

Two bunting tutorials in a row… what is going on over here? I didn’t even mean for that to happen but what can I say, I love bunting!  Remember THIS “Shower” baby shower we threw my cousin. I actually made this bunting back in April and it now hangs in the window at Ampersand !

I love buntings and I also love scallops so this seemed like a perfect match for our rain cloud decor. Its really simple and quick to whip these out.

Scalloped Bunting Tutorial:

Start with a piece of cardstock and make a scallop template. Then fold your fabric and cut as many as you can at a time… haha, this tutorial will give you a little glimpse into my non perfectionist ways.


See my non-straight lines, my husband would die!



Then two by two, pin them- right sides together.


Sew around the bottom rounded side. Leave the straight side open.



Once you have them all done, snip the rounded sides up to the seam and flip them right side out. Then press.


As for hanging them, you could make your own bias tape but I just bought a pack of white for this bunting. Sandwich the flag between the bunting and sew :)

scalloped bunting

Super easy custom party decor! Is anyone else bunting obsessed?

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  1. [...] Taylor from Taylor Made created this pretty scalloped bunting for a baby shower.  She shares a tutorial showing how.  I’m loving the ombre effect she got by using solids in shades of blue and green!   It would also be cute using coordinating prints from a fat quarter stack.  By the way, it now hangs in the window of her brick mortar boutique.  A sewing twofer!  Go to her tutorial. [...]

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