a Casserole Carrier… again

casserole carrier

I need a 12 step program! I just can’t stop making casserole carriers. Previous Posts HERE, HERE and HERE.


But, really who doesn’t love a handmade gift? My friend got married this past weekend and I thought this would be the perfect thing! I like the inner fabric as much as the outer fabric.


I have used the Two Little Hooligans tutorial so many times, I could do it in my sleep! I never add the spoon holder and I switch the straps up like Jill did HERE.


The star of the show is the etched Pyrex inside… its so fun to see your new name etched on something. It hard to see but I added the “est. 2013″ after the name this time.



I also started adding a little info about the carrier and the Pyrex because people were asking me questions about the care.


Confession… I started 3 more just for back up! I know this is a popular project on Pinterest so has anyone made one? Post the link, I love to see the fabric combos :)

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  1. says

    Hi! I LOVE your casserole carrier posts and the Little Hooligans tutorial, it was awesome and easy for a beginner sewer like me to complete. I’m glad you posted again because I like your new combo too. I actually used my carrier today, but I think I need to make a larger one- whenever I bring cupcakes in to work, I need my regular Pyrex pan plus a second smaller container to fit them all (24). Of course only the one pan fits in the carrier… I end up setting the second container on top, in between the straps and it works fine, but I’ll take any excuse to make another carrier, haha :)

    • says

      Oh I LOVE your color combo!!! Dying over the inside print! You could always just add a few inches the each length and measure the Velcro with the two Pyrex dishes inside?

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