2013 Project Life Update (January to August)


I haven’t done a Project Life Update in a while so I figured I would share a few pictures today :) It’s quite clear that I am a huge Project Life Fan, it changed the way I scrapbook and I think it is something that anyone and everyone can do. Here are some of my older posts: HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. I started Project Life in 2011 but not until August so I was playing catch up all year, then when 2012 rolled around I wanted to be current with that so I was doing two books at a time. For the first time, this year I finally caught up with one book and have only had to work on one! Another first, I’m only one month behind which is huge for me… I’m usually years behind on my scrapbooks.

I am pretty nontraditional when it comes to Project Life and that’s what I like about it. It’s so custom. Most people that I follow on Instagram or in “blogland” tend to do the weekly layout. I have never done that because my pages don’t fall like that. For example, I might only have 10 pictures from the entire month of April but then I might have 30 pictures just from one day like a birthday.

Also, I am kind of a “Project Life Kit Junkie”. Some people buy one kit and use that one the whole year. I like to buy as many as I want and then each page is different. I also started subscribing to Studio Calico’s PL Kit each month so I have a lot to choose from. I will add links for products that I love (please note some are affiliate links on Amazon)lineHere is an example of one page from an event, and I didn’t use any papers in this layout. Just pictures and snippet of the invitation. I used Photo Pocket Pages – Design B.IMG_6860

One of my new favorite plastic pages are actually not even the Becky Higgins brand (I wish she would make some) But these hold Instagrams perfectly! I order my pictures from Postal Pix which is an App right on my iPhone. Also a tip for all women… try to put as many pictures of yourself in your book, my first year I realized I am never in any pictures so I try to make a point now! I used the Square Ring Photo Sleeve Protectors.IMG_6861


I got inspiration from Elise Joy and I started sewing my actual calendar pages in to an 8×10 Page protector. I sometimes add sequins in before I sew :)IMG_6865

An example of random pictures from a month. I usually have photos from events, holidays, parties etc. Then for the few pictures that don’t fit into those pages, I make them their own page. This is my favorite plastic page Photo Pocket Pages Design A ,and they are often sold out on Amazon. You can find these at Hobby Lobby now too. These papers are from the Studio Calico subscription kit.IMG_6866

Sometimes I don’t have any journaling so I just add a title right to a photo.IMG_6868

A page all about my juice cleanse, using my new favorite stamp – (similar Mason Jar Wood Stamp)IMG_6869

Another favorite plastic page is the Photo Pocket Pages – Design F. I use these for cell phone pics. I have way more cell phone pics in my albums than “real photos”. These cards are from Studio Calico and the Heather Bailey Olive Kit. IMG_6870

Another page with no journaling.IMG_6871

I am also obsessed with “Thickers”! You can get them on Amazon or you can find them at almost every craft store, Target even has them!IMG_6872

When I have a lot of photos from something but I don’t want to spread it over so many pages, I will make collages and print them to 4×6 size. This is using the plastic page “A” again. I use it most often. The papers are from the Clementine EditionIMG_6873

I use the 5 x 7 Page Protectors often for invitations, pamphlets, school pictures etc…IMG_6875

Favorite Thickers :) IMG_6877

For this little road trip, I only took my pictures with my iPhone. Also, I when I go out of town, I always look for a 4×6 postcard for my layouts. PicMonkey Collage

Another road trip post with just my iPhone. This is using the Honey Kit and these are going to be my new favorite plastic pages I can already tell! They just came out, Photo Pocket Pages – Design K. They hold 6 Instagrams and have 4 pockets for journaling or cell phone pics. IMG_6881

In August I decided to do a “day in the life” type page and I tried to take a picture every hour… kind of fun! I used PicMonkey to add the times right to the pictures.IMG_6883

I also have 2 new “toys” that I use ALL THE TIME now! After researching a ton, I decided to get the Canon SELPHY Photo Printer. I love it! It makes it so much easier when you have your quality photos right there. I will still use snapfish for my big orders but this is perfect for cell phone pictures or when I forget to order something, of if I just can’t wait for my pictures to get here :) IMG_6885


And I have been looking for something to cut 3×4 pictures FOREVER! I finally found one at Hobby Lobby!IMG_6888

Also, being the “collector”  that I am I just purchased the Sunshine Kit and the Flea Market Mini Kit, can’t wait to break in to these…IMG_6912

Is anyone out there a Project Lifer? I LOVE looking at other peoples pages because I think everyone is so inspiring in their own way! Please leave a link if you have a book!

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