Fox Costume

Meet the Fox! fox costume

When my oldest son decided he wanted to be a skunk for Halloween, I had no other choice but to dress his brother in a fox costume. The cutest little fox I’ve ever costume

I had a hard time finding fabric that was the right shade of “orangey/brown”. I looked and looked but then I found this heathered burnt orange t-shirt in the men’s section at Wal-Mart. I bought two XXL shirts and took them to the cutting table. I used my new favorite pattern again, The Bimaa Sweater for the top. I sewed strips of brown knit to the bottom of the orange before cutting the pattern. And I added the ears before sewing the sections of the hoodie. I used interfacing in the ears but I also did a little extra step to get them to stand up. After the hoodie was sewn, I flattened the ear down and sewed a few stitches right on top. Then I bent the ear back the other way and put a few stitches on the inside of the ear too. They stand up really well now!

fox costume

fox costume

fox costume

For the pants, I used the Fancy Pants Leggings Pattern from Tichy Threads. Another very easy and very satisfying pattern! I used the same method and sewed brown fabric to the orange before cutting out the pattern. fox costume

fox costume

The tail. The cutest little tail ever. It’s just stuffed and sewn right on to an elastic belt that sits under the shirt.

fox costume

fox costume

I love that he can wear the top as a shirt later on. My kids love play clothes so I don’t think this week will be the last time I see it :) I also want to make more Fancy Pants Leggings. This kid has a big butt and this pattern fits him great. To say they are excited is an understatement!

fox costume

And just in case you don’t have the song in your head yet…
fox costume

Be sure to check out his brothers Skunk Costume too. How many more years do I have left for “themed costumes”?

fox and skunk costumes

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  1. jessica wade says

    i would love to make this fox costume this year. do you have more detailed instructions for the tail and ears? i have made pants before and simple things iike that but still consider myself very much a beginner.
    Thank you


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