Project Life Card Holder

Project Life Card Holder

A few months ago I was playing on Instagram and looking at the hash tag #craftroom because it’s just plain fun. I came across an awesome Project Lifer, Miriam and her pretty feed. I looked back through her photos and fell in love with her Project Life Organizer! My husband is really handy so I started drawing up some plans.  Spoiler Alert: he built it and it’s amazing!!!

project life organization

The one I saw on Miriam’s Blog is a lot larger but mine has to fit on a shelf so I had to keep the size down. I gave my husband the dimensions and this weekend he went to work! Mine is 30″ long and 9 1/2″ deep.

project life organizer

My husband even made risers in each section so my cards have stadium seating. He glued and nailed the dividers in and I sprayed it white.  In other news I need to stop buying Project Life Kits :/

project life organizer

project life organizer

I have been using the plastic trays that the kits come in so the cards stand up. I find it SO much easier to use something if it’s already out. Not only are they handy but now they are even prettier in my new holder! When people walk in to my craft room they always say “what are these pretty papers?!” They are their own decoration :)

project life organizer

Project Life Organization

Thanks Bryan for building me the best Project Life Holder Ever!

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  1. says

    OMG — I don’t even use project life and just because of his, I feel like I just might. It’s so pretty — and all of your little pieces just make me swoon. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Your husband is a keeper haha!

  2. Sheila says

    Your husband rocks! I showed mine the picture and he just laughed (but I’m the handy one so I knew that would be his response ;-). I second the request if your husband ever takes orders!

  3. Sheila says

    Your husband rocks! I showed mine the picture and he just laughed (but I’m the handy one so I knew that would be his response ;-). I second the request if your husband ever takes orders!

  4. Denise Parcells says

    Would you mind sharing the dimensions or emailing me the plans? I’m hoping to acquire some tools in the coming year to FINALLY do some DIYing and this would be fun to add to the mix. I might even be able to cut most of it with a trusty old mitre box and saw and have HD or Lowe’s help with the pieces that are too wide.

  5. says

    i´m just starting project life this year and was looking for some inspiration… here it is! :))
    this looks awesome. thanks for sharing. maybe my boyfriend will build me something like this… :D
    xo julia

  6. says

    I used your piece as inspiration. I don’t have a handy hubby, but I found a company willing to make this for me:

    Thanks for being the inspiration that allowed me to make my own design and finally solve my Project Life storage problem!! I think I mentioned you in my video, but if I didn’t, I’m so sorry (I took a million takes because I kept rambling about how awesome it was and realized that the rest of the world might not find my excitement over an organizer as exciting as I did). :)

  7. Danielle Ryerson says

    I’d love some dimensions or blueprints! My hubby could make this if I could give him an idea

  8. Lesley says

    Yes me too – I would love to make one of these myself but if I don’t have plans in front of me it will never get done.

  9. Mari Hamilton says

    I love ur organizer!! My hubby is very handy and if I could show him dimensions, blue prints something that would be awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. says

    Love your organizer and the fact your husband made it – WOW. Fantastic job!! If he ever wants to make another… (wink) he can always make me one! Plus we don’t live too far from one another, I’ll even pick it up LOL

    Love your craft room too, great organization.

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  27. says

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  29. says

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  30. tara says

    Would you be willing to share the plans and dimensions? I have a very handy husband, and this would be perfect for my project life addiction :)

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