Triangle Baby Quilt

triangle baby quilt

Triangle quilts are all the rage this year. So, I knew I had to make one for my pregnant friend Courtney, one of the Coyotes. She isn’t finding out the sex of her baby which I am a big fan of, I was surprised both times too. It adds so much excitement but it can be hard to pick out a gift. I love making baby gifts and I feel like a quilt is the perfect unisex present. I went with a range of colors and even though I added two pinks I made sure to add more blues just in case. But either way- it’s a baby and a little pink on a quilt is OK for a boy in my opinion :)

baby triangle quilt

For the front I used 11 different solid cottons, 1/4 yard of each color. Then I used 1 1/2 yards for both the batting and the back. I made a quilted triangle pillow a few months ago and I cut out all the triangles by measuring. So this time bought a handy little triangle ruler. I didn’t realize that the flat top on the template was for another quilt pattern and all of my triangles were cut incorrectly. Bummer but since they were all consistently wrong I just went with it.

After I cut all of the triangles out I placed them in stacks. I laid the quilt out in a random pattern and I made sure no color was touching the same color. Then I sewed the triangles together horizontally making rows.

triangle baby quilt

Then I sewed each row together vertically. Because of the flat tops on the triangles it made them more of a trapezoid shape, which turned out OK it just made the quilting part a little different. I placed the back fabric right side down, then the batting then the top. I used very thick and fluffy batting because I thought it would make a perfect “play-on-the-floor-tummy-time-quilt”. Then I placed the quilt on top, right side up. Here is a very rough diagram of how I quilted the whole thing.

triangle baby quilt

I started with 1 and sewed horizontally all the way across each line. The diagram just shows 4 lines but I actually did all the the horizontal lines down the full length of the quilt. After I was done with that I started the zig-zag quilting. Because of the trapezoid shape I wasn’t able to just make diagonal lines. I actually started in the middle and did that zig-zag pattern down each “line”. This made it look like every “triangle” was separate, which I loved!

baby triangle quilt

baby triangle quilt

I just used some white cotton that I already had lying around for the binding so I’m not really sure how much I used. The quilt ended up to be 42″ x 52″ so that will give you an idea for the length of the binding.  Also, The day I went out and took pictures I got some awesome sun-flares… Baby Quilt Magic :)

baby triangle quilt


Before I quilted everything I added this little TaylorMade tag to one of the triangles. triangle baby quilt

triangle baby quilt

I honestly thought about keeping it for myself because I loved it so much. I guess that makes a good gift, if you want to keep it! Now I just need to make one in my size.

triangle baby quilt

triangle baby quilt

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  1. Nancy says

    I love this quilt. I’m needing a baby gift for a neighbor by the end of Oct., so I am going to try my hand at this. I have not been quilting long.

  2. Marie Dunphy Harding says

    What size were your triangles, or what sixe was the triangle ruler? I may have missed it.
    Great colors! Marie

  3. Jennifer says

    What size did you measure out for the triangles? It sure would be helpful for us beginners to know this.

  4. Jmarie says

    This is a great little quilt, awesome job. My mom use to make Triangle Quilts all the time. The sizes of the triangles she used was 4″, 5″ ( 4.5″ & 5.5″)

    • Anonymous says

      They must be about 7 1/2 inch (on each side) triangles because there are 5 triangles across and two halves equaling about 42 inch finished. (If you start with 7 1/2 and use a 1/4 inch seam you would have 7 inch finished triangles.)

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