Baby Boy Gift Set

baby boy gift set

Hands down, handmade baby gifts are my favorite. Moms love unique handmade gifts and I love doing quick and easy projects, it’s a win-win. Last week I went to my friend Jamie’s Baby shower for her soon to be little boy. I have a bunch of cute boy fabric so I knew I had to make him some burp cloths.

handmade burp cloths

boy burp cloths

I have talked a lot about my love for THESE cloth diapers HERE, when I made my last baby gift. I always have a pack or two on hand because they make the perfect burp cloth! Most moms contact me within a few weeks asking for more :)

I also added a few boy onesies from my Etsy Shop. Bikes and lightning bolts, you can’t go wrong there.

boy onesies

boy onesies from TaylorMade

I wrapped them in brown craft paper and added a sticker so it looked professional :) boy gift set

boy gift set

baby boy gift set

And there you have a very simple handmade baby gift! If you have any need for custom burp cloths, email me at or contact me on my etsy page! I have started making a lot of custom ones for my friends and they are a big hit :)

baby boy gift set

Speaking of babies… our gender appointment is this Friday!! AHH! We didn’t find out the gender for our boys so this is a first for us, I am so exited to see if a brother or sister will be joining us this summer! 2 more days :)

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    I LOVE, LOVE my baby gifts! My friends and I jokingly call Andy “Flash” bc he thinks he is so speedy (when in reality he is super slooooow)! So, the green lightening bolt was perfect! And I love the bike onesie too :) Excited to test out the burp cloths on the little bambino!

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