How to do a Patterned Dot Wall

patterned dot wall

When I found out I was pregnant last year I was of course thrilled for a new little bundle to join our family. Soon after it sunk in,  I got super excited to do another nursery! We didn’t find out the gender with either of our boys and they were so close in age that I just used the same nursery for both of them. It was gender neutral and of the “pre-pinterest era” so I have had years to collect ideas and get inspired :) I already knew what I wanted long before I even knew the gender so when I found out this girl was a girl… I knew a dot wall was happening.

I know I’m a little late to the gold-vinyl-dot-wall-party but I still love it, so I thought it would be perfect for the wall behind the crib. I have seen the gold dots randomly placed on walls and while I do love random I wanted a pattern this time. I searched and searched for a tutorial on how to get THIS LOOK  in my inspiration photo but I wasn’t able to find much. I called for backup, my mom and sister. I’m sure there are many ways to achieve this look but this is what we did.

I bought gold sticky vinyl online and used my cameo to cut 1.5″ dots. I have the silhouette file saved, if anyone wants it let me vinyl gold vinyl dotsgold vinyl dots

Other than my dots, I used these supplies: a ruler, tape measure, piece of cardstock, scissors, some very sticky double sided foam tape and a pencil. The other must have tool is a laser level. I found this one at Home Depot for around $8.patterned dot wall

lazer level

After measuring my wall, my mom (the math star of the team) figured out how far apart my dots could be based on how many dots we had. I bought 8 feet of vinyl (8′x12″) and the dots were 1.5″ in diameter so she figured each dot needed to be 6.5″ apart. The very first two rows are the hardest because you have to get everything set from those, so we started at the top of the wall. Thank goodness for my mom and sister! My sister climbed the ladder for all of the tall dots, I didn’t take over until we were about halfway done. (grainy iphone pic)

patterned dot wall

 The whole trick to getting the pattern to look like a pattern is getting straight lines on your wall, enter the laser level. I’m sure you could also use other methods like an overhead projector, use a regular level with a tape measure and pencil, pop a chalk line, etc. But I really liked this little tool. We used the double sided foam tape on the back which needed to be changed every few rows. Once you get it taped it up it rotates 360 degrees so you can get it lined up correctly after mounting it to the wall.

laser level

There is a level on the back but it wasn’t super accurate because of you move it just a hair the line at the end of the wall moves inches up or down! For the first row we started measuring from the ceiling and made a pencil line 6.5″ down on both sides of the wall. For the other rows we measured from the previous dot line. Then we just played with the laser until the line was touching both pencil marks on both sides of the wall.

patterned dot wall

patterned dot wall

patterned dot wall

This is a very hard picture to see but the laser line on the left is below the pencil marks so you have to play with the laser until the the line is perfectly on the marks like the picture on the right. patterned dot wall

As far as the spacing on each row we also spaced the dots 6.5″ apart. Instead of holding a ruler or tape measure between every dot we measured a piece of cardstock and used that as the ruler. We measured 6.5″ from outer edge of each dot and made sure the top of the dots lined up with the red laser line.

patterned dot wall

patterned dot wall

After you get your first two rows up, its pretty easy. A few other tips… every other dot on our left side had to be cut in half. And I did have one dot that I had to put under the power outlet plate.

patterned dot wall

patterned dot wall

I really love how it turned out and I can’t thank my mom and sister enough! We worked one night from about 2-3 hours then I finished it up the next afternoon so it was a pretty quick project. The most time consuming part is getting the level lined up but I love the patterned look so it was worth it!

patterned dot wall

Here is a little peek at the crib. I will have the details on the bedding and quilt next week.

patterned dot wall

patterned dot wall

So does anyone else have a dot wall at their house? Let me know if I left any info out… I am suffering from pregnancy brain lately :)

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  1. says

    I loved the way it turned out! I just did something similar in my bathroom but used a triangle template taped to the bath of a small level to space out my dots so that I didn’t have to measure everytime.

      • Mariana says

        I came here looking for a template idea as well! I bought hundreds of round golden stickers and I was thinking about using a cardboard template. I’ll try next weekend and then I’ll let you know how it turns out :)

  2. says

    I love this tutorial! It’s such a sweet statement for a nursery, and your steps/tips are so easy to follow! I’m putting this project on my list of great ideas right away. :)

  3. Coral says

    I would love the silhouette pattern….I’m using your tutorial to do this to my baby girl’s room. Due in September. Can’t wait to get started :). My email is Thank you soo much!

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  6. Roni says

    I love this so much! I’m looking at gold vinyl on amazon now. Did you use permanent adhesive vinyl? Also, I was hoping to get a copy of the silhouette you used to cut the dots. Thank you!

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  8. Jen says

    do the vinyl dots remove from the wall easily? with no damage? I live in an apartment so I have to make sure I use something that won’t damage the walls/remove paint.

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  18. staci torgerson says

    I’d love to know where u got the gold vinyl, I’m assuming it’s self – adhesive. Plus I’d love the file for the round dots. My 10yr old has wanted me to gold leaf her ceiling but I’m thinking this might be a more manageable goal and have the same wow-factor. Thank you for sharing!

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