Farmer’s Market Dress

farmers market dressLast week I shared Bee’s Farmers Market Birthday Party HERE. It turned out super cute and it was so much fun! I wanted to have everything in one post but I was getting to picture happy haha, so I am sharing her birthday outfit today… The Farmer’s Market Dress!

farmers market dressThis dress was so simple. I was going to make a structured red and white gingham dress but with the messy food and the water slide I figured I better keep it a little more casual. I found a shirt on Zulily that I liked for myself but all that they had was XXL… it was cheap so I bought it anyway and figured I could make it work for someone. I mean, how perfect is the little saying right?! It came in and it was way too big so I knew I had to repurpose it for Bee. (HERE is the link to the shirt, I think it’s sold out but HERE is a very similar one.)

Farmer's Market DressFarmer's Market DressFarmer's Market DressI wanted to keep the little details on the shirt legible so I had to find a simple pattern that showed it off. I ended up using Dana’s Warhol Dress Pattern. It is so cute and it’s a free pattern, yay! I pretty much stuck to the pattern except I did lengthen it a little so that the design looked centered. Then I used the red and white gingham fabric that I bought for the original dress to do the tie. The pattern calls for another knit fabric for the tie, but the woven worked perfectly too! I already have another Warhol Dress in the works because it took less than an hour, which in my book is an excellent pattern! also got my t-shirt at Zulily, I think it has expired but HERE it is, so you can be notified when they are back in stock. It’s super soft and since Im the worlds biggest graphic tee fan, it was perfect! You can check out the full party HERE.

farmers market dress

farmers market dress

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