Ombré Baby Quilt

ombre baby quiltombre baby quiltAnother quilt is in the books. An Ombre Baby Quilt to be exact :)  I tried to count and I think from start to finish, totally handmade this is quilt number 8… I have 4 more quilt tops ready to go but those don’t count haha. Another one of the Coyote girls had a baby… also bringing our number to 8 Cubs. It’s a tradition for all of the Cubs to get a blanket or quilt made by me!

ombre baby quilt

ombre baby quiltI wanted really big squares for this quilt and thought about doing a rainbow ombre but when I started looking around I just fell in love with the blues and greens. I have never used a precut fabric stack before but let me tell you I might have been converted. It makes it so easy. I bought THIS Kona Solids Layer Cake. The colors and the fabric are amazing.

ombre baby quilt

To be honest, I should have probably quilted it closer together but I just love how big the squares are so I didn’t want to distract from that. I do have a few puckers in a few spots but thats the beauty of a handmade quilt right? “Real” quilters are amazing and talented and I will stay in the quilter wanna be category until I get a little more prefect… until then I will give all the babies my imperfect quilts!

ombre baby quilt

I used a a white cotton fabric on the back that had flocked little polkadots… so cute! I was trying to venture out past my white or black and white striped binding but the white looked too pretty, maybe next time. I also added a little TaylorMade tag :)

ombre baby quilt

ombre baby quilt

ombre baby quiltombre baby quilt


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  1. Lynne Simon-Marden says

    i went to your quilting pattern ombre layer cake page and could not find any info about how much fabric to buy or any other info about how to make this quilt. I love the way it looks and would love to make this in reds and pinks for my grand daughter.

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