2016 Minted Holiday Cards

2016 Minted Holiday CardsOh Happy Day… look what is here!! My 2016 Holiday Cards by Minted. I LOVE Minted, which is no secret around here! The quality, colors, designs, uniqueness.. I love it all :) When I see a Minted box on my doorstep I throw a tiny little party haha! I can’t be the only one right?!

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

2016 Minted Holiday CardsI searched and searched this year for the perfect cards (read more about that HERE) but when I saw the Letterpress option I couldn’t pass it up. I have always wanted to do Letterpress cards and I actually didn’t even know Minted offered it until last month! I chose the “Every Happy Thing” cards and they are just SO. GOOD. They have a ton of options too… check them out HERE. We have had a pretty traditional Christmas Cards for the past few years so this felt like a fun change! I also took a little risk because you can’t really preview the neon color on your screen. I trust Minted though so I knew it would be good!

2016 Minted Holiday CardsThis year our photos are from the talented Laura Elise Photography. I highly recommend her if you are in the Houston, Texas area! She is super talented, I love her photographic eye, her colors and crisp images but the best part is she is amazing with kids :)  I felt like we had so many good options that I went with the collage picture!

2016 Minted Holiday CardI also LOVE that Minted addresses your holiday cards for… wait for it… FREE! The envelope design options are super cute too… this design wasn’t actually designed for the card I chose but I thought they looked super cute together.

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

2016 Minted Holiday CardsThe quality never disappoints, I am kind of a paper product nerd so thick, expensive feeling paper is really exciting, ha!

2016 minted holiday cards Overall I am super happy with how they turned out. Now I have to actually get myself to the post office to buy stamps. It’s kind of getting ridiculous how often I DON’T have to shop in person haha… thank you internet! I hope everyone has a great “week before Christmas” and thanks again Minted for the fabulous Christmas Cards yet again!

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

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  1. Abby S says

    Great pics! And lovely cards. I went the cheap-o route and designed my own on PicMonkey. No where near as pretty as these! Also, read the names on the card and thought “whose names are those??” Was looking for Bee, forgetting entirely that it’s not her real name!! haha


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