Sweethearts Quilt with Wonderland

Sweethearts QuiltHappy New Year! I am so excited to be sharing today’s project with you!! This makes quilt NUMBER 9 totally handmade and completed by me. Emphasis on completed because I also have 4 quilt tops finished with no backs so those don’t count yet haha.

Sweethearts QuiltThis gorgeous fabric is the latest line, Wonderland, from Emily Isabella for Birch Organics. I went to Houston Quilt Market back in October and I absolutely fell in love with the line that, at the time, was about to be released. I actually gasped when I saw it, the colors were so prefect together but a little unexpected. I just knew I had to have it but I wanted to have all of the fabrics from the line together so I had to do a quilt. Fabricworm sent me this gorgeous set of Wonderland fat quarters then a little extra for the binding in Bows Blue (which is the prettiest color of blue) and enough for a few extra hearts in my favorite prints (like Croquet)!

Sweethearts Quilt

Sweethearts Quilt

Sweethearts Quilt

Sweethearts Quilt Last year when I finished quilt number 8 I decided I should try to somehow start adding the date on my quilts. Wouldn’t it be so fun for my kids kids to look at the year and think how long ago this is?! I used my embroidery machine and added a little message on one of the heart blocks.

Sweethearts QuiltThis isn’t the first time I had a love at first sight moment with an Emily Isabella line! Remember my love for the Homestead Line by Emily (pictured HERE on Bee’s Piggy Dress in Oink). I still love that entire line and I’m actually still hoarding a little bit of it. Like I said, my quilting skills are improving but I’m still pretty basic so I usually “stitch in the ditch” for my quilting. This time I actually broke out my Free Motion Foot and did some freehand wavy lines.

Sweethearts Quilt

Sweethearts QuiltI thought about making this for my daughter for Christmas but then I remembered a precious quilt pattern, The Sweethearts Quilt, with heart blocks and decided on a Valentines Day Quilt! I have been sewing for years but I wouldn’t call myself a quilter, I usually stick to triangles, rectangles or square blocks :) So, this pattern was a little challenging for me in the best way. It still uses triangles and rectangles just more of them and they worked together to build the hearts. I was so proud of each block that I would rush into the living room… “LOOK WHAT I MADE!” and my family agreed that this is their favorite quilt yet so maybe there is something to this little challenge! This fabulous pattern is the Sweethearts Quilt Pattern for Cloud 9 and I highly recommend it! The pattern and tutorial are free and its super east to follow.

Sweethearts Quilt I found this back fabric at Joanns and I don’t even know what it is called, it has a texture almost like a seersucker but more square and larger. I love it and it is perfect for a thin and cool quilt backing.

Sweethearts Quilt I love how this gorgeous quilt turned out and I really hope I did the pretty fabric justice. Thank you so much Fabricworm for providing the fabric for this project!

Sweethearts Quilt

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