Playroom Reveal

Playroom DecorIt’s finally here! Well… I finished this room back in December but the BLOG POST for the Playroom Reveal is finally here haha, Hooray!

Playroom Decor

Playroom DecorWe’ve  played some musical chairs in our house recently. Last fall the boys finally wore us down about bunk beds and Bryan started on those. Then just a few weeks ago Bee climbed out of her crib and got a “big girl room”. You know how parenting is… right when you get comfortable in the stage you are in – it changes. The “playroom” in our house is just an extra bedroom (because I use the formal living as my craft room) and they boys share a bedroom. So, it was the home to all of the boy’s toys. But the boys are in a new phase where they are either in the backyard, with friends, at sports or playing on the iPad. I looked around and realized they are kind of over the matchbox and train days. They still love legos but those are in a trunk in their bedroom.

Playroom DecorBut… guess who is entering the toy phase?! Little sister :) Her room was bursting the seams with dolls and books and pretend food. It was time for a switch (which always makes me happy haha). In other words, I got to girl the room up a little!

Playroom DecorBee has a ton of dolls already, so they live in this little bassinet that was actually my dad’s when he was a baby. I don’t know about putting a real baby in here but I love it for her dolls haha! My grandfather made it and we found it in my dads garage… amazing right?! She got the dollhouse from Santa this year and its a big hit around here! The curtains are World Market (that I stole from my living room) and the floating book shelves are IKEA of course.

Playroom Decor

Playroom decorPlayroom Decor

The pink baskets are there for odds and ends I find around the house at the end of the day… I try to have an area where I can throw the toys that have made their way into the living room haha!

Playroom decor

Playroom Decor

The little “kitchen area” is my favorite… its so fun! The play kitchen (tutorial found HERE) is something that Bryan and I made soon long ago! Ancient Taylor Made right there haha! I updated the colors to make it a little more farmhouse and less 2010 ha! I also found that market shelf but it was black so I painted it gold for a pop.

Playroom Decor

Playroom Decor

Playroom Decor

Playroom Decor

IMG_8156 Playroom decor

How adorable is that little wooden baby bed. I got that in Pennsylvania when we visited the Amish Country last year, it’s handmade and gorgeous!

Playroom DecorWe painted the wall with chalkboard paint around the holidays, it has been super fun… in hindsight I would have made sure to sand the texture off the wall first but live and learn. Playroom DecorPlayroom DecorI made the TeePee a few years ago( TUTORIAL HERE). I just love the brother wall art in the corner over there :) The dolls are Anthro and Candy Kirby!

Playroom decorPlayroom decorPlayroom decorThe shelf is from Ikea and I used my Silhouette to label them. I also used some hot glue to embellish the boxes with scrap fabric. My kids love the VHS Disney Movies that my sister and I had as kids so I keep the TV/VCR in there which is hilarious and not really pretty but hey it works and they love it so why change it haha.

Playroom decorPlayroom decorPlayroom decorMy kids actually keep this room pretty organized! They closet is really neat too. They know that they can only take one box out at a time- for the most part this works but I do have to do a heavy clean about 2x a year which isn’t bad!

Playroom decorPlayroom decorThe cute yellow nightstand was in here when this room had a bed and I am not sure where it should live yet. And here is the other wall with the closet and the Book Bunting TUTORIAL HERE that I made from my moms vintage books from the 50s and 60s!

IMG_8179 Playroom decor

The kids love this room and love that there is a big open space in the middle to spread all the toys out haha! Usually Bee is forcing her brothers to play house, they are good sports! Let me know if you have any questions about sources or how I made something!

Playroom decorPlayroom decor

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