La Croix Costume

La Croix CostumeCan you think of anything cuter than a toddler in La Croix costume?? Me either! La Croix is not only all the rage in with millennials the real world but also at my house :) We have our daily Coconut La Croix hour each afternoon and I pretty much live for it. I saw a few adult La Croix costumes last year but the toddler costume… too much to handle!

Ribbet collage2

La Croix Costume-20 La Croix Costume-27 La Croix Costume-5 La Croix Costume-31I love this costume option for a group because it’s so simple (no-sew for the win!), good for boys & girls and perfect for kids of any ages! I worked with Primary and used their PJ Pant and Long Sleeve PJ Top… the perfect base for our La Croix girl! As usual… I can’t say enough about the quality of Primary clothing! They must get their cotton from unicorns because everything they make is magically soft.

La Croix Costume-1I also used fabric paint and metallic heat transfer vinyl.

La Croix Costume-3This is the fun part… the La Croix Can has a very natural painterly feel so it is perfect for easy fail-proof painting. Be sure to iron the tops and don’t forget to insert a piece of cardboard in the shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed. On the bottom of the “can” or the shirt in our case, paint a blue curved line then above that an aqua curved line. Get messy with it… you can’t mess this up!

La Croix Costume-4

La Croix Costume-5

La Croix Costume-6

La Croix Costume-7Then for the top of the can, use fabric paint in the color of each shirt. For example on the yellow PJ top, use yellow fabric paint and use the same painterly effect and start in the right hand corner of the top and swoop down to the left. Again this doesn’t gave to be perfect…. and that’s why its fun :)

La Croix Costume-8

La Croix Costume-10I used metallic heat transfer but navy blue would work too. I loved the metallic for the aluminum can look. I found the logo and can lettering and used the “trace” feature on my Silhouette Machine. You could also just print the logo and cut it out freehand, either way works. I have the Silhouette file if you need it then just email me and I can send it over! When you are working with heat transfer just be sure to mirror image the lettering.

(EDIT! I didn’t know there would be so much interest in the file Thanks guys!! I found an easier way to share it… )

Click HERE for the Silhouette Software Format and Click HERE for the JPG Format. If you have a Silhouette, just open your software and drag this attachment in. For the JPG you can print this photo at scale and cut your heat transfer vinyl of even use felt and hot glue! Email me a picture (or tag me) if you make one, I would love to see it!

La Croix Costume-11Lastly, iron the cut logo and wording for each “flavor”on to the shirts. Be sure to let the paint dry for at least 4 hours (or maybe even overnight) before ironing.

La Croix Costume-13 La Croix Costume-12

La Croix Costume-16I LOVE how these turned out… and they really are simple, don’t let the painting scare you :) I added grey bows for a “can lid” effect! For older kiddos (read: kids that will keep things on their heads haha) You could always attach a “tab” made from foil and cardboard to a headband. Thanks again Primary for sending the PJs for this project! Be sure to check out Primary for ALL of the DIY Halloween ideas!

La Croix Costume-9La Croix Costume-34La Croix Costumes

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  1. LISA says

    1. I totally got that those were can tabs in her hair ;) 2. Can you send file in a .jpeg or PDF? I, sadly, do not own any fun cutting machines. :(

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