Letterboard Costume

Letterboard CostumeMoving right along with our costume parade this year, today I am sharing a costume for me… I’m a Letterboard! If you follow me on Instagram (@taylormadecreates) then you know about my love for these things so I thought what better for me than a Letterboard Costume?!

Letterboard Costume

Letterboard Costume-18

I love this one because its is SO simple that anyone can do it (my 8 year old actually helped me with this one) and it can be done super last minute, which lets face it… that’s how we all do Halloween Costumes right?! All you need is a thick posterboard like a science fair board, black felt, silver cardstock and some letterboard letters.

Letterboard Costume-15


I started by cutting the side flaps off of the Science Fair Board. Then I cut a piece of black felt a little larger than the board. I layered my felt with some batting, it isn’t necessary but I have tons of it and I thought it might make it more realistic. I then sewed tons of lines horizontally across the black felt (1″ apart). That is also optional… Sewing is relaxing to me but you could also use a white pen, or puff paint etc.

Letterboard CostumeThen I just wrapped the felt around the board and used hot glue to adhere it. I found this corrugated silver cardstock at Joanns that seemed perfect for the frame. If you can’t find this you can use any think silver paper or you could even cover cardboard strips with foil, something to look like the aluminum frame. I used hot glue to attach the silver cardstock to the perimeter of the board.

Letter Board Costume

Next… come up with your quote and attach your letters! Did you catch my subtle Mean Girls reference here ;) I debated cutting letters out of cardstock or felt… which you could easily do! Joann’s carries a brand of Letterboards with accessories that are super affordable. I used my coupon on these 2″ letters and it was just over $3 which I really couldn’t beat! (not sponsored I just love Joanns haha)

Letterboard Costume-10 Letterboard Costume-11

Lastly, attach a ribbon, again… with hot glue, to the back of the board.

Letterboard Costume-12

I love how cute and easy this costume turned out! I’m already thinking how I can use this as a decoration for future parties haha! And yes I know my lines aren’t straight… so for anyone that thinks my projects are “just so perfect” here ya go! Done is better than perfect am I right?? Do any of you “grown ups” dress up? Tell me what you are going to be this year! And as always if you make this costume please please please send me a picture! I love to see them :) Happy Crafting!Letterboard Costume-16

Ribbet collage

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