Purple Princess Costume

Pruple Princess Costume-26

Happy Halloween Everyone!! At last I have our final costume of the season ready to share with you guys today! This is Bee’s REAL costume :) She played my model for a few things then this was the first year she decided she had an opinion haha!

Pruple Princess Costume-37

Pruple Princess Costume-2

The past few years she never really cared about Halloween (probably because she was too little) but this year she was VERY decisive and requested to be a Purple Princess. I usually wait because toddlers are notorious for changing their minds but she never did. I like a kid who makes a confident decision! To be honest purple isn’t even my favorite… maybe the classic pink princess, a pretty blush, even Cinderella blue?? Nope. Purple.

Pruple Princess Costume-20 Pruple Princess Costume-44

So I started looking for patterns, and when I came across THIS ONE from Made for Mermaids she started screaming and jumping so I knew it was the one! A total bonus.. y’all this pattern is free! The pattern is a 5T and is pretty much true to size I would say but Bee isn’t a 5T she’s more of a 3/4T. So, I took it in a little on the sides of the bodice and shortened the length quite a bit. The pattern was super easy to follow and actually went pretty quick, the bodice was a very satisfying sew!

Pruple Princess Costume-31

Purple Princess Dress

The skirt on the other hand is not my friend haha! Tulle is kind of hard to work with (especially if you aren’t a perfectionist because I’m definitely not!) It’s like invisible fabric then I thought 10 layers would be a good idea hahaha… it’s really not. But she’s three and she loves it so I’m going to call it a win :) Look at how much twirling power it has…

Purple Princess Dress copy

Pruple Princess Costume-17

I used light blue, pink, light pink and lavender for the tulle. Then I used a glittery satin for the bodice and a very fun sheer iridescent fabric for the sash. I found the princess crown from Amazon and the shoes were from Target.

Pruple Princess Costume-38 Pruple Princess Costume-30

Overall I would say this is one happy princess and that is my favorite part! Be sure to check out all of our other costumes from this year (Phineas and Ferb, La Croix, Letterboard) Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Pruple Princess Costume-35

Letterboard Costume

Letterboard CostumeMoving right along with our costume parade this year, today I am sharing a costume for me… I’m a Letterboard! If you follow me on Instagram (@taylormadecreates) then you know about my love for these things so I thought what better for me than a Letterboard Costume?!

Letterboard Costume

Letterboard Costume-18

I love this one because its is SO simple that anyone can do it (my 8 year old actually helped me with this one) and it can be done super last minute, which lets face it… that’s how we all do Halloween Costumes right?! All you need is a thick posterboard like a science fair board, black felt, silver cardstock and some letterboard letters.

Letterboard Costume-15


I started by cutting the side flaps off of the Science Fair Board. Then I cut a piece of black felt a little larger than the board. I layered my felt with some batting, it isn’t necessary but I have tons of it and I thought it might make it more realistic. I then sewed tons of lines horizontally across the black felt (1″ apart). That is also optional… Sewing is relaxing to me but you could also use a white pen, or puff paint etc.

Letterboard CostumeThen I just wrapped the felt around the board and used hot glue to adhere it. I found this corrugated silver cardstock at Joanns that seemed perfect for the frame. If you can’t find this you can use any think silver paper or you could even cover cardboard strips with foil, something to look like the aluminum frame. I used hot glue to attach the silver cardstock to the perimeter of the board.

Letter Board Costume

Next… come up with your quote and attach your letters! Did you catch my subtle Mean Girls reference here ;) I debated cutting letters out of cardstock or felt… which you could easily do! Joann’s carries a brand of Letterboards with accessories that are super affordable. I used my coupon on these 2″ letters and it was just over $3 which I really couldn’t beat! (not sponsored I just love Joanns haha)

Letterboard Costume-10 Letterboard Costume-11

Lastly, attach a ribbon, again… with hot glue, to the back of the board.

Letterboard Costume-12

I love how cute and easy this costume turned out! I’m already thinking how I can use this as a decoration for future parties haha! And yes I know my lines aren’t straight… so for anyone that thinks my projects are “just so perfect” here ya go! Done is better than perfect am I right?? Do any of you “grown ups” dress up? Tell me what you are going to be this year! And as always if you make this costume please please please send me a picture! I love to see them :) Happy Crafting!Letterboard Costume-16

Ribbet collage

La Croix Costume

La Croix CostumeCan you think of anything cuter than a toddler in La Croix costume?? Me either! La Croix is not only all the rage in with millennials the real world but also at my house :) We have our daily Coconut La Croix hour each afternoon and I pretty much live for it. I saw a few adult La Croix costumes last year but the toddler costume… too much to handle!

Ribbet collage2

La Croix Costume-20 La Croix Costume-27 La Croix Costume-5 La Croix Costume-31I love this costume option for a group because it’s so simple (no-sew for the win!), good for boys & girls and perfect for kids of any ages! I worked with Primary and used their PJ Pant and Long Sleeve PJ Top… the perfect base for our La Croix girl! As usual… I can’t say enough about the quality of Primary clothing! They must get their cotton from unicorns because everything they make is magically soft.

La Croix Costume-1I also used fabric paint and metallic heat transfer vinyl.

La Croix Costume-3This is the fun part… the La Croix Can has a very natural painterly feel so it is perfect for easy fail-proof painting. Be sure to iron the tops and don’t forget to insert a piece of cardboard in the shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed. On the bottom of the “can” or the shirt in our case, paint a blue curved line then above that an aqua curved line. Get messy with it… you can’t mess this up!

La Croix Costume-4

La Croix Costume-5

La Croix Costume-6

La Croix Costume-7Then for the top of the can, use fabric paint in the color of each shirt. For example on the yellow PJ top, use yellow fabric paint and use the same painterly effect and start in the right hand corner of the top and swoop down to the left. Again this doesn’t gave to be perfect…. and that’s why its fun :)

La Croix Costume-8

La Croix Costume-10I used metallic heat transfer but navy blue would work too. I loved the metallic for the aluminum can look. I found the logo and can lettering and used the “trace” feature on my Silhouette Machine. You could also just print the logo and cut it out freehand, either way works. I have the Silhouette file if you need it then just email me and I can send it over! When you are working with heat transfer just be sure to mirror image the lettering.

(EDIT! I didn’t know there would be so much interest in the file Thanks guys!! I found an easier way to share it… )

Click HERE for the Silhouette Software Format and Click HERE for the JPG Format. If you have a Silhouette, just open your software and drag this attachment in. For the JPG you can print this photo at scale and cut your heat transfer vinyl of even use felt and hot glue! Email me a picture (or tag me) if you make one, I would love to see it! taylor.taylormade@gmail.com

La Croix Costume-11Lastly, iron the cut logo and wording for each “flavor”on to the shirts. Be sure to let the paint dry for at least 4 hours (or maybe even overnight) before ironing.

La Croix Costume-13 La Croix Costume-12

La Croix Costume-16I LOVE how these turned out… and they really are simple, don’t let the painting scare you :) I added grey bows for a “can lid” effect! For older kiddos (read: kids that will keep things on their heads haha) You could always attach a “tab” made from foil and cardboard to a headband. Thanks again Primary for sending the PJs for this project! Be sure to check out Primary for ALL of the DIY Halloween ideas!

La Croix Costume-9La Croix Costume-34La Croix Costumes

Phineas and Ferb Costume

Phineas and Ferb CostumeLook who it is… It’s Phineas and Ferb!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-7

phineas and ferbIf you don’t have two school aged boys at your house you might not know all about Phineas and Ferb… but it’s awesome so you should probably just watch it in general :) It’s a show on Disney Channel about two brothers who are trying to find ways to entertain themselves during summer vacation and end up coming up with crazy, outlandish inventions and ideas. It’s also one of the only kid shows that Bryan and I can watch and not get sick of because it’s actually pretty witty and we end up laughing during every episode haha! I “pitched” the idea to my boys for a halloween costume and if course they loved it!


Phineas and Ferb Costume-18These might be the two easiest costumes I’ve ever done! I worked with Primary again this year for the “base” of the costumes. Primary is amazing because they have every style of solid colored, mix and match clothing for kids with no tags or logos, and all of their clothing is super soft!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-1

Phineas and Ferb Costume-2You Need: Orange Tee, Blue Shorts, Yellow Tee, Purple Pants, Colored Hair Spray, White Felt, Yellow Fabric Paint

For Phineas’s Shirt:

Step 1: Tape off the orange shirt. This is not mandatory but will make your lines straighter, I didn’t measure, just eyeball it.

Step 2: Use Fabric Paint and paint on the yellow stripes. Fabric paint is softer than regular acrylic so you can wash it and your kids could actually wear this shirt again. Allow the paint to dry for at least 4 hours.

For Ferb’s Collar:

Step 1: Cut felt in a “collar like shape” as shown. I sewed three layers together for sturdiness but that’s optional. I also did a little round button too.

Step 2: Hot Glue a piece of elastic around the collar piece. This will wear just like a necklace. Hot glue or pin the button on the yellow tee under the collar.

Ribbet collageLastly, I found colored hair spray (Target, Walmart or any Halloween store) and sprayed their hair orange and green. That was their favorite part :) And that is it!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-22While I do love to sew and I really enjoy making my kids costumes from head to toe, I also have respect for costumes that are this simple but look super cute too.

Phineas and Ferb Costume-34Thank you Primary for sending the clothes! Check out our post last year HERE and tons of other ideas on Primary HERE!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-27

A Peppa Pig Tea Party Birthday

Peppa Pig BirthdayThis summer our sweet Bee girl turned three! We had a Friday Morning Playdate party with a friend who has a birthday the same week as Bee. They were in the same class in PreSchool so we just invited their class :) The other birthday girl was planning a tea party and Bee was excited about a Peppa Pig Birthday so we mixed the themes and threw a Peppa Pig Tea Party…  Super fun!

peppa pig birthday partypeppa pig birthday partyI made the invitation in Illustrator and I love how it turned out! The other mom saw the wording on an invitation on Pinterest and it went perfect with our theme… I had it printed at our local copy shop and the best part was that we handed them out to the class on the last day of school in May so we didn’t even have to mail them.

Peppa Pig Party

How cute is her little birthday outfit?! I found the shirt at Old Navy, the skirt is from Amazon (HERE is the link) and I just hot glued some felt on alligator clips for the little piggy ears :) It was a water party so she later changed into a Peppa Bathing suit… she’s very fancy with her party costume changes haha.

peppa pig birthday party

http://amzn.to/2w1Fi8EI did a little mini balloon arch over the window in my breakfast room with all of the food. We all know how I love a good balloon arch :) I usually try to choose 4/5 colors for most parties so we tried to stick to Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Green and Light Blue.

Peppa Pig Birthday PartyPeppa Pig PartyFor the food we went with a “tea party” ish menu. We had tea sandwiches, fruit salad, pasta salad, goldfish and popcorn in baking cups, watermelon and pigs in a blanket. My mom also made little “tea cakes”, snickerdoodles and sugar cookies. We also served raspberry sherbert punch for the kids and mimosa punch for the moms :)

Peppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyThe other mom throwing the party with me did the flowers in the piggy rain boot which I thought was so cute! And how perfectly girly are these flowers?!

Peppa Pig PartyFor the backdrop behind the table I used a science fair board and taped the sides flat and covered it in felt. I cut the Peppa family out of felt and attached them together with hot glue. All of the Peppa Pig characters are reposition-able so Bee actually played with this for weeks after the party! Our other friend made the big “3″ for her sons party earlier this year and asked if I wanted it… I have been hoarding it ever since haha!

Peppa Pig Party

I used my silhouette machine to cut teacups out of cardstock and sewed them together to make a teacup garland. I hung that up with a paper strip garland that I did the same way :)

Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig Party

We put a few cheap kiddie pools in my backyard, one was filled with water and one we filled with Jelly Beads (my kids are obsessed with THESE). I also bought this water toy at the beginning of summer (HERE is the link). It did end up with a few holes in it by the end of summer but we got a few months of play from it. The kids had so much fun playing in the hose and splashing in the water beads!

Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig Party

For the party favor we did a spin in the “adopt a pet” idea I have seen and we did “Adopt a Pig”! I found the Pigs at Oriental Trading Co. They had little shirts with sayings on them but I just cut those off. For the pig pen I got a green foam core board and made a little fence from popsicles sticks and just placed the piggies inside.

Peppa Pig Party IMG_9452 IMG_9453We have always had all of our kid’s birthday parties in the afternoon and I have to say the daytime playdate party was a fun change! Happy Birthday to two sweet girls!

Peppa Pig Party IMG_9465 IMG_9464Peppa Pig Party

Chambray Fox Dress

Chambray Fox Dress

I know I might be  little biased but how stinking cute is this dress?! I mean the fox, the organic chambray, the toddler… It’s almost too much to handle!

Chambray Fox Dress

chambray fox dress

I have had a love for chambray for years! When Birch Fabrics asked me to try out their new Organic Chambray line and then asked me to choose a color I was actually frozen because the colors are SO GOOD y’all!  All of Birch’s fabrics are organic so I knew before receiving it that it would feel amazing, and it did not disappoint! It is soft and rich but also flowy almost like a gauze… I am in love! The colors are even better in person too. The grain and the threads are so, so pretty. I used three different colors for this pattern; Black, Linen and Coral. 

chambray fox dress

Chambray Fox Dress

I bought this pattern a year ago and I guess I was just waiting for the perfect fabric. The chambray works so well it is like they were made for each other. I can’t even handle how cute this pattern is…it’s from Hello Dear Kids on ETSY and you can find it HERE. It was pretty straight forward and had lots of pictures, perfect for a beginner. I made this version with “fall” colors but I’m thinking we might need a few more. I might need to get my hands on some more Birch Chambray in Forest and Marigold :) I love the hand embroidery detail too!

Chambray Fox Dress

As much as I love the font, I think the back is my favorite part! I am all about the pinafore right now. I made it a little large on purpose. When I hand make something I want it to last and my kids grow way to fast to make stuff that currently fits them haha! This is a 5T but she really wears a 3-4 so she will get some great use out if it!

Chambray Fox Dress

Chambray Fox Dress

 Thank you so much Birch for having me! Be sure to check out the other talented ladies on the Chambray Blog Hop! The Chambray Line is expected any day now but you can also preorder HERE.

chambray fox dress

Built in Bunkbeds

built in bunk beds

It’s room reveal day! I have been waiting for this post for almost a year so please excuse the one million photos :) I’m just so excited for the boy’s new built in bunkbeds!!

built in bunkbeds

When we moved into our house the boys decided they wanted to share a room but I wasn’t sure how long that would last. So, I found some (temporary) red wicker headboards on craigslist and we just attached them to a metal bed frame and that worked for a few years. Last year around this time I realized that the boys still love sharing a room and that they were getting a little too “strong” for flimsy headboards attached to a cheap metal bad frame via zip tie haha! I started researching bunkbeds but my husband is the type who doesn’t think anything is sturdy enough so he said he should build them… umm ok! Here is the before:

built in bunkbeds

We repainted their room to match the rest of the house because I just can’t get sick of this color. It’s Colonnade Grey by Sherwin Williams and it is in every other room but two in the entire house! It is considered a greige but its definitely on the grey side with just a little warm hint.

built in bunkbeds

I found several inspiration bunk beds on Pinterest and pinned those HERE. I showed Bryan a few of the photos and we took things we liked about several of them and added some things that were our own too. Bryan started with the frame and had to finish that part quickly because the boys needed to actually sleep in there haha! We did it over the summer so they crashed on the couch for about a week or so!

built in bunkbeds

I know I have bragged on my husband in the past for his amazing woodworking skills but these are unreal! The house could blow over but these would still be standing ha! They are attached the whole way to the wall and built from floor to ceiling. My favorite things… the built in shelves in the bottom bunk and the mini staircase! There is also a pull out trundle.

built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds

I will link all sources at the end of the post but I found the flag from Amazon and this metal grey bookshelf is from IKEA. I was trying to go boyish… but more of a grown up boy. My kids are 6 and 8 right now which is kind of a weird in between stage. Some things are way too “baby” for them and that just wouldn’t be cool now would it :) I also don’t want to rush them into an adult room so I hope this is a happy middle ground.

built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds

With the room remodel we got them Beddy’s Bedding. If you have bunk beds you pretty much need this bedding! It’s kind of like a sleeping bag, a comforter and a fitted sheet had a baby! The entire thing zips up and fits around the mattress so in the morning when it’s time to make the bed all they have to do is zip up the sides. We went with the “simply white” for a few reasons. Firstly, I love everything white because it looks clean and I can bleach it. Secondly, Beddy’s only option at the time for all cotton was the white. Most of the interiors are minky, which sounds super cozy but just too warm for us down here in Houston. I think they now make a grey option for the cotton interior too. I was a little nervous about so much white but I’m actually so happy about it. Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend them for bunk beds or even just for kids learning to make the bed. The quality is amazing, the are so soft and have a great weight to them (and I’m picky about that :). They boys love them and so do I…. win/win.
built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds IMG_0452 built in bunkbedsWhen Bryan finished these and I went to the top bunk the first time I was actually a little scared of how high this thing is. My oldest is on top and the railing is very high so it would be impossible to fall out, which makes my nervous moms side feel better. We still need to move the fan, it comes about a foot away from the edge of the bed which is just a little close for comfort but it is so cozy up there!


built in bunkbeds

On the opposite side of the bed they have their dresser also from IKEA. This is also where the pet hermit crabs live :) ! We went to Florida this summer and what trip to Florida is complete without a hermit crab souvenir?!

When Bryan finished these and I went to the top bunk the first time I was actually a little scared of how high this thing is haha! My oldest os on top and the railing is very high so it would be impossible to fall out. We still need to move the fan, it comes about a foot away from the edge of the bed which is just a little close for comfort but it is so cozy up there!

IMG_5224 built in bunk bed

I love these posters I found from GroopDealz (about a year ago)! They were so affordable and the colors are perfect, I found the frames from where else??… amazon.

built in bunk bed

The boys use the corner basket for extra blankets (and tent building :) The plant hangers are from amazon and we had to do faux plants in there because let’s be honest… between two little humans and four hermit crabs my “living thing” quote is maxed out in the room! I found this fun splatter fabric from IKEA and just used hot glue to attach some green pom pom trim.

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

If you know me you know I don’t really do neutrals but for some reason I just kept buying black and white for this room… what is happening to me?! Love these buffalo check pillows I found on Amazon. The graphic word pillows are from Target.

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

I found the handles for the trundle on Amazon. I just love the trundle, can’t wait for boy sleepover fun to happen in there :)

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

To say they boys are obsessed is an understatement. Bryan truly built an amazing piece of furniture and I’m sure the boys will make amazing memories in here! I am going to link as many things as I can remember at the end of this post but let me know if you have any questions!

built in bunk bed


Bedding- Beddy’s (in Simply White)

Rug- Amazon

Grey Metal Shelf and Dresser- IKEA

Flag- Amazon

Curtains- IKEA Fabric with Green Pom Pom Trim

Sting Lights- Target

Plant Hangers: Amazon

Pillows: Amazon and Target

White Frames: Amazon

DIY Baby Gift Set

diy baby gifts

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite sewing projects ever… baby gifts! I love short projects so burp cloths and embellished onesies are the best! My sister just had a baby but she didn’t find out the gender, so all of her clothes were pretty neutral. My niece needed some girly stuff quickly because a girl can’t go too long without a bow :) I also made her some embellished onesies and burp cloths. Look at this sweet girl! She is so happy to be wearing a bow hehe!


It’s no secret that burp cloths are my all time favorite thing to sew for babies… they are so quick but so much cuter than a plain ole’ white burp cloth! I use these cloth diapers HERE for the burp cloths. Then I just use scrap fabric for the center. I sew a hem down both sides of the center and just serge the ends. I wash and press everything before sewing because those cloth diapers really shrink up after the first wash! I usually add a little monogram or name to a few of them… who doesn’t love seeing their new baby name on everything right haha?!

diy baby gift set

Next I had to make her a few onesies. I have shared this same project a few times (HERE and HERE) and there are tons of ways to embellish onesies, each one is different. You can use colorful onesies (you know the kind with the slightly cheesy embroidered saying on them) or a pack of white onesies. Then I just sew fabric directly on top. If it is a floral fabric I cut around the patten… kind of abstract. I love to do circles, hearts, stars and cars. And I love the ruffled bib look… I monogrammed this one for my niece but I have also just done a single letter in the center.

diy baby gift IMG_5514 diy baby gift

Lastly I threw in some bows. For the fabric and ribbon bows I just hot glued the bow to fold over elastic. And for the knit bow I literally just sewed a piece of knit fabric together right sides together, flipped it, closed the seam and tied it together! I love that style because you can untie and retie as they grow! I know I would love a little gift like this so hopefully my niece does too! PS… How cute is her room?! Love the peek of her BABY QUILT I made her on the glider!

diy baby gift

diy baby giftIMG_5468

Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Baby QuiltGuess what… I have a new job title. I am an AUNT!!! I’m new to the job, but just to make sure I’m the best Aunt around I started with a quilt, because you can never go wrong with a quilt!

Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Baby QuiltMy sister didn’t want to find out the gender of her baby so I had to keep the quilt gender neutral. To me that just means “all the colors” haha! She also casually mentioned that she liked the triangle quilt I made for my friend’s baby a few years ago HERE. Triangles in solids are easy but I wanted to make it a little different.

Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Baby QuiltInstead of equilateral triangles I measured out 6″ squares and cut them in half down the diagonal. I chose 18 colors of Kona Cotton and bought 1/2 yard in each color. That was way overkill because I have tons of fabric left over and could probably make 5 more quilts just like this haha! I think thats a good problem to have :) Then I made a huge stack of triangles in random order and sewed them back together down the diagonal to form 6″ squares again. I did use a 1/4″ seam allowance for that so the square was a little smaller. I just made sure not to have two of the same color touch.

Triangle Baby QuiltThen after I had 6 (ish) inch squares I just arranged them in rows. I didn’t want a pattern so again I laid it out randomly trying not to let any of the same color touch. I did 11 squares by 11 squares. It’s a pretty big quilt, almost lap size for the couch. It ended up 60″ x 60″ which I love! I wanted something a little bigger because she had so many swaddles and smaller blankets. This way they can cuddle together or she can lay it out on the ground for playing!

Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Baby QuiltFor the back I wanted something still gender neutral and I also wanted something with animals. Her nursery has a subtle animal theme going on and I wanted to tie it in. I had it narrowed down to a few then found the Sloths by Dear Stella. It couldn’t be more prefect! HERE is the link to the sloth fabric.

Triangle Baby Quilt

IMG_0034 Triangle Baby QuiltLastly I just quilted the whole thing diagonally down the center of each row. This is the second quilt I have finished that I used spray basting and I am OBSESSED… Totally hooked, I can never go back haha! I use this one HERE; love love love it!! That brings my 100% finished by me quilt total to 10… I also have 5 quilt tops that are done, sitting in a basket but we don’t need to talk about those now do we ;)

Triangle Baby Quilt IMG_0050

Adorable Girl Clothing (found on Amazon)


Hi Friends. Last time I posted about all of our adorable (and affordable) little girl clothing from Amazon it was a big hit. (Find it HERE) I still get lots of questions about the clothes I have found for Bee on Amazon so I thought I would share another installment haha… call this Part 2! I am an Amazon junkie for just about everything but when I found adorable little girls clothing I was beyond excited… Prime saves lives y’all haha! This is not sponsored (I did use affiliate links) but honestly I was just super excited to find all of these cute outfits and thought I would share so you other moms also do not have to leave your house haha :) Some of these things “we” actually own and wear… like these:

Love this cold shoulder dress for toddlers! Bee has worn it a few times, I love that it can be dressy or casual.

little girl clothing found on amazonBee wore this on her birthday… the quality is great… and I can’t handle the cuteness!

little girl clothing found on amazonBee also has both of these… you know I can’t resist a good floral dress. There are precious buttons on the back too. And the copper pinafore… I can’t. We even have an oversized blow that matches perfectly, could be a first day of school outfit?

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazonI have almost all of this on order… most of these brands we have ordered from, and it holds up really well. Bee had a height growth spurt this summer which just means that now all of her dresses are shirts :) Yay for girls clothing haha. Speaking of cold shoulder and pinafores…

I ADORE this!!! First of all, why doesn’t it come in my size?? Second of all how will I choose which color because there are three options and lastly it is under $12! I might need all the colors :)

little girl clothing found on amazonGive me all the pinafores! All of them. The first two only go up to a size 3 and 4. Sadly Bee can’t order those so someone is going to have to do it for her haha!

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazonBee has these dresses in other patterns from this same company. They have held up perfectly but Bee needs a longer size so she clearly needs more.

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazonI am going to try out these skirts. They have shorties built into them which is just about the best invention EVER. The bug skirt might be the cutest skirt I’ve seen.

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazon

Love love love these. Bee has the brown ones and there are perfect for winter in Texas. $12 for six sets.. amazing!

little girl clothing found on amazon

Speaking of winter… it might be a few months away but I should probably stock up on a few of these too. I love the dinosaur option for girls… sisters of brothers everywhere rejoice!
little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazon

Who knew Amazon had so many cute clothes?! I might never need to go to the mall again haha :) Let me know if you have any questions! Happy Shopping!! :)

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