Classroom Valentine Ideas

Minted Classroom Valentines

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day for my kids. I told them this year they will be WINNING Valentine’s Day thanks to Minted! I posted a few weeks ago about how I was so excited to learn that Minted now carries Classroom Valentines so I thought I would share what we picked out!

Minted Classroom Valentines

I seriously had a hard time picking just three designs, everything was so cute… thankfully there is next year because it was hard to narrow it down. Of course in 2017 we moms couldn’t  just pass out a Valentine’s Day Card, could we… hehe :) I think adding a little something extra is fun, mainly because I love a good theme, so I’m going with it!

Minted Classroom Valentines

For the Boys, I gave them each three choices. That way it wasn’t overwhelming but they felt like they had a say. My oldest chose these hilarious Whoopie Classroom Cards. He’s in 1st grade and I know his class with LOVE these! He is a little older so I went with the tic-tac-toe option on the back. There are several backer options, patterns (like I chose for the littles, photos, messages… so cute) The stickers are so cute too! I found the Whoopie Cushions in a pack of 12 for $6 at Oriental Trading.

Minted Classroom Valentines

My middle son is my animal lover! Amphibians, fish and reptiles specifically haha. He chose the “Iguana Be Yours” Valentines then I found these reptile finger puppets, also at Oriental Trading Co. He is OBSESSED with them and cheered when everything came in so I will take that as a great sign haha. I love the back pattern on this one and of course the custom name stickers too!

Minted Classroom Valentines

For Bee’s class I chose these adorable little Llama Fun Classroom Cards with the wavy edge. I can’t handle them… also the Llama Lollipops? I mean come on. They are almost too cute to eat… almost. They are also from, you guessed it, Oriental Trading Co.

Minted Classroom Valentines

Minted as usual did an amazing job, the quality and selection is A+! Check out all of Minted’s Classroom Valentines HERE. Happy Valentines Day everyone! XOXO

Minted Classroom Valentines

Minted Classroom Valentines

Morton Salt Girl Costume

morton salt girl costumeCostumes are just about my favorite thing to sew, so this past Halloween I dressed Bee up as the Morton Salt Girl (so perfect right?!) Her short blonde “bob” was my inspiration :) Yes I know it is almost February… but better late than never on the blog post right?

morton salt girl costume

The costume itself was super simple, it’s basically just a yellow dress. I don’t like to plan a costume with a lot of moving parts for a two year old because it’s just inevitable that she will take it all off and end up looking like nothing. For her yellow dress I used the Lillian Dress Pattern by Mouse House Creations. When I saw the 1960′s-esque dress with the pin-tucks and black buttons I knew it would be the perfect dress for the job! I used Kona Cotton for the fabric.

Her shoes were her favorite part, she actually still wears them! I found white tennies at Walmart for $4 (yay) and I dyed them with yellow RIT dye. I always make sure to add salt, a little white vinegar and warm water when I do a dye bath. I usually only leave things in for 20-30 mins but I left these in for about 3 hours so it made them extra vibrant. I was so proud of the match job haha! morton salt girl costume

morton salt girl costume

The big debate was if the umbrella is light purple or if the umbrella is really white and they just used purple in the artwork for shading. It’s a serious online debate you guys, look it up ha! I always choose color when given the opportunity so I decided our Morton Salt Girl would have a purple umbrella. (Also, our friends just so happened to have one we could borrow haha!)

morton salt girl costume

Lastly… my favorite part… the Morton Salt candy basket. I wanted to have her carry a big cardboard version of the salt container then my mom actually threw out the idea of having the salt container as her candy basket. Genius! I used felt for the base, sides and handle which I sewed together. Then I printed out a picture of the salt logo and using hot glue and felt I kind of puzzle pieced it together. I love it so much that it was a little hard watching Bee actually use it on Halloween. Just kidding. Kind of.

morton salt girl costume

Some people loved the costume then others were like “I don’t get it” haha. But I think it is one of my favorite costumes to date!

morton salt girl costume

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Who can believe that Valentines day is right around the corner? 2017 is already flying and you guys… I am about to make your life so easy. You can thank me later ;) I love custom gifts and today I am sharing some great ideas for any special someone in your life! It is no secret that I love Minted for invitations and Holiday Cards but now Minted is making it easy for Valentines Day too! They are featuring completely custom gifts, some of which include; custom vow prints, custom images showcasing “where you met”, “a special place” etc, and custom silhouette pieces which can be of children or pets! So fun and easy… which means more time for sewing ha!

Valentines Day Gift Guide-01

Something new this year… I love love love this idea! Petite Pairs are sets of Arts Prints that go together, for example a set For Him, Custom Recipe Art and Whiskey Print. My favorite part is that you can upload an old family recipe and it will print in the original handwriting, SO CUTE! MY husband would love this.


How perfect is this Gold Foil custom Vow Art? Minted has an unframed or a framed option (with tons of choices). You just plug in your own vows, choose your foil color and pick out a frame. Couldn’t be easier!

valentines day gift guide

Valentines Day Gift Guide

I am literally DYING over these Custom Silhouette Art Prints!! I can NOT handle anything done on the Letterpress. Our Holiday Cards from Minted were letterpressed and I was in love. I definitely need 3 (and a dog one) right?! Hopefully my husband is reading this post :)

Valentines day Gift Guide


My personal favorite might be the Custom House Portrait Art. LOVE these!


A simple but super sweet idea is a a Quote Keepsake Art Print. I think both men and women would love this idea and it would look great in any room of your home.


Of course you can’t go wrong with the Iconic Minted Snapshot Mix Photo Art! I love this copper frame!


I also found my new favorite card… a Valentines Day Sewing themed card?! Come on!


Be sure to check out the convenient shipping calendar to find out when you have to order your custom art. I am super excited about a post I have coming up in the next few weeks… Guys, Minted has CLASSROOM VALENTINES!!! I about died. These put grocery store cards to shame haha! I also have a cute (and affordable) little classroom gift set, super cute! Have a great weekend and Happy Valentines Day Shopping :)

Sweethearts Quilt with Wonderland

Sweethearts QuiltHappy New Year! I am so excited to be sharing today’s project with you!! This makes quilt NUMBER 9 totally handmade and completed by me. Emphasis on completed because I also have 4 quilt tops finished with no backs so those don’t count yet haha.

Sweethearts QuiltThis gorgeous fabric is the latest line, Wonderland, from Emily Isabella for Birch Organics. I went to Houston Quilt Market back in October and I absolutely fell in love with the line that, at the time, was about to be released. I actually gasped when I saw it, the colors were so prefect together but a little unexpected. I just knew I had to have it but I wanted to have all of the fabrics from the line together so I had to do a quilt. Fabricworm sent me this gorgeous set of Wonderland fat quarters then a little extra for the binding in Bows Blue (which is the prettiest color of blue) and enough for a few extra hearts in my favorite prints (like Croquet)!

Sweethearts Quilt

Sweethearts Quilt

Sweethearts Quilt

Sweethearts Quilt Last year when I finished quilt number 8 I decided I should try to somehow start adding the date on my quilts. Wouldn’t it be so fun for my kids kids to look at the year and think how long ago this is?! I used my embroidery machine and added a little message on one of the heart blocks.

Sweethearts QuiltThis isn’t the first time I had a love at first sight moment with an Emily Isabella line! Remember my love for the Homestead Line by Emily (pictured HERE on Bee’s Piggy Dress in Oink). I still love that entire line and I’m actually still hoarding a little bit of it. Like I said, my quilting skills are improving but I’m still pretty basic so I usually “stitch in the ditch” for my quilting. This time I actually broke out my Free Motion Foot and did some freehand wavy lines.

Sweethearts Quilt

Sweethearts QuiltI thought about making this for my daughter for Christmas but then I remembered a precious quilt pattern, The Sweethearts Quilt, with heart blocks and decided on a Valentines Day Quilt! I have been sewing for years but I wouldn’t call myself a quilter, I usually stick to triangles, rectangles or square blocks :) So, this pattern was a little challenging for me in the best way. It still uses triangles and rectangles just more of them and they worked together to build the hearts. I was so proud of each block that I would rush into the living room… “LOOK WHAT I MADE!” and my family agreed that this is their favorite quilt yet so maybe there is something to this little challenge! This fabulous pattern is the Sweethearts Quilt Pattern for Cloud 9 and I highly recommend it! The pattern and tutorial are free and its super east to follow.

Sweethearts Quilt I found this back fabric at Joanns and I don’t even know what it is called, it has a texture almost like a seersucker but more square and larger. I love it and it is perfect for a thin and cool quilt backing.

Sweethearts Quilt I love how this gorgeous quilt turned out and I really hope I did the pretty fabric justice. Thank you so much Fabricworm for providing the fabric for this project!

Sweethearts Quilt

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

2016 Minted Holiday CardsOh Happy Day… look what is here!! My 2016 Holiday Cards by Minted. I LOVE Minted, which is no secret around here! The quality, colors, designs, uniqueness.. I love it all :) When I see a Minted box on my doorstep I throw a tiny little party haha! I can’t be the only one right?!

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

2016 Minted Holiday CardsI searched and searched this year for the perfect cards (read more about that HERE) but when I saw the Letterpress option I couldn’t pass it up. I have always wanted to do Letterpress cards and I actually didn’t even know Minted offered it until last month! I chose the “Every Happy Thing” cards and they are just SO. GOOD. They have a ton of options too… check them out HERE. We have had a pretty traditional Christmas Cards for the past few years so this felt like a fun change! I also took a little risk because you can’t really preview the neon color on your screen. I trust Minted though so I knew it would be good!

2016 Minted Holiday CardsThis year our photos are from the talented Laura Elise Photography. I highly recommend her if you are in the Houston, Texas area! She is super talented, I love her photographic eye, her colors and crisp images but the best part is she is amazing with kids :)  I felt like we had so many good options that I went with the collage picture!

2016 Minted Holiday CardI also LOVE that Minted addresses your holiday cards for… wait for it… FREE! The envelope design options are super cute too… this design wasn’t actually designed for the card I chose but I thought they looked super cute together.

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

2016 Minted Holiday CardsThe quality never disappoints, I am kind of a paper product nerd so thick, expensive feeling paper is really exciting, ha!

2016 minted holiday cards Overall I am super happy with how they turned out. Now I have to actually get myself to the post office to buy stamps. It’s kind of getting ridiculous how often I DON’T have to shop in person haha… thank you internet! I hope everyone has a great “week before Christmas” and thanks again Minted for the fabulous Christmas Cards yet again!

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

2016 Minted Holiday Cards

Grinch Munch Popcorn

Grinch Munch Popcorn I can’t believe we are 13 days away from Christmas! For some reason this year, the Holidays really crept up on me! I felt like this last year but it really had nothing on my current status haha! We are super busy, I think that comes with having kids that are getting older. Each one of them have more and more functions…. super fun and kind of exhausting. Ha! We are currently in the last week of school over here and you know what the means… field trips, parties, book exchanges, jammie day, and teacher/class gifts.

grinch munch popcorn I have the teachers covered. All of the kids have amazing teachers this year who go above and beyond so we are getting them gift cards to their favorite restaurants. But… that leaves me with class party treats. I came across this Grinch Munch Popcorn from Imperial Sugar and I actually gasped at how perfect it was! Imperial is an amazing resource if you are looking for last minutes gifts  (like me haha) that your kids can help with or just for fun crafts to do together over Christmas break. This treat is super cute and yes, it is sweet, but I think popcorn is a pretty decent snack that kids actually love. This one is super simple but pretty, so people will think you went to more trouble than you actually did haha!

You Need:

-Popcorn Kernels

-Imperial Sugar Extra Fine Granulated Sugar

-Vegetable or Coconut Oil

- Sea Salt

-Green Food Coloring

- Christmas Sprinkles/Non-Pariels

Grinch Munch Popcorn Start by heating up 1/4 c of oil in a skillet or dutch oven with a lid. I like to use coconut oil with popcorn, but vegetable will work fine too. Put 2-3 kernels in the oil and when they all pop you know the oil is ready.

Grinch Munch Popcorn When the oil is ready, add in 1/2 cup popcorn kernels, 1/2 cup of Imperial Granulated Sugar, and green food coloring. Remove from heat, add lid and wait about 30 seconds.

Grinch Munch Popcorn

Grinch Munch Popcorn

Grinch Munch Popcorn Put back on heat and watch carefully (so you don’t burn the sugar) cook for 4-5 more minutes or until the popcorn pops slow down :) Add your Christmas sprinkles or non-non-pariels and sea salt.

Grinch Munch Popcorn

Grinch Munch Popcorn This batch I made was huge so I bagged some up for the class party and my kids all had a really festive after school snack! This would also make a super cute girlfriend or teacher gift in a cute bag with a custom tag, So may options! Be sure to check out Imperial Sugar for more Christmas Recipes, and Holiday Crafts with kids. Imperial is also hosting a Holiday Baking Bonanza Contest with tons of amazing foodie loving prizes. Check that out HERE. Happy Holidays everyone!

Grinch Munch Popcorn

Grinch Munch Popcorn

Grinch Munch Popcorn

Siberian Husky Costume

husky costume

I love creative people and when I got an interesting Halloween Costume request (again) from my son, I couldn’t say no. Remember last year when he asked me to make him a Roach Costume?! Some people were grossed out but I was just excited that he wanted something different… that’s my boy! This year he asked me to sew him a Siberian Husky Costume, Hilarious and random!! Of course I had to deliver.

Husky Costume

The biggest thing was he wanted to still be comfortable because they wear this costume to school (and we live in Texas, hello!) so I also didn’t want him melting. I found THIS HAT on amazon and it was perfect. Why make life harder than it needs to be when you can have a Husky hat at your door in 2 days, right? Thank goodness for Amazon.

Husky Costume

For the base of the costume, I used a grey t-shirt and grey shorts that he already had, yay! I found some perfect grey and white faux fur from Joann’s. I sewed white fur to the “belly part” of the shirt and the grey fur to the entire back. I didn’t even try to hem it, I just sewed it right on the top. The tail is a simple tail shape, white on bottom, grey on top and sewed to an elastic band.

husky costume

husky costume

husky costume

I found grey gloves at the dollar store and cut the fingers off. Don’t tell but I used hot glue to attach the fur haha! I mean, Halloween is one day after all, I thought about sewing fur gloves and then realized that was crazy.

husky costume

After I thought I was done, he said what about my husky legs?! So I had to make him some leg warmers. He likes details :)

husky costume

The whole costume was very “semi-homemade” but I loved how it turned out.  Thank goodness for fake fur, a sewing machine and a glue gun!

husky costume

Mosaic Corn Art with Kids!


Today I have a super fun Thanksgiving craft to share with you guys. I can hardy believe that I am typing the word “Thanksgiving”! It’s still back-to-school time in my head. I guess I need to catch up… and this craft will help :) I found this kids craft for Mosaic Corn Art on the Imperial Sugar website and fell in love! I remember doing something similar when I was little… it’s a little old school and a little modern. If you had everything ready ahead of time this could be something fun to have on the kids table on Thanksgiving Day. Imperial Sugar has a ton of kid crafts and recipes on their site and the best part is they are organized by holiday (look at how many Thanksgiving crafts they have!). We made the Salt Dough Leaves a few years ago and I’m thinking about trying the Glitter Leaf Votive Holders next!

For this craft you need:

  • -gel food coloring
  • -popcorn kernels
  • -white vinegar
  • -sugar
  • -flour
  • -water
  • -cardstock


My kids loved this project because it was almost three different mini projects in one. First, you make the sugar paste (that will be your glue for the final project).

Mix the following ingredients together in a mixing bowl:

1 cup flour, 3 tablespoons Imperial Granulated Sugar, 1 cup cold water and 1 cup boiling water.


Mix until smooth, bring to room temp, then store in an air-tight container.

img_4961Mosaic Corn Art with Kids!

Second… time to dye the popcorn kernels, which also happens to be our personal favorite. My kids LOVED doing this for some reason. Actually I did too haha. We used clear plastic cups for this step which I think made it even more fun. Add 1/2 cup water and 1 tbsp white vinegar to some small cups. My two year old measured all the water and my 5 year old got to do the vinegar :)


Next add a few drops of gel food coloring to each cup.  They gel is really fun to watch… we had clapping and shrieking! Then add 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels to the cups. Let them sit for at least 4 hours, or overnight.

Mosaic Corn Art with Kids!


The next morning I took the kernels out and placed them on a pan to dry, that also takes a few hours.



After they were completely dry I got some cardstock and the kids started planning. I showed them the original Mosaic design that I saw on the Imperial Sugar website but they went rogue haha. I put some sugar paste in a baggie and trimmed the end to make it easier to handle. You could also use a paintbrush to apply the sugar paste.




We had a sun, dots, stripes and an abstract scene. After we finished we had some colorful kernels left over and now I’m thinking about placards for the Thanksgiving Day Table??


img_5272 img_5275



Imperial is having a Holiday Baking kit contest so check that out HERE! And be sure to also visit them for so many more Thanksgiving crafts, recipes and even printables! Check them out HERE.

a Minted Giveaway!

It’s finally here… my favorite giveaway of the year!!! Time for a Minted Giveaway! I have worked with Minted for years and I love love love them. They are hands down my favorite company for Holiday Cards, Art Prints and Stationary. This year is better and bigger than ever because the giveaway is huge (check out the link at the bottom of the page). If you haven’t used Minted, you are missing out. Minted is a Design Marketplace who sources independent talented “small” and big artists from around the world and features them in one place to bring you the very best art, home decor and stationary. Minted connects you with the best independent artists to bring you fresh, unique art that you won’t find anywhere else.


I am super torn this year on the look of our card. I love the gold foil, I love the traditional, I love the bright and colorful… what is a girl to do haha?! Here are some of my very favorites (click the photo for the link)!







Minted not only has amazing design and quality but they have some other features that really “get” me haha!

1) They have FREE matching envelopes and an Address Assistant that makes addressing holiday cards so easy. Guys…  you don’t have to address your cards, I’m not kidding. See how it works HERE.
2) Their find it fast option is a super helpful tool to find the perfect holiday card design. Simply upload your photo, then watch as it appears in hundreds of different holiday card designs. This saves a lot of time on individually clicking through and uploading photos to holiday card product pages… this is literally my favorite feature!  
3) You can take advantage of any promotion by buying it now then addressing them later using the free Address Assistant!
4) They also have postcards, ornament cards, mini books and custom stamps!

The most exciting part is this year Minted is giving away THREE $100 gift cards! This means 3 different readers will win, so exciting! The giveaway will run from November 15th -November 22nd. To enter the giveaway click >HERE<. Super easy, good luck and Happy Holidays!

If you just can’t wait…  Minted is currently having a huge sale 15% off of orders $150+ and 10% off an order of $100+.

Vampire’s Blood White Hot Chocolate

Vampire's Blood White Hot ChocolateIt’s mid-October… my favorite time of the year. Apparently I’m not the only one. My son was bouncing off the walls a few days ago and I asked him why he was acting so wild… he said he can’t help it because all of this favorite holidays are coming up and he is just so excited :) I don’t blame him. We are getting very festive around here, we decorated the mantle, visited the pumpkin patch and have started watching Halloween Movies! When I came across this recipe for Vampire’s Blood White Hot Chocolate from Imperial Sugar I knew I had to make some! I love to browse Imperial Sugar’s site around the holidays because they have a ton of crafts, printables and recipes that you can make WITH your kids. This one was super fun and easy!

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate

 They have the recipe on their site (with exact amounts HERE) but this is pretty much all you need:

  • Half and Half
  • Imperial Sugar Extra Fine Granulated Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Whipped Cream
  • Strawberries
  • White Chocolate
  • Red Food collating (optional)
  • Salt

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate

 The Strawberry Syrup is made from strawberries, sugar, water and red food coloring. I added a squeeze of lemon juice because I like to add lemons to everything :)

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate

Then you bring that to a boil and let it simmer for a few minutes, until the strawberries break down. Strain the strawberries out and pour the syrup into an airtight container. This was the kids favorite part! Then they started listing all of the things they would put this on haha!

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate

The White Hot Chocolate is so simple… white chocolate, sugar, vanilla, half and half and a pinch of salt. This took no time at all to melt together, make sure not to let it boil! Once it’s smooth just pour it into your mug!

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate

Top with whipped cream and drizzle with strawberry sauce!  This would be the hit of any party! Be sure to check out Imperial Sugar for more recipes and festive ideas. They are also having a giveaway for KitchenAid Stand Mixer so go check it out! Happy Halloween everyone :)

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate

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