Phineas and Ferb Costume

Phineas and Ferb CostumeLook who it is… It’s Phineas and Ferb!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-7

phineas and ferbIf you don’t have two school aged boys at your house you might not know all about Phineas and Ferb… but it’s awesome so you should probably just watch it in general :) It’s a show on Disney Channel about two brothers who are trying to find ways to entertain themselves during summer vacation and end up coming up with crazy, outlandish inventions and ideas. It’s also one of the only kid shows that Bryan and I can watch and not get sick of because it’s actually pretty witty and we end up laughing during every episode haha! I “pitched” the idea to my boys for a halloween costume and if course they loved it!


Phineas and Ferb Costume-18These might be the two easiest costumes I’ve ever done! I worked with Primary again this year for the “base” of the costumes. Primary is amazing because they have every style of solid colored, mix and match clothing for kids with no tags or logos, and all of their clothing is super soft!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-1

Phineas and Ferb Costume-2You Need: Orange Tee, Blue Shorts, Yellow Tee, Purple Pants, Colored Hair Spray, White Felt, Yellow Fabric Paint

For Phineas’s Shirt:

Step 1: Tape off the orange shirt. This is not mandatory but will make your lines straighter, I didn’t measure, just eyeball it.

Step 2: Use Fabric Paint and paint on the yellow stripes. Fabric paint is softer than regular acrylic so you can wash it and your kids could actually wear this shirt again. Allow the paint to dry for at least 4 hours.

For Ferb’s Collar:

Step 1: Cut felt in a “collar like shape” as shown. I sewed three layers together for sturdiness but that’s optional. I also did a little round button too.

Step 2: Hot Glue a piece of elastic around the collar piece. This will wear just like a necklace. Hot glue or pin the button on the yellow tee under the collar.

Ribbet collageLastly, I found colored hair spray (Target, Walmart or any Halloween store) and sprayed their hair orange and green. That was their favorite part :) And that is it!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-22While I do love to sew and I really enjoy making my kids costumes from head to toe, I also have respect for costumes that are this simple but look super cute too.

Phineas and Ferb Costume-34Thank you Primary for sending the clothes! Check out our post last year HERE and tons of other ideas on Primary HERE!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-27

Built in Bunkbeds

built in bunk beds

It’s room reveal day! I have been waiting for this post for almost a year so please excuse the one million photos :) I’m just so excited for the boy’s new built in bunkbeds!!

built in bunkbeds

When we moved into our house the boys decided they wanted to share a room but I wasn’t sure how long that would last. So, I found some (temporary) red wicker headboards on craigslist and we just attached them to a metal bed frame and that worked for a few years. Last year around this time I realized that the boys still love sharing a room and that they were getting a little too “strong” for flimsy headboards attached to a cheap metal bad frame via zip tie haha! I started researching bunkbeds but my husband is the type who doesn’t think anything is sturdy enough so he said he should build them… umm ok! Here is the before:

built in bunkbeds

We repainted their room to match the rest of the house because I just can’t get sick of this color. It’s Colonnade Grey by Sherwin Williams and it is in every other room but two in the entire house! It is considered a greige but its definitely on the grey side with just a little warm hint.

built in bunkbeds

I found several inspiration bunk beds on Pinterest and pinned those HERE. I showed Bryan a few of the photos and we took things we liked about several of them and added some things that were our own too. Bryan started with the frame and had to finish that part quickly because the boys needed to actually sleep in there haha! We did it over the summer so they crashed on the couch for about a week or so!

built in bunkbeds

I know I have bragged on my husband in the past for his amazing woodworking skills but these are unreal! The house could blow over but these would still be standing ha! They are attached the whole way to the wall and built from floor to ceiling. My favorite things… the built in shelves in the bottom bunk and the mini staircase! There is also a pull out trundle.

built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds

I will link all sources at the end of the post but I found the flag from Amazon and this metal grey bookshelf is from IKEA. I was trying to go boyish… but more of a grown up boy. My kids are 6 and 8 right now which is kind of a weird in between stage. Some things are way too “baby” for them and that just wouldn’t be cool now would it :) I also don’t want to rush them into an adult room so I hope this is a happy middle ground.

built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds

With the room remodel we got them Beddy’s Bedding. If you have bunk beds you pretty much need this bedding! It’s kind of like a sleeping bag, a comforter and a fitted sheet had a baby! The entire thing zips up and fits around the mattress so in the morning when it’s time to make the bed all they have to do is zip up the sides. We went with the “simply white” for a few reasons. Firstly, I love everything white because it looks clean and I can bleach it. Secondly, Beddy’s only option at the time for all cotton was the white. Most of the interiors are minky, which sounds super cozy but just too warm for us down here in Houston. I think they now make a grey option for the cotton interior too. I was a little nervous about so much white but I’m actually so happy about it. Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend them for bunk beds or even just for kids learning to make the bed. The quality is amazing, the are so soft and have a great weight to them (and I’m picky about that :). They boys love them and so do I…. win/win.
built in bunkbeds

built in bunkbeds IMG_0452 built in bunkbedsWhen Bryan finished these and I went to the top bunk the first time I was actually a little scared of how high this thing is. My oldest is on top and the railing is very high so it would be impossible to fall out, which makes my nervous moms side feel better. We still need to move the fan, it comes about a foot away from the edge of the bed which is just a little close for comfort but it is so cozy up there!


built in bunkbeds

On the opposite side of the bed they have their dresser also from IKEA. This is also where the pet hermit crabs live :) ! We went to Florida this summer and what trip to Florida is complete without a hermit crab souvenir?!

When Bryan finished these and I went to the top bunk the first time I was actually a little scared of how high this thing is haha! My oldest os on top and the railing is very high so it would be impossible to fall out. We still need to move the fan, it comes about a foot away from the edge of the bed which is just a little close for comfort but it is so cozy up there!

IMG_5224 built in bunk bed

I love these posters I found from GroopDealz (about a year ago)! They were so affordable and the colors are perfect, I found the frames from where else??… amazon.

built in bunk bed

The boys use the corner basket for extra blankets (and tent building :) The plant hangers are from amazon and we had to do faux plants in there because let’s be honest… between two little humans and four hermit crabs my “living thing” quote is maxed out in the room! I found this fun splatter fabric from IKEA and just used hot glue to attach some green pom pom trim.

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

If you know me you know I don’t really do neutrals but for some reason I just kept buying black and white for this room… what is happening to me?! Love these buffalo check pillows I found on Amazon. The graphic word pillows are from Target.

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

I found the handles for the trundle on Amazon. I just love the trundle, can’t wait for boy sleepover fun to happen in there :)

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

built in bunk bed

To say they boys are obsessed is an understatement. Bryan truly built an amazing piece of furniture and I’m sure the boys will make amazing memories in here! I am going to link as many things as I can remember at the end of this post but let me know if you have any questions!

built in bunk bed


Bedding- Beddy’s (in Simply White)

Rug- Amazon

Grey Metal Shelf and Dresser- IKEA

Flag- Amazon

Curtains- IKEA Fabric with Green Pom Pom Trim

Sting Lights- Target

Plant Hangers: Amazon

Pillows: Amazon and Target

White Frames: Amazon

Group Fruit Costume for Kids

I usually love to do over the top costumes with lots of sewing involved but this school Guess what time it is… GROUP COSTUME TIME!!! Basically my favorite time of the year. And I lucked out and somehow got these three to do a group costume again! Halloween Magic (or bribery :)

group fruit kids costume

I love to make over the top costumes with lots of sewing involved but this year has been super busy and I just wasn’t sure about cranking out three intricate handmade costumes. I came across Primary and fell in love! Primary is a children’s clothing company that was founded by two moms who were having a hard time finding clothing without all of the logos, slogans, and sequins. They carry almost any style in tons of colors and sizes AND they are super affordable… I’m pretty much hooked! I knew they would make the perfect Easy DIY Halloween Costume base. All of the tees, dresses, pants and leggings are from Primary and are linked in the post!group kids fruit costume

Last year they were bugs so I hinted about the food theme to the kids… they brought up fruit so I ran with it. I always have better luck if they have a part in the choosing. Almost all of the costumes are No-Sew, yay!! I did reinforce a few things with some quick stitches because my kids are wild but this could easily be done with glue, tape or hand sewing. I made them all in less than 30 minutes too! Perfect for the wishy washy child group fruit costume

The Strawberry:
-Red Dress
-Green Leggings
-Green and Mustard Felt (crafting felt sheets from the craft store)

diy strawberry costume

group kids fruit costume

I love this little red dress. All I did for the strawberry was cut out the mustard colored seeds (tear shape) and attached them to the dress. I did use a little sewing here but glue, tape, wonder under… all good options! For the yoke, I simply took a piece of green felt and measured the neckline on the front and back of the dress then cut out the center neck part. Then I cut out the strawberry leaf shape on the outer edge and sewed it around the neckline (again you could use glue here).

group fruit kids costumeimg_7922img_7924

group fruit kids costumefruit group costume

The Kiwi:

-Green Tee

-Green Shorts

-Tan Felt (from the yardage section)

-black, light green and white felt

diy kiwi costume

diy kiwi costume

I actually used glue on the Kiwi Costume because the little black seeds are too small for my sewing patience haha. I cut out an irregular white shape for the center then a slightly larger piece in the light green felt. I used hot glue and glued them both directly on the shirt. Then I started on the teeny black seeds. Each one is hot glued on. I had a million glue strands so I used a lint roller when I was done. This boy of mine LOVES capes so I turned the Kiwi “skin” into a cape. I used 1/2 yd of tan felt and this is basically the only place the I used any real sewing. I gathered the top edge and sandwiched it into a rectangle piece that I measured to go around his neck. I sewed that together. Then I used hot glue for the velcro so he can take it on an off. I sewed a small piece of elastic at the bottom edge so it is rounded like a real Kiwi.

diy kiwi costume

diy kiwi costume

diy kiwi costumediy kiwi costume

The Grapes

-Purple Long Sleeve Tee

-Purple Shorts

-Purple Balloons

-Green Pipe Cleaners

-Small safety pins

diy Grape costumediy grape costume

I kind of feel silly even writing how to do this one… so simple. It took me and my son about 5 minutes to blow up the balloons but other than that this costume was done in about 60 seconds haha! The key is blowing the balloons to different sizes (and not too big) to make it look more realistic. I used the safety pins and poked them through the end of the balloon and straight onto the shirt. I also added a little green curled pipe cleaner for the stem/vine part. I tried to pin them into a “V” shape too. diy grape costumediy grape costumediy grape costume

One thing that I loved is that the kids kept saying over and over is how comfortable their costumes are. I actually had to force them take them off so they wouldn’t ruin them before halloween! Thanks so much to Primary for providing the base of our Fruits :) Now if only I could get the tiniest model to cooperate everything would be great haha. Happy Halloween!

kids group fruit costumekids group fruit costumekids group fruit costumekids group fruit costume

DIY Roach Costume

roach costume

Yes, you read that right! My son wanted to be a roach for Halloween and I said yes :)

roach costume

A few months ago I was throwing around group costume ideas for the three kids. Nothing was sticking then my oldest said, “what about bugs”? I immediately liked the idea because my daughters name is Bee so naturally she could dress as a Bee. Then my four year old got super excited cause he wanted to be a lizard. Who am I to crush his dreams and tell him that a lizard isn’t actually a bug? A Bee and a Lizard, done. But then my oldest son said he wanted to dress up as a roach?! I tried to talk him out of it because how does one even go about sewing a roach suit?? But he was determined and I like a good sewing challenge so I said let’s go for it!

roach costume

There is very little roach costume inspiration out there, which is good and bad haha. I didn’t have anything to live up to in the era of Pinterest expectations but I also didn’t have a clue how to make it! After a good ol’ google search, I did find one awesome “cape” that a legit costume designer made and I pinned it HERE. After I saw that I knew a cape was the way to go. I found some brown jeans and a brown tee  from the mens section so I just cut it down and sewed up the sides) for the body and got to work on the roach cape.

I bought brown suiting for the legs and ironed a very stiff fusible interfacing to the wrong side so they would be extra stiff. I used hot glue to attach a thin strip of brown faux fur to each leg… creepy right? For the antenna I used the suiting with some jewelry wire inside and a little brown pom-pom glued at the end.

roach costume

Then I freehanded roach-shape-wings on to some brown satin. I used quilt batting inside them and sandwiched it between. I also sandwiched the legs between the wing layers before sewing right sides together. Then I flipped them right side out and top-stitched. The wings are two separate pieces but sewn together at the top where they connect. Then I added a neck hood/cape part with double batting and a layer of felt in between so it would stand up a little more. It was so thick that I really would have liked to hand-sew it so there wasn’t a huge line down the middle but, it was the day before Halloween and mama only has so much time.

roach costume

roach costume

roach costume

I added a neck piece made from the suiting and used velcro to attach it.

roach costume

roach costume

Overall I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and he was super excited about it! I also learned that some people have quite the aversion to roaches… even when the model is a cute six year old haha! Stay tuned for the lizard and bee later this week :)

roach costume

roach costume

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