Mini Casserole Carriers

Did you know that my casserole carriers are my most popular TaylorMade craft ever? It’s true, they have more views, comments and “pins” than any other craft every single month. I also get many emails every week asking about them. So naturally, it is kind of a go to gift for me- I like to make them as a wedding gift or a Christmas present. But what if the recipient doesn’t need a whole casserole? They are only one person and they just want to take their lunch in a cute little mini version… so I created the Mini-Casserole Carrier. It might even be cuter than the original. Why is everything cuter if its small? The cuteness started with this tiny little 3cup glass Pyrex dish I found, the perfect lunch size. 

The cover couldn’t be easier…
All you need:

Cut both pieces of fabric and the insul-bright to 16 1/2″ x 6 1/2″. Put right sides of fabric together with the insul-bright on top then sew all the way around leaving an opening. Flip and top stitch all the way around. Then add the Velcro. I also added a TaylorMade tag.

I also had to add the name to the Pyrex in tradition Casserole Carrier Style. I think that is why people love them so much. Just like on my other Pyrex dishes, I using etching cream and a vinyl stencil for the name. Find the originals here and here.

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A DIY Nap Mat

I found out last week that the boys needed a nap mat but they are sold out EVERYWHERE! So I started out on my journey… I went to 3 Walmarts, 2 Targets, Babies R Us, called CVS, Walgreens and checked online. All sold out. At this point I did what any other mother would do… I went to meet my family for Happy Hour. I got home that night with nothing but bad lighting and the idea that I had to make a Nap Mat. So here goes… a Nap Mat made with nothing but re-purposed supplies, after 2 margaritas and with horrible lighting. Isn’t that what crafting is all about- now I know in crunch time, with no supplies and in about 50 minutes… I can come through, ha! Take that “Sold Out Nap Mats” everywhere!

I started with a king size down comforter, it never gets cold enough here so we never use it.

I cut it and then stacked it into 3 layers.

Then I used a full sheet, (obviously not ironed- oops) folded it in half and sewed it up 3 sides, leaving only a short side open.
I used scraps to sew up two long ties and a short handle so I could roll the mat up.
Then just like a huge pillow, I inserted the 3 stacked comforter into the cover.
I folded the excess fabric inward then placed the straps and handle where I wanted them to go.
I pinned and sewed. (Don’t forget to fold the long straps in half so it will look like 4 straps after you sew)

Ta-Da… When I finished I realized the comforter inside was a little too loose, so I tacked it with red embroidery floss in about 16 spots. It looks really cute but I forgot to take a picture.

I am happy to report that Clyde loves it and has never missed a nap. I’m sure this wont be the last time I have to craft something the night before my kids need it :)

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Silhouette Cameo Dust Cover (with pattern)

Remember last Thanksgiving when I WON a Silhouette Cameo? It was an exciting moment in my blogs life. I used to own a regular ole Silhouette and I was totally fine with it. I even made it a Dust Cover HERE. But when I won my new one, it went naked for a while. This has been on my to do list for about a year. Better late than never :) 
You will need a piece of fabric that is 22 1/2″ x 13″. Then you need to print out the Edge PATTERN PIECE HERE. Made sure your edge pieces are facing opposite directions, you can cut on the fold too. Disclaimer: I used a serger to finish my edges, however if you want to add a hem, you might want to add a 1/2″ to these measurements.

Then, with right sides together start pinning the edges to the main square of fabric. 

It will soon look like this, then you sew. Clip Your corners after you sew. 

Then I serged, or you could do 1/2″ hem.
Now she’s not naked, but she does have matching underwear :) Did anyone else make a custom face-plate or am I the only one? Oh come on guys, anyone?

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a Kindle Cover, books and being Spirited

You know I like to make covers for things… Nook Covers, Silhouette Covers, Casserole Covers, Camera Strap Covers… the list goes on. Well, I’m at it again. When my sister’s friend asked me to make a cover for her new Kindle Fire, I was all over it. I used the same pattern from my original Nook Covers and you can read all about that HERE. The ETSY shop is called Birdiful Stitches and I highly recommend the pattern! ( I have no affiliation with her, just like her pattern :)

I love to mix fabrics with busy patterns so I used three for this one,

and now it makes me want a new one too.

And while we are on the subject of E-Readers (kind of) I never cared for reading before my Nook. I mean I wouldn’t do it, now I love it. Did that happen to anyone else?  I just finished the Hunger Games Series. OMG, never have I loved a middle-school-aged book since my love for The Giver. I couldn’t put it down and I might or might not be counting down the days until the movie come out. 

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