Phineas and Ferb Costume

Phineas and Ferb CostumeLook who it is… It’s Phineas and Ferb!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-7

phineas and ferbIf you don’t have two school aged boys at your house you might not know all about Phineas and Ferb… but it’s awesome so you should probably just watch it in general :) It’s a show on Disney Channel about two brothers who are trying to find ways to entertain themselves during summer vacation and end up coming up with crazy, outlandish inventions and ideas. It’s also one of the only kid shows that Bryan and I can watch and not get sick of because it’s actually pretty witty and we end up laughing during every episode haha! I “pitched” the idea to my boys for a halloween costume and if course they loved it!


Phineas and Ferb Costume-18These might be the two easiest costumes I’ve ever done! I worked with Primary again this year for the “base” of the costumes. Primary is amazing because they have every style of solid colored, mix and match clothing for kids with no tags or logos, and all of their clothing is super soft!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-1

Phineas and Ferb Costume-2You Need: Orange Tee, Blue Shorts, Yellow Tee, Purple Pants, Colored Hair Spray, White Felt, Yellow Fabric Paint

For Phineas’s Shirt:

Step 1: Tape off the orange shirt. This is not mandatory but will make your lines straighter, I didn’t measure, just eyeball it.

Step 2: Use Fabric Paint and paint on the yellow stripes. Fabric paint is softer than regular acrylic so you can wash it and your kids could actually wear this shirt again. Allow the paint to dry for at least 4 hours.

For Ferb’s Collar:

Step 1: Cut felt in a “collar like shape” as shown. I sewed three layers together for sturdiness but that’s optional. I also did a little round button too.

Step 2: Hot Glue a piece of elastic around the collar piece. This will wear just like a necklace. Hot glue or pin the button on the yellow tee under the collar.

Ribbet collageLastly, I found colored hair spray (Target, Walmart or any Halloween store) and sprayed their hair orange and green. That was their favorite part :) And that is it!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-22While I do love to sew and I really enjoy making my kids costumes from head to toe, I also have respect for costumes that are this simple but look super cute too.

Phineas and Ferb Costume-34Thank you Primary for sending the clothes! Check out our post last year HERE and tons of other ideas on Primary HERE!

Phineas and Ferb Costume-27

Chambray Fox Dress

Chambray Fox Dress

I know I might be  little biased but how stinking cute is this dress?! I mean the fox, the organic chambray, the toddler… It’s almost too much to handle!

Chambray Fox Dress

chambray fox dress

I have had a love for chambray for years! When Birch Fabrics asked me to try out their new Organic Chambray line and then asked me to choose a color I was actually frozen because the colors are SO GOOD y’all!  All of Birch’s fabrics are organic so I knew before receiving it that it would feel amazing, and it did not disappoint! It is soft and rich but also flowy almost like a gauze… I am in love! The colors are even better in person too. The grain and the threads are so, so pretty. I used three different colors for this pattern; Black, Linen and Coral. 

chambray fox dress

Chambray Fox Dress

I bought this pattern a year ago and I guess I was just waiting for the perfect fabric. The chambray works so well it is like they were made for each other. I can’t even handle how cute this pattern is…it’s from Hello Dear Kids on ETSY and you can find it HERE. It was pretty straight forward and had lots of pictures, perfect for a beginner. I made this version with “fall” colors but I’m thinking we might need a few more. I might need to get my hands on some more Birch Chambray in Forest and Marigold :) I love the hand embroidery detail too!

Chambray Fox Dress

As much as I love the font, I think the back is my favorite part! I am all about the pinafore right now. I made it a little large on purpose. When I hand make something I want it to last and my kids grow way to fast to make stuff that currently fits them haha! This is a 5T but she really wears a 3-4 so she will get some great use out if it!

Chambray Fox Dress

Chambray Fox Dress

 Thank you so much Birch for having me! Be sure to check out the other talented ladies on the Chambray Blog Hop! The Chambray Line is expected any day now but you can also preorder HERE.

chambray fox dress

DIY Baby Gift Set

diy baby gifts

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite sewing projects ever… baby gifts! I love short projects so burp cloths and embellished onesies are the best! My sister just had a baby but she didn’t find out the gender, so all of her clothes were pretty neutral. My niece needed some girly stuff quickly because a girl can’t go too long without a bow :) I also made her some embellished onesies and burp cloths. Look at this sweet girl! She is so happy to be wearing a bow hehe!


It’s no secret that burp cloths are my all time favorite thing to sew for babies… they are so quick but so much cuter than a plain ole’ white burp cloth! I use these cloth diapers HERE for the burp cloths. Then I just use scrap fabric for the center. I sew a hem down both sides of the center and just serge the ends. I wash and press everything before sewing because those cloth diapers really shrink up after the first wash! I usually add a little monogram or name to a few of them… who doesn’t love seeing their new baby name on everything right haha?!

diy baby gift set

Next I had to make her a few onesies. I have shared this same project a few times (HERE and HERE) and there are tons of ways to embellish onesies, each one is different. You can use colorful onesies (you know the kind with the slightly cheesy embroidered saying on them) or a pack of white onesies. Then I just sew fabric directly on top. If it is a floral fabric I cut around the patten… kind of abstract. I love to do circles, hearts, stars and cars. And I love the ruffled bib look… I monogrammed this one for my niece but I have also just done a single letter in the center.

diy baby gift IMG_5514 diy baby gift

Lastly I threw in some bows. For the fabric and ribbon bows I just hot glued the bow to fold over elastic. And for the knit bow I literally just sewed a piece of knit fabric together right sides together, flipped it, closed the seam and tied it together! I love that style because you can untie and retie as they grow! I know I would love a little gift like this so hopefully my niece does too! PS… How cute is her room?! Love the peek of her BABY QUILT I made her on the glider!

diy baby gift

diy baby giftIMG_5468

Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Baby QuiltGuess what… I have a new job title. I am an AUNT!!! I’m new to the job, but just to make sure I’m the best Aunt around I started with a quilt, because you can never go wrong with a quilt!

Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Baby QuiltMy sister didn’t want to find out the gender of her baby so I had to keep the quilt gender neutral. To me that just means “all the colors” haha! She also casually mentioned that she liked the triangle quilt I made for my friend’s baby a few years ago HERE. Triangles in solids are easy but I wanted to make it a little different.

Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Baby QuiltInstead of equilateral triangles I measured out 6″ squares and cut them in half down the diagonal. I chose 18 colors of Kona Cotton and bought 1/2 yard in each color. That was way overkill because I have tons of fabric left over and could probably make 5 more quilts just like this haha! I think thats a good problem to have :) Then I made a huge stack of triangles in random order and sewed them back together down the diagonal to form 6″ squares again. I did use a 1/4″ seam allowance for that so the square was a little smaller. I just made sure not to have two of the same color touch.

Triangle Baby QuiltThen after I had 6 (ish) inch squares I just arranged them in rows. I didn’t want a pattern so again I laid it out randomly trying not to let any of the same color touch. I did 11 squares by 11 squares. It’s a pretty big quilt, almost lap size for the couch. It ended up 60″ x 60″ which I love! I wanted something a little bigger because she had so many swaddles and smaller blankets. This way they can cuddle together or she can lay it out on the ground for playing!

Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Baby QuiltFor the back I wanted something still gender neutral and I also wanted something with animals. Her nursery has a subtle animal theme going on and I wanted to tie it in. I had it narrowed down to a few then found the Sloths by Dear Stella. It couldn’t be more prefect! HERE is the link to the sloth fabric.

Triangle Baby Quilt

IMG_0034 Triangle Baby QuiltLastly I just quilted the whole thing diagonally down the center of each row. This is the second quilt I have finished that I used spray basting and I am OBSESSED… Totally hooked, I can never go back haha! I use this one HERE; love love love it!! That brings my 100% finished by me quilt total to 10… I also have 5 quilt tops that are done, sitting in a basket but we don’t need to talk about those now do we ;)

Triangle Baby Quilt IMG_0050

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