Letterboard Costume

Letterboard CostumeMoving right along with our costume parade this year, today I am sharing a costume for me… I’m a Letterboard! If you follow me on Instagram (@taylormadecreates) then you know about my love for these things so I thought what better for me than a Letterboard Costume?!

Letterboard Costume

Letterboard Costume-18

I love this one because its is SO simple that anyone can do it (my 8 year old actually helped me with this one) and it can be done super last minute, which lets face it… that’s how we all do Halloween Costumes right?! All you need is a thick posterboard like a science fair board, black felt, silver cardstock and some letterboard letters.

Letterboard Costume-15


I started by cutting the side flaps off of the Science Fair Board. Then I cut a piece of black felt a little larger than the board. I layered my felt with some batting, it isn’t necessary but I have tons of it and I thought it might make it more realistic. I then sewed tons of lines horizontally across the black felt (1″ apart). That is also optional… Sewing is relaxing to me but you could also use a white pen, or puff paint etc.

Letterboard CostumeThen I just wrapped the felt around the board and used hot glue to adhere it. I found this corrugated silver cardstock at Joanns that seemed perfect for the frame. If you can’t find this you can use any think silver paper or you could even cover cardboard strips with foil, something to look like the aluminum frame. I used hot glue to attach the silver cardstock to the perimeter of the board.

Letter Board Costume

Next… come up with your quote and attach your letters! Did you catch my subtle Mean Girls reference here ;) I debated cutting letters out of cardstock or felt… which you could easily do! Joann’s carries a brand of Letterboards with accessories that are super affordable. I used my coupon on these 2″ letters and it was just over $3 which I really couldn’t beat! (not sponsored I just love Joanns haha)

Letterboard Costume-10 Letterboard Costume-11

Lastly, attach a ribbon, again… with hot glue, to the back of the board.

Letterboard Costume-12

I love how cute and easy this costume turned out! I’m already thinking how I can use this as a decoration for future parties haha! And yes I know my lines aren’t straight… so for anyone that thinks my projects are “just so perfect” here ya go! Done is better than perfect am I right?? Do any of you “grown ups” dress up? Tell me what you are going to be this year! And as always if you make this costume please please please send me a picture! I love to see them :) Happy Crafting!Letterboard Costume-16

Ribbet collage

Group Fruit Costume for Kids

I usually love to do over the top costumes with lots of sewing involved but this school Guess what time it is… GROUP COSTUME TIME!!! Basically my favorite time of the year. And I lucked out and somehow got these three to do a group costume again! Halloween Magic (or bribery :)

group fruit kids costume

I love to make over the top costumes with lots of sewing involved but this year has been super busy and I just wasn’t sure about cranking out three intricate handmade costumes. I came across Primary and fell in love! Primary is a children’s clothing company that was founded by two moms who were having a hard time finding clothing without all of the logos, slogans, and sequins. They carry almost any style in tons of colors and sizes AND they are super affordable… I’m pretty much hooked! I knew they would make the perfect Easy DIY Halloween Costume base. All of the tees, dresses, pants and leggings are from Primary and are linked in the post!group kids fruit costume

Last year they were bugs so I hinted about the food theme to the kids… they brought up fruit so I ran with it. I always have better luck if they have a part in the choosing. Almost all of the costumes are No-Sew, yay!! I did reinforce a few things with some quick stitches because my kids are wild but this could easily be done with glue, tape or hand sewing. I made them all in less than 30 minutes too! Perfect for the wishy washy child haha.kids group fruit costume

The Strawberry:
-Red Dress
-Green Leggings
-Green and Mustard Felt (crafting felt sheets from the craft store)

diy strawberry costume

group kids fruit costume

I love this little red dress. All I did for the strawberry was cut out the mustard colored seeds (tear shape) and attached them to the dress. I did use a little sewing here but glue, tape, wonder under… all good options! For the yoke, I simply took a piece of green felt and measured the neckline on the front and back of the dress then cut out the center neck part. Then I cut out the strawberry leaf shape on the outer edge and sewed it around the neckline (again you could use glue here).

group fruit kids costumeimg_7922img_7924

group fruit kids costumefruit group costume

The Kiwi:

-Green Tee

-Green Shorts

-Tan Felt (from the yardage section)

-black, light green and white felt

diy kiwi costume

diy kiwi costume

I actually used glue on the Kiwi Costume because the little black seeds are too small for my sewing patience haha. I cut out an irregular white shape for the center then a slightly larger piece in the light green felt. I used hot glue and glued them both directly on the shirt. Then I started on the teeny black seeds. Each one is hot glued on. I had a million glue strands so I used a lint roller when I was done. This boy of mine LOVES capes so I turned the Kiwi “skin” into a cape. I used 1/2 yd of tan felt and this is basically the only place the I used any real sewing. I gathered the top edge and sandwiched it into a rectangle piece that I measured to go around his neck. I sewed that together. Then I used hot glue for the velcro so he can take it on an off. I sewed a small piece of elastic at the bottom edge so it is rounded like a real Kiwi.

diy kiwi costume

diy kiwi costume

diy kiwi costumediy kiwi costume

The Grapes

-Purple Long Sleeve Tee

-Purple Shorts

-Purple Balloons

-Green Pipe Cleaners

-Small safety pins

diy Grape costumediy grape costume

I kind of feel silly even writing how to do this one… so simple. It took me and my son about 5 minutes to blow up the balloons but other than that this costume was done in about 60 seconds haha! The key is blowing the balloons to different sizes (and not too big) to make it look more realistic. I used the safety pins and poked them through the end of the balloon and straight onto the shirt. I also added a little green curled pipe cleaner for the stem/vine part. I tried to pin them into a “V” shape too. diy grape costumediy grape costumediy grape costume

One thing that I loved is that the kids kept saying over and over is how comfortable their costumes are. I actually had to force them take them off so they wouldn’t ruin them before halloween! Thanks so much to Primary for providing the base of our Fruits :) Now if only I could get the tiniest model to cooperate everything would be great haha. Happy Halloween!

kids group fruit costumekids group fruit costumekids group fruit costumekids group fruit costume

The Frozen Fox

frozen fox

Meet The Frozen Fox. My boys love band aids, what kid doesn’t? I’ve seen these little mommy-made ice packs around blogland and thought it would be a great little surprise. Now, when someone gets hit (by their brother) they have a little something to take their mind off of it.


All you need is the Frozen Fox Template, fabric, felt and a button. Click on this picture to enlarge,save and then print it off.

frozen fox template

Cut everything out.


Place everything on the front of the fox face. Pin it and sew.




For the ears: pin the inner white part on top of the larger fabric ear and sew. Then get the other large fabric ear and put right sides together. Sew around the two longest sides leaving the bottom open and flip.



Sew a button to the face right where the white cheeks meet.



With the white sides of the ears facing down, place the ears on the face lining up the edges.


Then place the other side of the face right side down on top of the fox. Pin all the way around and leave the bottom open. IMG_6708

Sew around the fox. On the bottom, leave a 2″-3″ opening. Clip the corners and flip right side out.


Pour rice in to the opening at the bottom. I tried both beans and rice… I like the rice better but the beans are a little heavier, and both will work. (husband’s man hands not mine haha)


Hand sew the bottom up to close the fox :)



TaDa! Now you have a very easy mom tool right in your freezer :)


Diaper Bag Tag

Welcome to the last installment of the baby shower :) You can read more about the shower HERE and about the Baby Quilt I made HERE. I just needed a little something to add to the baby’s basket. I always wanted to make one of these for my boys, but they are kind of too big now. Big boy backpacks and lunchboxes that they hold themselves…. so sad.
For the tag, I kind of added as I went but I did snap a new (night) pics. First, I used my PSA Monogram Stamps and stamped right on the solid pink fabric. I used really stiff interfacing and sandwiched each fabric with that in between.
Then I started layering by sewing directly onto the next fabric.
I traced a tag shape onto the base fabric with fabric marker. Then added a ribbon and backed it with felt. I sewed directly on that line.
Then I put it all together.
This is really cute added to the wrapping of a baby gift too!

I also made little tags for the headband bar at the shower.

Remember this.

For the “activity” all of the guests made Gabby a headband.  I made 3 different sized headbands and I wanted Gabby to know who made which band. So I made these little gift tags and used my Cameo to cut uniform circles quickly.

Then I used another PSA stamp to add the cute little animals.

I added bakers twine and just hand wrote “size” and “from” on the back.

Last shot of what the new mommy got to take home :)

Whew… and there you have my (what took me two weeks) round up of the Baby Shower Events. It’s always fun to plan something crafty. I have another shower I’m co-hosting coming up in April, yay! 

For more ideas on how to use these stamps visit PSA Stamp Camp blog!

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