The Frozen Fox

frozen fox

Hi Guys, yall are in for a real treat today! My friend Courtney from A Little Glass Box emailed me a few weeks ago and had the great idea to work together on a little Kids DIY project. We each made a fun craft and thought we would share both on both of our blogs. I instantly fell in love with Courtney’s blog a long time ago when she posted pictures of her home. She is such a talented decorator, photographer and has such an eye for design. Her home tours and Tween Girl Bedroom Makeover are some of my favorites! I know you will lover her and you can thank me for the hours and hours you spend checking out her blog :)

On to my kids crafts… The Frozen Fox. My boys love band aids, what kid doesn’t? I’ve seen these little mommy-made ice packs around blogland and thought it would be a great little surprise. Now, when someone gets hit (by their brother) they have a little something to take their mind off of it.


All you need is the Frozen Fox Template, fabric, felt and a button. Click on this picture to enlarge,save and then print it off.

frozen fox template

Cut everything out.


Place everything on the front of the fox face. Pin it and sew.




For the ears: pin the inner white part on top of the larger fabric ear and sew. Then get the other large fabric ear and put right sides together. Sew around the two longest sides leaving the bottom open and flip.



Sew a button to the face right where the white cheeks meet.



With the white sides of the ears facing down, place the ears on the face lining up the edges.


Then place the other side of the face right side down on top of the fox. Pin all the way around and leave the bottom open. IMG_6708

Sew around the fox. On the bottom, leave a 2″-3″ opening. Clip the corners and flip right side out.


Pour rice in to the opening at the bottom. I tried both beans and rice… I like the rice better but the beans are a little heavier, and both will work. (husband’s man hands not mine haha)


Hand sew the bottom up to close the fox :)



TaDa! Now you have a very easy mom tool right in your freezer :)


Go visit Courtney and check out her project…  Star Light Star Bright


Diaper Bag Tag

Welcome to the last installment of the baby shower :) You can read more about the shower HERE and about the Baby Quilt I made HERE. I just needed a little something to add to the baby’s basket. I always wanted to make one of these for my boys, but they are kind of too big now. Big boy backpacks and lunchboxes that they hold themselves…. so sad. 
For the tag, I kind of added as I went but I did snap a new (night) pics. First, I used my PSA Monogram Stamps and stamped right on the solid pink fabric. I used really stiff interfacing and sandwiched each fabric with that in between.
Then I started layering by sewing directly onto the next fabric. 

I traced a tag shape onto the base fabric with fabric marker. Then added a ribbon and backed it with felt. I sewed directly on that line.
Then I put it all together.
This is really cute added to the wrapping of a baby gift too! 

I also made little tags for the headband bar at the shower.

Remember this.

For the “activity” all of the guests made Gabby a headband.  I made 3 different sized headbands and I wanted Gabby to know who made which band. So I made these little gift tags and used my Cameo to cut uniform circles quickly.

Then I used another PSA stamp to add the cute little animals.

I added bakers twine and just hand wrote “size” and “from” on the back.

Last shot of what the new mommy got to take home :)

Whew… and there you have my (what took me two weeks) round up of the Baby Shower Events. It’s always fun to plan something crafty. I have another shower I’m co-hosting coming up in April, yay! 

For more ideas on how to use these stamps visit PSA Stamp Camp blog!

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5 Minute Heart Art

Remember my Gallery Wall? Well, I added a few pieces to the left so then you know what happened don’t you? I needed something on the right…obviously. Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with polka dots, especially black dots on white or cream. So when I saw this paper I knew what I had to do. Other loves include but are not limited to; hearts, squares, felt and the color green. Basically this piece of “art” (can I even call it that?) is just a piece of felt behind a square piece of paper with a shape cut into it. 

I used a record frame from Ikea. (2 of the 5 minutes are taken by opening the frame)

I cut out my shape.

Taped felt to the back of the paper and put it in the frame. 

Bonus points if you can spot the new pieces… the original gallery wall post can be found HERE and the DIY Hoop Art can be found HERE

In the meantime… I’m busy with my last minute Christmas Crafting that I procrastinated on. And I can’t really share many projects until they have been revealed to the new owners. (and I can’t share the boys quilts because they aren’t even close to being done! ha) Is anyone else behind? 

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

…and all through my house, a big box of sparkly Mod Podge showed up! You know how I love sparkle, and Mod Podge. Nothing says holiday like glitter so, I went glitter happy and I made a subway-esque art piece for my mantle. And I love it. I also really love this poem  its so magical – in 1st grade we had to recite it so I used to know it word for word. 

Speaking of magical, here is everything I received.

Want to make your own? CLICK HERE 

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