Purple Princess Costume

Pruple Princess Costume-26

Happy Halloween Everyone!! At last I have our final costume of the season ready to share with you guys today! This is Bee’s REAL costume :) She played my model for a few things then this was the first year she decided she had an opinion haha!

Pruple Princess Costume-37

Pruple Princess Costume-2

The past few years she never really cared about Halloween (probably because she was too little) but this year she was VERY decisive and requested to be a Purple Princess. I usually wait because toddlers are notorious for changing their minds but she never did. I like a kid who makes a confident decision! To be honest purple isn’t even my favorite… maybe the classic pink princess, a pretty blush, even Cinderella blue?? Nope. Purple.

Pruple Princess Costume-20 Pruple Princess Costume-44

So I started looking for patterns, and when I came across THIS ONE from Made for Mermaids she started screaming and jumping so I knew it was the one! A total bonus.. y’all this pattern is free! The pattern is a 5T and is pretty much true to size I would say but Bee isn’t a 5T she’s more of a 3/4T. So, I took it in a little on the sides of the bodice and shortened the length quite a bit. The pattern was super easy to follow and actually went pretty quick, the bodice was a very satisfying sew!

Pruple Princess Costume-31

Purple Princess Dress

The skirt on the other hand is not my friend haha! Tulle is kind of hard to work with (especially if you aren’t a perfectionist because I’m definitely not!) It’s like invisible fabric then I thought 10 layers would be a good idea hahaha… it’s really not. But she’s three and she loves it so I’m going to call it a win :) Look at how much twirling power it has…

Purple Princess Dress copy

Pruple Princess Costume-17

I used light blue, pink, light pink and lavender for the tulle. Then I used a glittery satin for the bodice and a very fun sheer iridescent fabric for the sash. I found the princess crown from Amazon and the shoes were from Target.

Pruple Princess Costume-38 Pruple Princess Costume-30

Overall I would say this is one happy princess and that is my favorite part! Be sure to check out all of our other costumes from this year (Phineas and Ferb, La Croix, Letterboard) Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Pruple Princess Costume-35

Chambray Fox Dress

Chambray Fox Dress

I know I might be  little biased but how stinking cute is this dress?! I mean the fox, the organic chambray, the toddler… It’s almost too much to handle!

Chambray Fox Dress

chambray fox dress

I have had a love for chambray for years! When Birch Fabrics asked me to try out their new Organic Chambray line and then asked me to choose a color I was actually frozen because the colors are SO GOOD y’all!  All of Birch’s fabrics are organic so I knew before receiving it that it would feel amazing, and it did not disappoint! It is soft and rich but also flowy almost like a gauze… I am in love! The colors are even better in person too. The grain and the threads are so, so pretty. I used three different colors for this pattern; Black, Linen and Coral. 

chambray fox dress

Chambray Fox Dress

I bought this pattern a year ago and I guess I was just waiting for the perfect fabric. The chambray works so well it is like they were made for each other. I can’t even handle how cute this pattern is…it’s from Hello Dear Kids on ETSY and you can find it HERE. It was pretty straight forward and had lots of pictures, perfect for a beginner. I made this version with “fall” colors but I’m thinking we might need a few more. I might need to get my hands on some more Birch Chambray in Forest and Marigold :) I love the hand embroidery detail too!

Chambray Fox Dress

As much as I love the font, I think the back is my favorite part! I am all about the pinafore right now. I made it a little large on purpose. When I hand make something I want it to last and my kids grow way to fast to make stuff that currently fits them haha! This is a 5T but she really wears a 3-4 so she will get some great use out if it!

Chambray Fox Dress

Chambray Fox Dress

 Thank you so much Birch for having me! Be sure to check out the other talented ladies on the Chambray Blog Hop! The Chambray Line is expected any day now but you can also preorder HERE.

chambray fox dress

DIY Baby Gift Set

diy baby gifts

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite sewing projects ever… baby gifts! I love short projects so burp cloths and embellished onesies are the best! My sister just had a baby but she didn’t find out the gender, so all of her clothes were pretty neutral. My niece needed some girly stuff quickly because a girl can’t go too long without a bow :) I also made her some embellished onesies and burp cloths. Look at this sweet girl! She is so happy to be wearing a bow hehe!


It’s no secret that burp cloths are my all time favorite thing to sew for babies… they are so quick but so much cuter than a plain ole’ white burp cloth! I use these cloth diapers HERE for the burp cloths. Then I just use scrap fabric for the center. I sew a hem down both sides of the center and just serge the ends. I wash and press everything before sewing because those cloth diapers really shrink up after the first wash! I usually add a little monogram or name to a few of them… who doesn’t love seeing their new baby name on everything right haha?!

diy baby gift set

Next I had to make her a few onesies. I have shared this same project a few times (HERE and HERE) and there are tons of ways to embellish onesies, each one is different. You can use colorful onesies (you know the kind with the slightly cheesy embroidered saying on them) or a pack of white onesies. Then I just sew fabric directly on top. If it is a floral fabric I cut around the patten… kind of abstract. I love to do circles, hearts, stars and cars. And I love the ruffled bib look… I monogrammed this one for my niece but I have also just done a single letter in the center.

diy baby gift IMG_5514 diy baby gift

Lastly I threw in some bows. For the fabric and ribbon bows I just hot glued the bow to fold over elastic. And for the knit bow I literally just sewed a piece of knit fabric together right sides together, flipped it, closed the seam and tied it together! I love that style because you can untie and retie as they grow! I know I would love a little gift like this so hopefully my niece does too! PS… How cute is her room?! Love the peek of her BABY QUILT I made her on the glider!

diy baby gift

diy baby giftIMG_5468

Adorable Girl Clothing (found on Amazon)


Hi Friends. Last time I posted about all of our adorable (and affordable) little girl clothing from Amazon it was a big hit. (Find it HERE) I still get lots of questions about the clothes I have found for Bee on Amazon so I thought I would share another installment haha… call this Part 2! I am an Amazon junkie for just about everything but when I found adorable little girls clothing I was beyond excited… Prime saves lives y’all haha! This is not sponsored (I did use affiliate links) but honestly I was just super excited to find all of these cute outfits and thought I would share so you other moms also do not have to leave your house haha :) Some of these things “we” actually own and wear… like these:

Love this cold shoulder dress for toddlers! Bee has worn it a few times, I love that it can be dressy or casual.

little girl clothing found on amazonBee wore this on her birthday… the quality is great… and I can’t handle the cuteness!

little girl clothing found on amazonBee also has both of these… you know I can’t resist a good floral dress. There are precious buttons on the back too. And the copper pinafore… I can’t. We even have an oversized blow that matches perfectly, could be a first day of school outfit?

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazonI have almost all of this on order… most of these brands we have ordered from, and it holds up really well. Bee had a height growth spurt this summer which just means that now all of her dresses are shirts :) Yay for girls clothing haha. Speaking of cold shoulder and pinafores…

I ADORE this!!! First of all, why doesn’t it come in my size?? Second of all how will I choose which color because there are three options and lastly it is under $12! I might need all the colors :)

little girl clothing found on amazonGive me all the pinafores! All of them. The first two only go up to a size 3 and 4. Sadly Bee can’t order those so someone is going to have to do it for her haha!

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazonBee has these dresses in other patterns from this same company. They have held up perfectly but Bee needs a longer size so she clearly needs more.

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazonI am going to try out these skirts. They have shorties built into them which is just about the best invention EVER. The bug skirt might be the cutest skirt I’ve seen.

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazon

Love love love these. Bee has the brown ones and there are perfect for winter in Texas. $12 for six sets.. amazing!

little girl clothing found on amazon

Speaking of winter… it might be a few months away but I should probably stock up on a few of these too. I love the dinosaur option for girls… sisters of brothers everywhere rejoice!
little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazon

little girl clothing found on amazon

Who knew Amazon had so many cute clothes?! I might never need to go to the mall again haha :) Let me know if you have any questions! Happy Shopping!! :)

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