Morton Salt Girl Costume

morton salt girl costumeCostumes are just about my favorite thing to sew, so this past Halloween I dressed Bee up as the Morton Salt Girl (so perfect right?!) Her short blonde “bob” was my inspiration :) Yes I know it is almost February… but better late than never on the blog post right?

morton salt girl costume

The costume itself was super simple, it’s basically just a yellow dress. I don’t like to plan a costume with a lot of moving parts for a two year old because it’s just inevitable that she will take it all off and end up looking like nothing. For her yellow dress I used the Lillian Dress Pattern by Mouse House Creations. When I saw the 1960′s-esque dress with the pin-tucks and black buttons I knew it would be the perfect dress for the job! I used Kona Cotton for the fabric.

Her shoes were her favorite part, she actually still wears them! I found white tennies at Walmart for $4 (yay) and I dyed them with yellow RIT dye. I always make sure to add salt, a little white vinegar and warm water when I do a dye bath. I usually only leave things in for 20-30 mins but I left these in for about 3 hours so it made them extra vibrant. I was so proud of the match job haha! morton salt girl costume

morton salt girl costume

The big debate was if the umbrella is light purple or if the umbrella is really white and they just used purple in the artwork for shading. It’s a serious online debate you guys, look it up ha! I always choose color when given the opportunity so I decided our Morton Salt Girl would have a purple umbrella. (Also, our friends just so happened to have one we could borrow haha!)

morton salt girl costume

Lastly… my favorite part… the Morton Salt candy basket. I wanted to have her carry a big cardboard version of the salt container then my mom actually threw out the idea of having the salt container as her candy basket. Genius! I used felt for the base, sides and handle which I sewed together. Then I printed out a picture of the salt logo and using hot glue and felt I kind of puzzle pieced it together. I love it so much that it was a little hard watching Bee actually use it on Halloween. Just kidding. Kind of.

morton salt girl costume

Some people loved the costume then others were like “I don’t get it” haha. But I think it is one of my favorite costumes to date!

morton salt girl costume

First Day of School Dress

first day of school dress

The baby of the family started school… kind of. It is just two mornings a week but she loves it, I love it… everyone is happy :) But she definitely needed a First Day of School Dress! My friend owns a Garnett Designs, a monogram and vinyl company (she ships so look her up) and she posted a cute little apple monogram and I just knew that Bee needed it haha! She had it on a white tee which was super cute but for some reason I needed it on stripes.

first day of school dress

I looked everywhere for a black and white striped dress that wasn’t a fortune and I couldn’t fine one. I guess that’s the beauty of being able to sew right? I already had this fabric in my stash, even better. I bought it years ago, and even used it for some newborn leggings that I posted about HERE. It’s from Girl Charlee, it’s super comfy but it’s super stretchy almost making it hard to work with, Thankfully I’m not a perfectionist :)

first day of school dress

As for the pattern, it’s the Pippa Peplum Top by See Kate Sew with the Dress Add-On. I have made this pattern a ton of times and I LOVE it! Seriously one of my favorite little girl patterns. Sometimes it’s hard to find patterns that are this simple, they all have ruffles or sashes or embellishments… which are great but we aren’t super girly girls over here. The dress add on bundle is so worth it, I have never actually made this as a top, just the dress. This is the “gathered dress” version, I also love the “circle skirt” version… which I made HERE.

first day dress

first day of school dress

I know apples are kind of a “back to school” thing but I’m hoping they can also cross over into fall too right? Let’s say that they so because I just love how this one turned out, crooked stripes and all! I hope everyone has a great year and thank you Mary for the amazing apple monogram!

first day of school dressfirst day of school dress


Farmer’s Market Dress

farmers market dressLast week I shared Bee’s Farmers Market Birthday Party HERE. It turned out super cute and it was so much fun! I wanted to have everything in one post but I was getting to picture happy haha, so I am sharing her birthday outfit today… The Farmer’s Market Dress!

farmers market dressThis dress was so simple. I was going to make a structured red and white gingham dress but with the messy food and the water slide I figured I better keep it a little more casual. I found a shirt on Zulily that I liked for myself but all that they had was XXL… it was cheap so I bought it anyway and figured I could make it work for someone. I mean, how perfect is the little saying right?! It came in and it was way too big so I knew I had to repurpose it for Bee. (HERE is the link to the shirt, I think it’s sold out but HERE is a very similar one.)

Farmer's Market DressFarmer's Market DressFarmer's Market DressI wanted to keep the little details on the shirt legible so I had to find a simple pattern that showed it off. I ended up using Dana’s Warhol Dress Pattern. It is so cute and it’s a free pattern, yay! I pretty much stuck to the pattern except I did lengthen it a little so that the design looked centered. Then I used the red and white gingham fabric that I bought for the original dress to do the tie. The pattern calls for another knit fabric for the tie, but the woven worked perfectly too! I already have another Warhol Dress in the works because it took less than an hour, which in my book is an excellent pattern! also got my t-shirt at Zulily, I think it has expired but HERE it is, so you can be notified when they are back in stock. It’s super soft and since Im the worlds biggest graphic tee fan, it was perfect! You can check out the full party HERE.

farmers market dress

farmers market dress

Cute Little Girl Clothing… found on Amazon!

cute little girls clothing

I didn’t really mean for it to happen but when I had a girl two years ago, this blog kind of morphed into toddler clothing central haha! I LOVE to make clothes for Bee, the patterns and fabrics that are available these days are out of control! My “to-sew” list is a mile long and I love it! However, I don’t have a magic clock where I can freeze time and sew for hours upon hours for my girl so a good portion of her wardrobe is purchased. Don’t get me wrong, handmade clothing has a very special place in my heart but between the time it takes, the fact that toddlers are super messy and the rate in which they grow, sometimes… store-bought play clothes are the answer!

I also have another obsession… Amazon Prime, it’s kind of a sickness haha! I just can’t drag three kids to the store sometimes. This is not even a sponsored post, I just love Amazon. One day… I was doing my usual Amazon afternoon shopping for things like dog food and baby wipes on my phone and I came across an adorable little girl dress, I was like… “wait what?!” I don’t know why it never occurred to me that Amazon would have cute little girl clothing but it just didn’t. I clicked over to check it out and then I was sucked into a vortex of adorable dresses, tops and rompers. I bought Bee a ton of cute stuff and it was delivered to my house a few days later, woo hoo!

I was telling my girlfriends about all the cute stuff I found the other day on a playdate and they told me I have to share this news with the world haha! Bee was actually sporting one of her new “amazon dresses”. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites (most of which we own) for all of you fellow phone shopping moms out there haha! Just click the picture for a direct link, some affiliate links included. Most of these are all from a store on Amazon called Fiream and almost everything I have found there is under $15! I did notice that this brand runs a little “narrow” for younger girls so you might want to size up. Happy Shopping!

61Nh6u67SVL._UX679_ 71UXbGLlnpL._UX679_ cute little girl clothing

I’m obsessed with both of these for a first day of school outfit!

61+Lbodp+lL._UX679_cute girls clothing

I bought Bee this little house dress for her birthday and it’s even cuter in person… it’s a perfect school dress because its not too frilly so she can run and play. There are literally twelve options like the house and boat so I am going to have to get some more of these!

cute girls clothing

cute girls clothing

As I was gathering the pics for this post I came across this dress and clearly had to get Bee this one too!

71rBpbwvg9L._UX679_ cute girls clothing

Again with the adorable ducks!! I might need these for fall… I mean Bee might need them haha.

cute girl clothing

cute little girl clothescute girls clothingcute girls clothing

I came across these precious number shirts and I got the “I am 2″ for Bee… she loves her “birdie birdie” shirt! These would also make a great birthday present!

cute girls clothingI can’t even handle the cuteness here! I bought Bee the tulle skirt dress with the floral top and she loves her princess dress :)

cute girls clothingcute girls clothingcute girls clothingLet me know if you find any other amazon outfits that i need to know about!


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