A Peppa Pig Tea Party Birthday

Peppa Pig BirthdayThis summer our sweet Bee girl turned three! We had a Friday Morning Playdate party with a friend who has a birthday the same week as Bee. They were in the same class in PreSchool so we just invited their class :) The other birthday girl was planning a tea party and Bee was excited about a Peppa Pig Birthday so we mixed the themes and threw a Peppa Pig Tea Party…  Super fun!

peppa pig birthday partypeppa pig birthday partyI made the invitation in Illustrator and I love how it turned out! The other mom saw the wording on an invitation on Pinterest and it went perfect with our theme… I had it printed at our local copy shop and the best part was that we handed them out to the class on the last day of school in May so we didn’t even have to mail them.

Peppa Pig Party

How cute is her little birthday outfit?! I found the shirt at Old Navy, the skirt is from Amazon (HERE is the link) and I just hot glued some felt on alligator clips for the little piggy ears :) It was a water party so she later changed into a Peppa Bathing suit… she’s very fancy with her party costume changes haha.

peppa pig birthday party

http://amzn.to/2w1Fi8EI did a little mini balloon arch over the window in my breakfast room with all of the food. We all know how I love a good balloon arch :) I usually try to choose 4/5 colors for most parties so we tried to stick to Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Green and Light Blue.

Peppa Pig Birthday PartyPeppa Pig PartyFor the food we went with a “tea party” ish menu. We had tea sandwiches, fruit salad, pasta salad, goldfish and popcorn in baking cups, watermelon and pigs in a blanket. My mom also made little “tea cakes”, snickerdoodles and sugar cookies. We also served raspberry sherbert punch for the kids and mimosa punch for the moms :)

Peppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyPeppa Pig PartyThe other mom throwing the party with me did the flowers in the piggy rain boot which I thought was so cute! And how perfectly girly are these flowers?!

Peppa Pig PartyFor the backdrop behind the table I used a science fair board and taped the sides flat and covered it in felt. I cut the Peppa family out of felt and attached them together with hot glue. All of the Peppa Pig characters are reposition-able so Bee actually played with this for weeks after the party! Our other friend made the big “3″ for her sons party earlier this year and asked if I wanted it… I have been hoarding it ever since haha!

Peppa Pig Party

I used my silhouette machine to cut teacups out of cardstock and sewed them together to make a teacup garland. I hung that up with a paper strip garland that I did the same way :)

Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig Party

We put a few cheap kiddie pools in my backyard, one was filled with water and one we filled with Jelly Beads (my kids are obsessed with THESE). I also bought this water toy at the beginning of summer (HERE is the link). It did end up with a few holes in it by the end of summer but we got a few months of play from it. The kids had so much fun playing in the hose and splashing in the water beads!

Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig Party

For the party favor we did a spin in the “adopt a pet” idea I have seen and we did “Adopt a Pig”! I found the Pigs at Oriental Trading Co. They had little shirts with sayings on them but I just cut those off. For the pig pen I got a green foam core board and made a little fence from popsicles sticks and just placed the piggies inside.

Peppa Pig Party IMG_9452 IMG_9453We have always had all of our kid’s birthday parties in the afternoon and I have to say the daytime playdate party was a fun change! Happy Birthday to two sweet girls!

Peppa Pig Party IMG_9465 IMG_9464Peppa Pig Party

Playroom Reveal

Playroom DecorIt’s finally here! Well… I finished this room back in December but the BLOG POST for the Playroom Reveal is finally here haha, Hooray!

Playroom Decor

Playroom DecorWe’ve  played some musical chairs in our house recently. Last fall the boys finally wore us down about bunk beds and Bryan started on those. Then just a few weeks ago Bee climbed out of her crib and got a “big girl room”. You know how parenting is… right when you get comfortable in the stage you are in – it changes. The “playroom” in our house is just an extra bedroom (because I use the formal living as my craft room) and they boys share a bedroom. So, it was the home to all of the boy’s toys. But the boys are in a new phase where they are either in the backyard, with friends, at sports or playing on the iPad. I looked around and realized they are kind of over the matchbox and train days. They still love legos but those are in a trunk in their bedroom.

Playroom DecorBut… guess who is entering the toy phase?! Little sister :) Her room was bursting the seams with dolls and books and pretend food. It was time for a switch (which always makes me happy haha). In other words, I got to girl the room up a little!

Playroom DecorBee has a ton of dolls already, so they live in this little bassinet that was actually my dad’s when he was a baby. I don’t know about putting a real baby in here but I love it for her dolls haha! My grandfather made it and we found it in my dads garage… amazing right?! She got the dollhouse from Santa this year and its a big hit around here! The curtains are World Market (that I stole from my living room) and the floating book shelves are IKEA of course.

Playroom Decor

Playroom decorPlayroom Decor

The pink baskets are there for odds and ends I find around the house at the end of the day… I try to have an area where I can throw the toys that have made their way into the living room haha!

Playroom decor

Playroom Decor

The little “kitchen area” is my favorite… its so fun! The play kitchen (tutorial found HERE) is something that Bryan and I made soon long ago! Ancient Taylor Made right there haha! I updated the colors to make it a little more farmhouse and less 2010 ha! I also found that market shelf but it was black so I painted it gold for a pop.

Playroom Decor

Playroom Decor

Playroom Decor

Playroom Decor

IMG_8156 Playroom decor

How adorable is that little wooden baby bed. I got that in Pennsylvania when we visited the Amish Country last year, it’s handmade and gorgeous!

Playroom DecorWe painted the wall with chalkboard paint around the holidays, it has been super fun… in hindsight I would have made sure to sand the texture off the wall first but live and learn. Playroom DecorPlayroom DecorI made the TeePee a few years ago( TUTORIAL HERE). I just love the brother wall art in the corner over there :) The dolls are Anthro and Candy Kirby!

Playroom decorPlayroom decorPlayroom decorThe shelf is from Ikea and I used my Silhouette to label them. I also used some hot glue to embellish the boxes with scrap fabric. My kids love the VHS Disney Movies that my sister and I had as kids so I keep the TV/VCR in there which is hilarious and not really pretty but hey it works and they love it so why change it haha.

Playroom decorPlayroom decorPlayroom decorMy kids actually keep this room pretty organized! They closet is really neat too. They know that they can only take one box out at a time- for the most part this works but I do have to do a heavy clean about 2x a year which isn’t bad!

Playroom decorPlayroom decorThe cute yellow nightstand was in here when this room had a bed and I am not sure where it should live yet. And here is the other wall with the closet and the Book Bunting TUTORIAL HERE that I made from my moms vintage books from the 50s and 60s!

IMG_8179 Playroom decor

The kids love this room and love that there is a big open space in the middle to spread all the toys out haha! Usually Bee is forcing her brothers to play house, they are good sports! Let me know if you have any questions about sources or how I made something!

Playroom decorPlayroom decor

Mosaic Corn Art with Kids!


Today I have a super fun Thanksgiving craft to share with you guys. I can hardy believe that I am typing the word “Thanksgiving”! It’s still back-to-school time in my head. I guess I need to catch up… and this craft will help :) I found this kids craft for Mosaic Corn Art on the Imperial Sugar website and fell in love! I remember doing something similar when I was little… it’s a little old school and a little modern. If you had everything ready ahead of time this could be something fun to have on the kids table on Thanksgiving Day. Imperial Sugar has a ton of kid crafts and recipes on their site and the best part is they are organized by holiday (look at how many Thanksgiving crafts they have!). We made the Salt Dough Leaves a few years ago and I’m thinking about trying the Glitter Leaf Votive Holders next!

For this craft you need:

  • -gel food coloring
  • -popcorn kernels
  • -white vinegar
  • -sugar
  • -flour
  • -water
  • -cardstock


My kids loved this project because it was almost three different mini projects in one. First, you make the sugar paste (that will be your glue for the final project).

Mix the following ingredients together in a mixing bowl:

1 cup flour, 3 tablespoons Imperial Granulated Sugar, 1 cup cold water and 1 cup boiling water.


Mix until smooth, bring to room temp, then store in an air-tight container.

img_4961Mosaic Corn Art with Kids!

Second… time to dye the popcorn kernels, which also happens to be our personal favorite. My kids LOVED doing this for some reason. Actually I did too haha. We used clear plastic cups for this step which I think made it even more fun. Add 1/2 cup water and 1 tbsp white vinegar to some small cups. My two year old measured all the water and my 5 year old got to do the vinegar :)


Next add a few drops of gel food coloring to each cup.  They gel is really fun to watch… we had clapping and shrieking! Then add 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels to the cups. Let them sit for at least 4 hours, or overnight.

Mosaic Corn Art with Kids!


The next morning I took the kernels out and placed them on a pan to dry, that also takes a few hours.



After they were completely dry I got some cardstock and the kids started planning. I showed them the original Mosaic design that I saw on the Imperial Sugar website but they went rogue haha. I put some sugar paste in a baggie and trimmed the end to make it easier to handle. You could also use a paintbrush to apply the sugar paste.




We had a sun, dots, stripes and an abstract scene. After we finished we had some colorful kernels left over and now I’m thinking about placards for the Thanksgiving Day Table??


img_5272 img_5275



Imperial is having a Holiday Baking kit contest so check that out HERE! And be sure to also visit them for so many more Thanksgiving crafts, recipes and even printables! Check them out HERE.

First Day of School Dress

first day of school dress

The baby of the family started school… kind of. It is just two mornings a week but she loves it, I love it… everyone is happy :) But she definitely needed a First Day of School Dress! My friend owns a Garnett Designs, a monogram and vinyl company (she ships so look her up) and she posted a cute little apple monogram and I just knew that Bee needed it haha! She had it on a white tee which was super cute but for some reason I needed it on stripes.

first day of school dress

I looked everywhere for a black and white striped dress that wasn’t a fortune and I couldn’t fine one. I guess that’s the beauty of being able to sew right? I already had this fabric in my stash, even better. I bought it years ago, and even used it for some newborn leggings that I posted about HERE. It’s from Girl Charlee, it’s super comfy but it’s super stretchy almost making it hard to work with, Thankfully I’m not a perfectionist :)

first day of school dress

As for the pattern, it’s the Pippa Peplum Top by See Kate Sew with the Dress Add-On. I have made this pattern a ton of times and I LOVE it! Seriously one of my favorite little girl patterns. Sometimes it’s hard to find patterns that are this simple, they all have ruffles or sashes or embellishments… which are great but we aren’t super girly girls over here. The dress add on bundle is so worth it, I have never actually made this as a top, just the dress. This is the “gathered dress” version, I also love the “circle skirt” version… which I made HERE.

first day dress

first day of school dress

I know apples are kind of a “back to school” thing but I’m hoping they can also cross over into fall too right? Let’s say that they so because I just love how this one turned out, crooked stripes and all! I hope everyone has a great year and thank you Mary for the amazing apple monogram!

first day of school dressfirst day of school dress


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