Chalk and Paint Romper

 Hi Guys! I’m so excited to be participating in Sew Caroline‘s Chalk and Paint Blog Tour today! Caroline’s 3rd and newest fabric line, Chalk and Paint is full of inspiration with it’s artsy and imaginative brush strokes and whimsical yet soft lines. It’s also no secret how much I love the quality of Art Gallery Fabric, it is always so soft and buttery!

chalk and paint romper

When I saw the line I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it! I have had the City Girl Romper on my to-sew list forever and I felt like it was the perfect match. How adorable are the little sunsuit style shorts on this romper?!

Chalk and Paint Romper

Chalk and Paint Romper

I fell in love with this fabric because I love the use of mint with the bright pink and the sienna color, super unexpected but such a fun combo. The back calls for rope/ribbon and last summer I bought a pair of shorts for myself and the tassels drove me crazy so I cut them off and threw them in my ribbon box. They were not only the perfect shade but when I measured them they were the perfect length to the inch!! SEW meant to be! I love it when stuff like that happens.

Chalk and Paint Romper

Chalk and Paint Romper

The romper. I LOVE rompers on babies, I mean is there anything cuter? Here in Texas it is definitely a must for spring and summer. It was a pretty easy sew and only took me a few hours. The top is fully lined and I love the bias tape binding on the inside of the legs. I had never used that technique before and I want to use it all the time now haha! You can kind of see it peeking out in some spots and I love that. Also… pleats and pockets… do I really need to say anymore? There are a few different lengths and size options but I obviously had to choose the little shorties for this little shorty :)

Chalk and Paint Romper

Chalk and Paint Romper

And it looks like Little Miss Sassy is really getting the hang of modeling for my blog pictures haha! Work it girl. She is actually so busy that it is getting harder and harder to even get a still image of her. Hopefully one day she understands how lucky she is to have the worlds most amazing one-of-a-kind wardrobe!

Chalk and Paint RomperChalk and Paint Romper

Chalk and Paint Romper

Chalk and Paint RomperThanks so much to Caroline for including me in the Chalk and Paint Blog Tour! Be sure to check out all of the other amazing sewists and check out what they made!


Wicked Good Witch Hat Cookies

wiched good witch hat cookies

October is here.. my favorite month of the year and the kick-off to all things festive :)

Along with pumpkin patching, trick-or-treating and quilting; fall means it’s time to bake. My boys love helping me in the kitchen… especially my youngest son! We call him the future chef because he is always asking about ingredients and wants to taste every single spice that goes into every dish. When I came across the Wicked Good Witch Hat Cookies from Imperial Sugar I knew the boys would love making them. Imperial has a ton of spooky new recipes and crafts you can do with your kids. So many great ideas that would be great for Halloween parties, favors, neighbor or teacher gifts, etc. They also have free printables, coloring pages and activities for kids!


  • Oreo cookies
  • Green fondant
  • 1  cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 2 cups Imperial Sugar Confectioners Powdered Sugar


  1. To make edible playdough: use your hands to mix peanut butter, honey and powdered sugar in large bowl. The dough should be soft enough to be pliable and not sticky.
  2. Shape dough into cone shape for top of witch hat.
  3. In ziplock bag, crush several Oreo cookies (without the creamy filling) into small pieces.
  4. Empty crushed cookies onto a plate and roll each “playdough” witch hat in the Oreos until coated
  5. Place coated hat on top of Oreo cookies. If the hat doesn’t want to stay, you can use a dollup of canned icing to hold it in place.
  6. Cut thin strip of green fondant to make a band for the hat. Attach to cookie at base of cone-shaped top.


The recipe starts out with edible play dough! How fun is that? I could just stop there and the boys would be happy :) I really wanted them to try as much of this recipe themselves… brace yourselves moms, this gets kind of messy but they will love it! They mixed Imperial powdered sugar, peanut butter and honey with their HANDS!

imperial sugar

imperial sugar


witch hat cookies

Can you believe this turns into play dough?!

witch hat cookies

So fun!

witch hat cookies

witch hat cookies

After we made the play dough (and played with it a little :) I let the boys form the dough into little cones.

witch hat cookies

witch hat cookies

Then we made cookie crumbs in the food processor. The boys also loved this part!

witch hat cookies

We rolled the cones in the cookie crumbs and placed them on an oreo. The last step is to add a green fondant ribbon to finish the witch hat!

witch hat cookies

Now… ours aren’t as pretty as the ones on the Imperial Sugar page, but the boys were so proud! And besides a little measuring, they pretty much made them with no help! I love how they turned out!

witch hat cookies

witch hat cookies

witch hat cookies

How cute would these be for a Halloween Party or a Playgroup craft project!? Be sure to check out the Imperial Sugar page for more fun Halloween Ideas!

This post was sponsored by Imperial Sugar, all thought and opinion are my own.

The Boys Shared Room

boys shared room

shared boys room

When we moved this summer, the boys really showed an interest in sharing a room. I loved the idea but was tentative because I didn’t know how well it would work. They are 18 months apart but one is a night owl and one is an early bird. My youngest had just started climbing out of his crib when we moved so it was a good time for a big switch anyway. I figured it would make them feel more cozy and on hard days it would teach them about sharing and compromising. It’s been a little over 4 months and its going great! I love knowing that they are together. The funny thing is that we moved from a house half the size and now they want to share, go figure! In the adjoining room (connected by a bathroom) we have the playroom. That means their bedroom houses just two beds, and their clothes.

For the first few weeks, I didn’t have a game plan. My oldest was sleeping on a borrowed bed and my youngest was done with his crib so we went and bought two twin mattress’s and then I froze…  it was bad. IMG_6351

We had the mattress on the floor and an old, broken, garage sale dresser to hold the clothes… so pretty much it looked like a frat house for toddlers.


I googled and pinned fun “shared room” ideas but with the configuration of this room; none of those were going to work. My husband wanted bunk beds but I thought they are too little (not to mention they are hard to make). Then it happened… I found them. Two vintage, wicker headboards painted red.

shared boys room

We already had the quilts, curtains and the world map tapestry. I found the grey striped sheets from target. We had the kids bedrooms painted white when we moved in to brighten it up.

shared boys room

It unintentionally started going a little sailor/nautical/mapish… which I love!

shared boys room

Like I said I used a lot that I had. But I bought a few things for the walls that I loved…

This “dream big little one” growth chart  is from Gus and Lula (zulily deals)

shared boys room

This Sailor Print is from Urban Outfitters (also where the map tapestry is from). The other framed piece is from a shopping bag and I just cut off the handles.

shared boys room

Chalkboard Map Print is from the Caravan Shoppe. This dresser was my husband’s when he was a baby :) I want some wood in there but I don’t know if we should stain it, or maybe even paint the handles?? Any ideas?

boys shared room

shared boys room

It’s still a work in progress like the rest of the house! But it sure beats two mattress on the ground (which I have a feeling the boys didn’t mind as much as I did!) Do your kids share a room? Also, any thoughts on the dresser; what would you do?

shared boys room

The Frozen Fox

frozen fox

Hi Guys, yall are in for a real treat today! My friend Courtney from A Little Glass Box emailed me a few weeks ago and had the great idea to work together on a little Kids DIY project. We each made a fun craft and thought we would share both on both of our blogs. I instantly fell in love with Courtney’s blog a long time ago when she posted pictures of her home. She is such a talented decorator, photographer and has such an eye for design. Her home tours and Tween Girl Bedroom Makeover are some of my favorites! I know you will lover her and you can thank me for the hours and hours you spend checking out her blog :)

On to my kids crafts… The Frozen Fox. My boys love band aids, what kid doesn’t? I’ve seen these little mommy-made ice packs around blogland and thought it would be a great little surprise. Now, when someone gets hit (by their brother) they have a little something to take their mind off of it.


All you need is the Frozen Fox Template, fabric, felt and a button. Click on this picture to enlarge,save and then print it off.

frozen fox template

Cut everything out.


Place everything on the front of the fox face. Pin it and sew.




For the ears: pin the inner white part on top of the larger fabric ear and sew. Then get the other large fabric ear and put right sides together. Sew around the two longest sides leaving the bottom open and flip.



Sew a button to the face right where the white cheeks meet.



With the white sides of the ears facing down, place the ears on the face lining up the edges.


Then place the other side of the face right side down on top of the fox. Pin all the way around and leave the bottom open. IMG_6708

Sew around the fox. On the bottom, leave a 2″-3″ opening. Clip the corners and flip right side out.


Pour rice in to the opening at the bottom. I tried both beans and rice… I like the rice better but the beans are a little heavier, and both will work. (husband’s man hands not mine haha)


Hand sew the bottom up to close the fox :)



TaDa! Now you have a very easy mom tool right in your freezer :)


Go visit Courtney and check out her project…  Star Light Star Bright


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