Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flower Kit

UPDATE: You can find the whole/cream flower kits HEREand the pink kit HERE!

tissue paper pom pom kit

If you know me you know that I can’t leave a blank wall alone for long :) Well… here is our “nook wall” as we call it the day we moved in to our house two years ago, such a sad little nook. About a year later my talented husband built some nook shelves (that I still need to post about). But I felt like it needed a little something more. When I saw this Tissue Paper Pom-Pom Flower kit from Martha Stewart Crafts in these colors I knew they were perfect for our nook wall!

 tissue paper pom pom flower kit

We just had our kitchen remodeled this past summer and because we have a pretty open floor plan, that turned into remodeling the breakfast room and all redoing all of the flooring. The living room to the left has a lot of color and the breakfast room to the right has some amazing new wallpaper. I didn’t want to go too wild so the mix of pinks and whites were perfect for this space!

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

I have made a few versions of these flowers before for showers but these turned out way better! I obviously never added enough layers of tissue. These actually took me longer than I expected because there are so many layers haha!

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

They really look pretty anywhere, my husband even thought they were a dining room centerpiece when I was building them on the table :)

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

Here is our wall before…. better than when we moved in but lacking the TaylorMade pop of color.

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

After the perfect “floofing” of the flowers I just hung them up with thumbtacks. Ahhh the colors!! LOVE!

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

tissue paper pom pom flower kit

I just used two packs (5 each). Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween products are available in store at Michaels :)

Project Life Card Holder

Project Life Card Holder

A few months ago I was playing on Instagram and looking at the hash tag #craftroom because it’s just plain fun. I came across an awesome Project Lifer, Miriam and her pretty feed. I looked back through her photos and fell in love with her Project Life Organizer! My husband is really handy so I started drawing up some plans.  Spoiler Alert: he built it and it’s amazing!!!

project life organization

The one I saw on Miriam’s Blog is a lot larger but mine has to fit on a shelf so I had to keep the size down. I gave my husband the dimensions and this weekend he went to work! Mine is 30″ long and 9 1/2″ deep.

project life organizer

My husband even made risers in each section so my cards have stadium seating. He glued and nailed the dividers in and I sprayed it white.  In other news I need to stop buying Project Life Kits :/

project life organizer

project life organizer

I have been using the plastic trays that the kits come in so the cards stand up. I find it SO much easier to use something if it’s already out. Not only are they handy but now they are even prettier in my new holder! When people walk in to my craft room they always say “what are these pretty papers?!” They are their own decoration :)

project life organizer

Project Life Organization

Thanks Bryan for building me the best Project Life Holder Ever!

Decoupaged Magazine Boxes


If you read my blog, it is VERY obvious that I love all things Martha! And Martha has done it again! It was like Christmas in August when I received a big box last week!

decoupaged magazine boxes

I opened it to find paint, paper, wood stain, embellishments and decoupage. The new Martha Stewart Decoupage is amazing! First of all, it is more durable than any decoupage I have used, it’s thick but not at all tacky. Also, it’s dishwasher safe! That means you can make actual dinner and glassware. They also have a fabric and oil cloth decoupage that I’m dying to try.





Because I have “craft room decor” on the mind I decided to redo some plain white Magazine Boxes that I have. I use these for my hard copy inspiration board and patterns… basically it’s Pinterest in a box. I got these from IKEA and you can find the Martha Supplies from Michael’s.



You cant go wrong with pink eyelet paper and maps.


I measured and used my Exacto to just cut around the boxes. When I first applied the decoupage, it was a little bumpy, but I brushed it down and then it dried totally smooth.



For my boxes I used:

-Multi-Surface Durable Matte Finish Martha Stewart Decoupage

-Martha Stewart Map Paper

-Martha Stewart Eyelet Paper

-Martha Stewart Gold Floral Embellishments

-Martha Stewart Paint in Bubblegum

-Martha Stewart Paint in Surf

- Navy Paint



Here is another sneak peak of my Craft Room! I can’t wait to share all of the pictures! The Magazine Boxes look so much better with some color!



And of course I had to break out my label maker too :)



For more info on Martha Stewart Decoupage visit Plaid on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest, and check out their blog!

This post is a part of the Blueprint Social Campaign and Plaid for Martha Stewart, all opinions are 100% my own!


5th and Frolic Project Life Core Kit

5th and Frolic Project Life

This post is part of a paid campaign with American Crafts, but all opinions are 100% my own. This is a product I have used and loved for years.

If you have been reading TaylorMade a while, you know that it’s no secret how much I love Project Life. I don’t just talk about it here on my blog, I also talk about it in person too :) I have even converted some friends because I am just that happy about it. I started memory keeping before I was 10 years old, before I even knew what memory keeping was. In High School I started a traditional scrapbook. But after college, life got busy and I stopped. Which is a similar story that a lot of people have and now that I have kids, preserving our memories are more important than ever to me! Enter Project Life.

Project Life is a super-simple approach to scrapbooking created to simplify the process. It requires no scissors, no glue, no tools and no skills of any kind. If I want to I can whip out 10 pages in an hour. If I am feeling especially creative, it also can be customized and “fancied up”. I even bought my non-scrapbooking sister a kit last year :) I love that it appeals to the person who’s never made a scrapbook in their life as, as well as those with lots of traditional scrapbooking experience. I have posted some of my tips and tricks  HERE, HERE and HERE.


Project Life used to be sold exclusively online but is now available at Micheals! YAY! For all our immediate crafting needs, Michaels carries one of the largest selections of Project Life, including two exclusive core kits and several exclusive albums.


The two exclusive kits are both awesome. The Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic Core Kit is my personal favorite and it features an array of light blues, pinks, greens, yellows and airy neutrals. The fun icons include birds, trees, foxes, houses, keys and clipboards. The edition has a distressed feel. They also carry the The Vintage Travel Core Kit which features deep blues, reds and browns, along with a variety of darker neutrals. The icons in this Edition include trains, airplanes and maps.

I usually have a good mix of DSLR photos and iPhone photos so I love the smaller pockets for those! Here is a spread I did with the Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic Kit with some pictures from March, I tend to skip around a little (click on the picture to see them larger)…

(Left Side)

5th and Frolic Project Life

(Right Side)




I did add some embellishments for this week’s spread but this kit would be so pretty if you did nothing but slide your pictures in.


So, how many of you out there are “project lifers”?

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