Siberian Husky Costume

Husky Costume

I love creative people and when I got an interesting Halloween Costume request (again) from my son, I couldn't say no. Remember last year when he asked me to make him a Roach Costume?! Some people were grossed out but I was just excited that he wanted something different... that's my boy! This year he asked me to sew him a Siberian Husky Costume, Hilarious and random!! Of course I had to deliver. The biggest thing was he wanted to still be comfortable because they wear this costume to school (and we live in Texas, hello!) so I also didn't want him melting. I found THIS HAT on amazon and it ...

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Mosaic Corn Art with Kids!


Today I have a super fun Thanksgiving craft to share with you guys. I can hardy believe that I am typing the word "Thanksgiving"! It's still back-to-school time in my head. I guess I need to catch up... and this craft will help :) I found this kids craft for Mosaic Corn Art on the Imperial Sugar website and fell in love! I remember doing something similar when I was little... it's a little old school and a little modern. If you had everything ready ahead of time this could be something fun to have on the kids table on Thanksgiving Day. Imperial Sugar has a ton of kid crafts and recipes on ...

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a Minted Giveaway!


It's finally here... my favorite giveaway of the year!!! Time for a Minted Giveaway! I have worked with Minted for years and I love love love them. They are hands down my favorite company for Holiday Cards, Art Prints and Stationary. This year is better and bigger than ever because the giveaway is huge (check out the link at the bottom of the page). If you haven't used Minted, you are missing out. Minted is a Design Marketplace who sources independent talented "small" and big artists from around the world and features them in one place to bring you the very best art, home decor and stationary. ...

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Vampire’s Blood White Hot Chocolate

Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate

It's mid-October... my favorite time of the year. Apparently I'm not the only one. My son was bouncing off the walls a few days ago and I asked him why he was acting so wild... he said he can't help it because all of this favorite holidays are coming up and he is just so excited :) I don't blame him. We are getting very festive around here, we decorated the mantle, visited the pumpkin patch and have started watching Halloween Movies! When I came across this recipe for Vampire's Blood White Hot Chocolate from Imperial Sugar I knew I had to make some! I love to browse Imperial Sugar's site ...

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Swan Wings + Hello Ollie Fabrics

swan wings

Hi Guys! Welcome to day 2 of the Hello Ollie Fabrics Blog Tour! I'm so excited to finally share the Swan Wings that I made earlier this year. Last spring Bonnie Christine asked me if I would make something for her booth at Quilt Market for her newest fabric line, Hello Ollie for Art Gallery Fabrics. I was so honored because I am a huge fan of Bonnie's work... and how cool is it to have a project at Quilt Market?! Bonnie's new line is gorgeous and ethereal. Being named after Bonnie's daughter, Ollie, sweetness is brought to life with dabbling swans, feathered fellows and garden blooms. ...

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Group Fruit Costume for Kids

group kids fruit costume

Guess what time it is... GROUP COSTUME TIME!!! Basically my favorite time of the year. And I lucked out and somehow got these three to do a group costume again! Halloween Magic (or bribery :) I love to make over the top costumes with lots of sewing involved but this year has been super busy and I ...

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Pippa Peplum Piggy Dress


Guess what I made... again. Another Pippa Peplum Dress by See Kate Sew, I love this pattern! And how else could I showcase this adorable PigFabric?! I can't get over it. I just hope my model isn't getting sick of it haha. I have yet to make an actual Peplum top using this pattern but instead I ...

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First Day of School Dress

first day of school dress

The baby of the family started school... kind of. It is just two mornings a week but she loves it, I love it... everyone is happy :) But she definitely needed a First Day of School Dress! My friend ...

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Ombré Baby Quilt

ombre baby quilt

Another quilt is in the books. An Ombre Baby Quilt to be exact :)  I tried to count and I think from start to finish, totally handmade this is quilt number 8... I have 4 more quilt tops ready to go ...

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Farmer’s Market Dress

farmers market dress

Last week I shared Bee's Farmers Market Birthday Party HERE. It turned out super cute and it was so much fun! I wanted to have everything in one post but I was getting to picture happy haha, so I am ...

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