Marble Counter Alternatives

marble counter Alternatives

This is a story all about my countertop woes and how I overcame them haha! Kidding... countertops aren't that serious but they are a huge part of your kitchen and they are important! This isn't the usual cute decor or craft post but I figured it might help someone else choose a marble counter alternative, so why not share my experience right? We started our kitchen remodel in July this year (before pics HERE) and I just knew that I had to have white cabinets and marble countertops! I am very decisive and I usually have a clear vision in my head. Between my "vision", magazine clippings and a ...

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Mid Century Dresser Makeover

mid century buffet makeover

We are still settling in to our newly remolded kitchen (follow along on instagram @taylormadecreates). So, in the meantime I have a few things I've been meaning to post. Like this dresser that I finished in January, at least I'm posting it in the same year right haha?! This dresser started out off-white with gold "speckles" on it, not really my style. But... I know good bones when I see them. I had been searching online for the perfect buffet with the right pop of color for our dining room. My dad had a friend getting rid of it and thought I might like it... he was right! I know it would be ...

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Kitchen Before Photos


Guess what?! We started our kitchen remodel! We have been planning this for years and it's finally here! We found a great carpenter and they started a few weeks ago. I wanted to post a few "before pictures" because who doesn't love a good before & after :) We fell in love with this house because of the open floor plan, the size of the kitchen and the fact that it's the center of the home! We have been here a little over two years and even thought the kitchen was very 1994, thankfully it wasn't offensive.... neutral nineties haha. The worst part honestly was the boxed florescent lighting ...

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Fiesta Birthday Party!

Fiesta Birthday Party!

This past weekend I threw my favorite party yet! Well, besides my wedding :) My daughter and I share a birthday and since I was a little busy last year on my 30th birthday having her we decided to go all out this year! She is our last baby and I've never done a big 1st birthday party for any of my kiddos so I was excited. One of my favorite things are margaritas so last year in the hospital I told my family "next year I want a big fiesta birthday party with Mexican food and margaritas and a Mexican dress"! I called it Bee's Birthday party but aren't all one year old parties really for the ...

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DIY Ombre Curtains

ombre curtains

When I envisioned my dream craft room I knew I wanted everything very white so I could decorate with my bright (and loud) craft supplies and fabric. I searched for some fun curtains for months but couldn't find any (that I could afford ha!). So I decided to make my own DIY ombre curtains! I went with pink but the color possibilities are endless. This project was so simple but I took a few pictures of my steps, I also did this in the middle of the day and the garage lighting is terrible. Materials: - White Curtains ( I found mine at World Market) - Liquid dye (I used Rit Liquid Dye in ...

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Infinite A-Line Dress

infinite a line dress

Hi, My name is Taylor and I'm a gingham-a-holic. I can't get enough this summer. I spotted this light purple gingham a few months ago and I was saving it for the perfect project... well I found the perfect project! Meet your favorite new girl pattern... The Infinite A-Line Dress! Bonnie from ...

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Baby Coyote Quilt

square coyote quilt

Another Baby Quilt in the books :) I love making teeny tiny baby quilts, they are quick and easy and I don't have time to get sick of them haha! I have a group of high school girlfriends that I have talked about here on the blog. We call ourselves the coyotes, which we made up when we were 14 so ...

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Pippa Dress

pippa dress

I have been hoarding this Fox Knit for over a year now waiting for the perfect thing. I found it! It's the Pippa Peplum with the dress add on. I love this pattern from See Kate Sew... quick and easy, ...

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Boy and Girl Playroom

The Playroom

For almost two years now, the playroom was all about the boys! It's been filled with super heroes, trucks and legos. It is still filled with all of those things but now we have a 7 month old baby girl ...

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Winged Peasant Dress

butterfly dress

A few weeks ago, Bonnie Christine (from Going Home to Roost) sent me some fabric from her gorgeous new line, WINGED!I immediately knew it had to be a dress for my girl. Her line is with Art Gallery ...

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