Manhattan Valentine Dress

manhattan valentine dress

My poor boys. I used to make them Valentine's Day shirts but lets me honest, dresses are more fun :) And what is Valentines day without a new dress right? I have had the Manhattan Blouse by See Kate Sew on my to-sew list for months. Something else I have wanted for months? That Fruit Dot Print!! ( The Fabric is Cotton & Steel Fruit Dots in Peaches Orchid and you can find it HERE) I decided this print would make the most perfect Manhattan Top/Dress! I just extended the skirt part of the pattern by about 3-3.5" in length to make it a dress, super easy. I have been hoarding that Anna ...

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The Succulence Lillian Dress

succulence lillian dress

Welcome to day two of the Succulence Blog Tour! That's right... today I have the lucky job of showing off a brand new fabric line by Bonnie Christine! I have been a fan of Bonnie's work for so long, all of her patterns are so beautiful (I even used some of them in Bee's Nursery) and I have taken two of her courses. She's super talented and it's quite the honor to be taking place in her latest Blog Tour! Lets talk about the gorgeous line, Succulence! Succulents represent the ability to thrive and constantly create new growth through absorbing even the tiniest bits of water. Bonnie pays ...

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Master Bedroom Update

master bedroom

A few weeks ago I went through my house and took some current pictures of all of our rooms. We have been here for 2.5 years now in this house so things have changed a little in some rooms and a lot in others :) I also wanted some pictures to update the HOME TOUR tab up there for my blog, because I love stalking home tours on other blogs! I really didn't clean up and I especially didn't "style" these pictures like I should have but I have decided if I wait for it to be the perfect day then it will never happen, right? Last time that I posted about my Master Bedroom it was to show off my DIY ...

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Vintage Sheet Quilt

vintage sheet quilt

 The first moment I saw a vintage sheet quilt years ago, I knew I had to make one! The pastel colors mixed with the jewel tones... I can't even handle it. So a few years ago, I started collecting vintage sheets from sales that I saw on Instagram, Etsy and eBay. I bought some full sheets for the back and binding by mostly just fat quarter cuts of sheets that people had split up. Once I felt like I had enough, I decided on just doing 4" squares so I could still see as much of the design as possible. I cut the squares and finished the top back in 2014... here we are in 2016, slowest quilt ever ...

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Dining Room Update

dining room

When we remdeled our kitchen we did a little rearranging so I thought I would share some house updates, specifically a Dining Room Update. We replaced all of our laminate and carpet flooring with this amazing tile that looks like wood and we love it! My favorite thing about it is the clean-ability. Here is a before picture from when we first moved in. Carpet under a table with toddlers is just never really a good idea haha. We moved our other dining room table into the breakfast room so we replaced it with this nice big 10 person table! I love having a huge table so we can host even more ...

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DIY TeePee with Forest Fables Fabric

I have had a DIY TeePee on my to-make list for years now! When Meaghan and Lindsay of Hawthorne Threads asked me to participate in a Blog Hop for their new in-house fabric line Forest Fables, of course I said yes. We bounced around a few ideas and then I remembered my TeePee idea and everyone was ...

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Kid Photo Tips… for the Amatuer

Kid Photo Tips

You know how it goes... you have a baby then all of a sudden you have to have a nice big DSLR camera but you have no idea how to use it. It actually happened to me a few years before having kids so I had a tiny bit of practice :) I am by no means anywhere close to a photographer, I just have a few ...

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Floral Avery Dress and a Giveaway!

Floral Avery Dress

Who can resist a cute toddler in a floral dress? I can't thats for sure :) I jump at the chance to "girl" up my girl whenever I can so when ModKid Boutique asked me to participate in the Merry Modkid ...

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Tips for Catching up on Project Life

catching up with project life

If you are anything like me you have thousands and thousands of photos just sitting on your phone/camera/memory stick. What are you doing with them? Guys... print them and get those precious photos ...

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DIY Bee Costume

bee costume

For our last trick, we have the Bee costume! We call our daughter Bee so when the boys came up with a "bug theme" it was kind of a given that she would be a Bee!   This costume was also super easy ...

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